Group coaching is a way of bringing a coaching conversation to a wider group of people at the same time (maximum of 12). Adding in one hour individual coaching sessions after this workshop helps to consolidate the information and ensure candidates commit to using the techniques explored. The perspective through which we see ourselves and the world, is being tarnished by our own low self-esteem. For example we may still carry beliefs that we picked up as a child even though they are almost always untrue.
If we allow our view of ourselves to be affected by past experiences or these negative beliefs, the world can seem a scary and frustrating place. Be Brave. Confidence is all about taking action on the thoughts and ideas you have, without being put off by your doubts. When you can see yourself and how the world sees you from a kinder perspective, you have started the move from self-doubt to confidence. Hi I’m Jo Painter and I want to help you have the self-belief and confidence to achieve more in your career than your imagined. In my Free Ebook I share with you my knowledge, expertise and passion on how to be confident at work and achieve career success. Often when you have low Confidence you talk yourself out of things by Negative Self Talk, so called: “Self Sabotage”. When you are constantly Looking for Outside Motivation to Make You Feel Better it is a sign that you would benefit from Improving Self Confidence! So have a vision of your self to be enough for who you are today and be driven enough of what you desire to achieve. The loss of a loved one, job or relationship can be devastating and feel unbearable at times. Together we can work through your emotions to help you understand your grief and move forward in your life. If you are currently grieving for a recent loss or unable to get over a bereavement in your past then I can support you with compassionate coaching and coping strategies. My programme is structured to cover the key issues that my clients who are coping with bereavement need to explore.

Leaders and high achievers are often very self-critical and use fear of failure as motivation.
Self-confidence is something we are born with and working with an executive coach can help you rebuild it by challenging your limiting beliefs, evaluating your experiences in a more positive light,  and looking at past experiences as an opportunity to learn. Self-confidence is at the heart of all executives' performance and success, so improving confidence is a central feature of our approach to executive coaching. Undertake new behaviours and strategies to act with greater self confidence and be more successful. Lack of confidence isna€™t all pervasive or permanent, ita€™s in the mind, but it can limit peoplea€™s possibilities and stop them achieving their potential. At Inspiring Potential we can address the issue of low self confidence as part of one of our executive coaching packages. While there is bound to be exceptions the following is a guide to what will be posted when on Coaching Confidence. Daily - A daily quote with a mix of different quotes that will appeal to different coaching styles, opinions and beliefs. Monday Coaching Confidence Chatterbox - a quick interview style feature with different coaches.
Friday - A post by a guest author or offering a recommendation for coaches and those interested in coaching. Sunday Blog posts for coaches from around the web Includes some of the posts that were shared on our Facebook page each Monday. All there to support and encourage you as a coach - no matter where you are on your coaching journey.
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will add value to my readers - if I can't see the value it doesn't matter what commission is offered it simply won't be listed. This adds to our self-doubt and limits what we dare to achieve and our ability to be happy and fulfilled. Think about where you could have picked up that belief about yourself and the world and ask yourself if it’s absolutely true? These are the thoughts that come from your self-doubt and result in you not trying new things.

Because of this you already undermine yourself, your decision and your opinion This creates a never ending cycle!
To improve Self Confidence you better get beyond this one, because it is a part of life and often it is only in your mind. Now, this might surprise you and it is To Have a Need to Achieve, only to Validate Your Self-Worth!
However it is a natural, inevitable and necessary process that we will all experience at some stage in our life. Executive Coaching with one of our London , UK European or USA executive coaches can help you change your mindset and achieve more success. These are inside and outside driven factors that play a huge role to Improve Self Confidence!
What would happen if I told you that once you get beyond this your Confidence will get a major boost! They can help you have teh confidence to succeed in that leadership role that is just that bit too challenging or with the stress it causes. How many times have you done something just because you wanted somebody’s approval or wanted to prove yourself that you are good enough! When you struggle, you develop a pattern of “what if?” you create a vicious circle that will keep you looping again and again and you will never get out of it. You are going to have Improved Self Confidence when your opinion of yourself becomes stronger than the opinion of others, when your internal influence plays a bigger role than what the outside says. What you need is a desire to have that Bulletproof Confidence and to take action now to achieve it!

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