Have you been struggling to feel good about yourself, be fearless and go after what you want, or feel worthy enough for goodness to really come into your life like you’ve always imagined?
In addition to your FREE book, you will also get weekly empowerment e-mails to keep you motivated and inspired to become the REGAL woman you desire to be! Build confidence trough dance classes Dancing needs confidence, but it also helps in building confidence on and away from the dance floor.

She helps women of color build & radiate confidence, discover their greatness, and come into their own.
Forget about dancing in a club, as it may make you feel clumsy if you are not a good dancer. One of the best things about modern dance classes is that you dona€™t really need a partner to enjoy and attend them.

You are never sure what really to expect and there is always that fear of everyone else being a lot better than you and you standing out in not the best of ways, and there is always the worrying aspect of not being partnered with anyone.

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