I recently read an interesting article by Laura Vanderkam called Be a coach, not a teacher, where she makes some interesting points about managers’ perceived commitment to their employees’ success. She quotes Sal Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, as saying “coaches are specifically and explicitly on the student’s side” working with them to help them develop and reach their potential.
While these are generalizations, the overall message to managers is to behave more like coaches than teachers, especially when it comes to conducting employee performance reviews. The article made me think of all the research in educational settings that has shown that a teacher’s expectations affect their relationships with their students and influence student results. Would your employees describe you as “being on their side” and “committed to their success”? Build a solid working relationship with each of your employees that is founded in mutual trust and caring. Maintain an ongoing, two-way dialogue about performance where you share expectations, provide coaching, answer questions, support employee performance, and solicit feedback on your own performance. Give your employees regular, ongoing feedback and coaching on their performance, focusing on desired behaviors and outcomes, and opportunities for development, not on “failures”.

Treat mistakes or less than desired results as learning opportunities rather than failures.
As Trish says, employees should not be afraid to seek out feedback and to understand how others perceive their performance. Do you have any ideas for ways a manager can “be on their employees’ side” and be committed to their success? If you’re interested in sharpening your skills as a manager, check out Performance management training for managers. Sean Conrad is a Certified Human Capital Strategist and customer account manager at Halogen Software, working closely with our customers on a day-to-day basis. The latest talent management case studies, ebooks, articles, and seminars delivered to your inbox!
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When as managers, we label our employees, and carry certain expectations about their performance and potential, we may, though usually unconsciously, treat them differently, and influence their performance. Do you need to change your behaviors or even your fundamental approach to management so you can better support your employees’ performance and success? That kind of insight is gold if you, the employee, want to take charge of your development and advance your career. You’ll learn best practices for managing your employees’ performance, development and career progression.
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