The confidence interval allows us to quantify how confident we can feel a group of data is from its mean value. For example, let's say we have a sample size of 32, with a mean of 33.4 and a standard deviation of 42. A confidence of 50% will yield the shortest interval because it is the smallest and the least precise of all the confidence levels. The confidence interval of 99.9% will yield the largest range of all the confidence intervals. Calculating the confidence interval for a given group can be useful for any science, including electronics.
Since the sample size is small (below 30), we take the sample size and subtract 1 to get the degrees of freedom (df). ExpDesign Studio Toolkits include four tools: Graphic Calculator, Distribution Calculator, Confidence Calculator and TipDay. The graphic calculator allows you to evaluate complicated expressions, plot functions, plot data, copy graph, and print results.

Copy the graph by clicking the Graph button and paste into other application software such as MS Word using Paste or Paste Special method. The distribution calculator allows users to calculate the probability density, probabilities, and inverse probability functions for the following probability distributions: Binomial, Chi-sq, Exponential, F-, Poisson, Standard Normal, Student-t, and Weibull distributions. The confidence interval (CI) calculator allows users to calculate the following confidence intervals: One proportion Exact CI, One proportion CI using normal approximation, one mean CI using t-distribution, one mean CI using normal approximation, two-proportion CI using t-distribution, two-mean CI using t-distribution, two-mean CI using normal distribution, and CI for variance ratio using F-distribution. This statistics calculator computes test-statistics and p-values for standard hypothesis tests, as well as calculates confidence intervals.
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Other scenarios to think about:  What would happen to the length of our confidence intervals if we increase our sample size from 60 to 100?  Would our intervals decrease or increase in length?  What if the population standard deviation increased?
3.  How large a sample of one-bedroom apartments above would be needed to estimate the population mean within plus or minus $50 with 90% confidence?
We calculate the lower estimate by the formula, lower estimate= mean - (standard deviation)(value of t?). This app is a perfect addition to the many scientific and graphing calculators in the app store that do not possess this functionality. Which of the assumptions listed above might be problematic in making inference to the population in Question 4?

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