A set of ideas or beliefs relating to a particular field or activity; an underlying theory.
Regarding of how philosophy is being interpreted, it is clear that it mainly refers to an individual’s principles and standards in which he greatly believes in. Think about what lessons in life you want your players to learn relating to playing the sport.
This website and the products on offer are all designed to promote positive winning attitudes and reflect Bill Beswick's learning as a result of his personal journey through education, sport, and life. The Chiarelli termination was inevitable and the right move, as the changes he made to the club in order to avoid missing out on the post-season failed miserably. The team also experienced a set-back due to the departure of 30-goal-scorer Jarome Iginla, who signed a three-year deal with the Colorado Avalanche. The one-trick strategy of Julien was utilized ineffectively for so long that it not only wasn’t working, it was becoming predictable. Their special teams weren’t anything to write home about either, as their powerplay ranked 18th, while their penalty kill was slightly better at the 12th spot.
The biggest knock against Claude Julien was the utilization of certain players and the handling of ice-time and key situations.
In the final four games, Pastrnak averaged 11 minutes, Lucic averaged 14 minutes and Spooner averaged 15 minutes.
Heading into the off-season, GM Sweeney has some work to do to help get the Bruins back to where they need to be – scoring goals, being physical and shutting down the opposition. Father of three wonderful children and married to the love of my life since October of 2006, I'm a huge hockey and wrestling fan.
Wresting fan since I was four, I had the chance to train and wrestle in three matches before calling it a "career".
It requires a deeper sense of understanding in order to conceptualize what philosophy is all about. The real difference is that every individual is unique and has his own beliefs and opinions on things. In making your philosophy, determine what kind of lessons that you want your players to learn. Your coaching philosophy should also reflect your desire to develop your player’s basketball abilities. Massarotti initially believed that Julien would be on the receiving end of a firing, after general manager Peter Chiarelli got canned and new GM Don Sweeney made it clear that changes would be made in the next couple of weeks to help prevent another season similar to the 2014-15 finish. Usually a new general manager spells the end of the head coach’s tenure but for Julien, it appears he is being given another chance and Bruins fans across the nation are arms-in-air, disagreeing with the decision and calling it a mistake. Julien has an excellent record of 351-192-79, a 2011 Stanley Cup ring, another appearance in the Cup finals in 2013 and a President’s Trophy the following year. Julien has been successful when looking back at his history and last year could have been a result of many different factors.

They relied upon Milan Lucic, Brad Marchand and David Krejci to lead the charge but all three disappointed.
With 70% focusing on defensive awareness and clogging up the neutral zone and just 30% concentrated on scoring goals, games became more about reducing chances and letting them get as few goals as possible, and hoping to win close games by scores of 1-0 or 2-1.
It was hard for the Bruins to take advantage of their powerplay as Dennis Seidenberg struggled offensively, while Zdeno Chara, Torey Krug and Dougie Hamilton all missed time due to injury. David Pastrnak and Ryan Spooner were a breath of fresh air to the Bruins typical dump-and-chase system, as they both possessed the skill and speed to carry the puck into the offensive zone. Newly acquired Brett Connolly and Spooner are both up for contracts and are restricted, and they’ll be key players on the Bruins heading into next season. With the possibility of youth taking over more responsibilities, the chip and chase game needs to be vanquished and forgotten. Before you even begin to formulate your coaching philosophy, try to consider and answer the following questions: Why are you coaching? You can set an objective of winning basketball games, or you can set an objective of nurturing your players first.
It should be something that will create an impact in their lives as a player and as a human being, even after they have stopped playing basketball. A coach you try to nourish your players in a way because you know what your player can become.
Meanwhile Tyler Seguin is coming off a second consecutive season of being an over point-per-game player. The offensive set-up of getting the puck to the point and getting bodies in front of the net became easy to defend against, as long as the opposing team had a player to take away the shot. Tuukka Rask was more than ready to live up to his end of the bargain but the rest of the team could not keep up. Despite the losses, the system remained the same and the powerplay became a simple one to defend against.
In the final 20 games of the season, post-trade deadline, the fourth line consisting of Chris Kelly, Maxime Talbot and Gregory Campbell were receiving as much playing time, or close to, as the Bruins line that was averaging more scoring chances than any other line.
There is something alarming about Campbell and Kelly receiving more minutes than Pastrnak and Lucic, especially when they failed to score in the final 20 games of the season.
Bringing back Carl Soderberg will be an interesting decision, as he is set to hit the free agent market as a UFA and is expected to field many offers. Maybe the grinders could still use it to get a few big hits and and spark some energy, but the top-six has the talent, tenacity and skill to carry the puck in and work some magic.
WWE fan and independent wrestling aficionado, Kevin Owens is my homeboy and The Young Bucks deserve the Superkick anyone that doesn't believe they're the real deal.
Success can start from being able to establish a good relationship with your players, build an effective basketball system, and develop your players’ basketball skills.
He is ruled by the ethical standards of his principles and he has the tendency to influence his players positively.

Their blue-line alone was plagued with them, and with Johnny Boychuk already gone (traded to the New York Islanders), the Bruins had to rely on their depth by sending out Joe Morrow and Zach Trotman, while also leaning on Matt Bartkowski and Kevan Miller. The Boston Bruins had gone from the third-best scoring team in the NHL last year to finishing 25th.
By the time the Bruins managed to get the puck to a defenseman, the player had two opposing players in his face.
In fact, the line of Pastrnak, Spooner and Lucic was playing a style that contradicted the style that coach Julien was attempting to drill into the team. If David Pastrnak and Ryan Spooner are to be top-six point producers on the Bruins, which they are perfectly capable of becoming, they’ll need the ice time and commitment from the coach in order to do so. With only four defensemen under contract for the 2015-16 season, some cap management and signings will need to be looked into as well. As a basketball player, you can have a responsibility that disables you to spend more time with your family; and it gives you a lot of pain during trainings.
Of course, more than winning championships, you want your players to develop a higher degree of basketball skills, self-discipline, and a sense of purpose. You spend time with your players individually so that you can focus on developing each player’s skills. Winning hard games or championships is a major bonus which is something you and your players work for. These are relevant questions that will guide you and help you develop your own coaching philosophy. You share your knowledge, your time, and everything about you that can help your player enhance their skills. Coaching embraces a very huge responsibility to yourself, to the staff, and to your players.
You focus on getting them to shape up, physically and mentally, and help them develop their basketball skills. However, the true meaning of success for coaches is being able to see their players develop to become mature individuals. A good coach believes that if he starts with nurturing his players, everything will just follow through, especially winning. These are all forms of self-sacrifice and coaches emphasize that, at times, you need to make sacrifices in order to succeed in life.
Success is the fruit of your hard work, and you want to share the experience of success among your team.

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