Clearly America has lost confidence and no longer trusts those in power at a most critical time in our history. We are only surviving now, not thriving, and it is clear that the country is demanding new leadership; not the ones the media and the entrenched political machines force upon us.
America is seeking proven leaders, those who are experienced, trustworthy, and loyal; people like our retired military officers.
Then on to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi – the architects who shoved ObamaCare down our throats. It is also time we reminded the Republican establishment that if not for the Tea Party, Nancy Pelosi would still be wielding the gavel in the House and Obama would be unrestrained beyond our wildest fears. It has been just over one year since Obama was re-elected; do you think he would win if he had to face another election today with what we know now? Promise after promise, fraud after fraud, lie after lie, deception after deception, and then there are all those hidden items and the complete joke about being the most transparent administration ever.
His promise to bring down health care premiums by $2,500 for the typical family (they went up) … allow Americans to keep the health care coverage they currently have (many can’t) … refuse to fund abortion via the Affordable Care Act (it did) … to respect religious liberties (he has violated them) … and the insistence that a mandate to buy insurance, enforced by financial penalties, was not a tax (it is). The Framers recognized that presidential abuse of power carried the greatest potential to wreck the republic. Adamant that the presidency they were creating must not become a monarchy, they carried on debates over the Constitution that were consumed with precluding this very real possibility. In the end, the Framers armed Congress with two responsive weapons: the power of the purse and the power of impeachment. As we have seen through the years, the power of the purse is not a practical check on Obama. While Democrats quite intentionally defy the Framers’ design, Republicans frustrate it by aggressive passivity.
Nevertheless, Republicans incessantly tell supporters that, since they control only the House (just one-half of one-third of the government,” as the tired refrain goes), they are impotent to rein in Obama’s excesses.
Republican leadership turns on those conservatives with a ferocity rarely evident in their dealings with the president.
Ahead of the vote, Boehner sparred with the right flank of his party over the bill, produced out of weeks-long bipartisan negotiations. He specifically criticized conservative advocacy groups trying to pressure the rank-and-file to block the budget.
First, in most of the world’s so-called “democracies” – actually, multi-party constitutional republics – a formal vote of “No Confidence” by the Lower House suspends or greatly limits the governing authority of the Party in power and, in a “Recall” of sorts, mandates new elections within 30-60 days. Although we have no such instrument in our Constitution or in existing law, there is nothing to prevent its use as a comprehensive de facto indictment and conviction for Contempt of Congress, violations of Oath of Office and of the Constitution itself – for all of the reasons stated in such a Resolution. Second, while most of the “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” cited in pending Resolutions of Impeachment (and perhaps in new resolutions seeking Judicial Relief) would also be included in this Resolution, many lesser and largely “non-impeachable” reasons for disappointment, doubt, distress, distrust and detestation would be entirely appropriate – and would not require the high levels of legal proofs for a formal Impeachment by the House or for a formal Trial and Conviction by the Senate. In effect, it would be much easier to cosponsor, to report to the House, to be formally adopted by the House and to achieve what might be called Obama’s “Conviction without Eviction” – in which wholesale repudiation by the House, loss of control of the Senate and a substantial diminution of power and influence during his remaining time in office would be the penalties. Third, the “no confidence” targets of the Resolution will be so numerous as to require a dozen or more categories – within each of which several particular offenses will be briefly described and become what lawyers call the “Bill of Particulars” – which might number an incredible 60-75 items in all. The credibility of our current leadership is gone, and now we listen to their excuses, finger-pointing, lies, and all manner of chicanery. We strangle those in power with our words loudly drowning out the tortured logic of their rhetoric and seize the day now. What else is our nation to do now that the ‘rule-of-law’ has effectively been thrown out the window by the Obama Administration?
How are we to trust our government anymore, now that lying and fraud are acceptable practices?
What are we to do now that Senator Harry Reid, D-NV, has abolished the filibuster through the use of the ‘nuclear option’, effectively allowing yet another power grab by the executive branch?
These are but a few points to ponder as our nation races headlong into tyrannical centralized rule if we do not act now. They also did not anticipate technological advancements that created a 24-hour news cycle and such ease of communication.

The current administration and the Democrat Party know this and manipulate the system to prevent the people from gaining recourse for grievances. This prevents the people from ultimately recouping their power so eroded these past 100 years, and specifically these past five despite the success of 2010 that gave the House back to Republican control. Though the actual voting booth is less than a year away, does anyone have any confidence that this time, their vote will actually matter? A veto proof majority is very likely not in the cards as well, so who knows what the Republicans would be able to do, let alone ridding America of the destruction the ObamaCare has wrought upon us. Obama will just continue to subvert the Constitution he took an oath to faithfully protect. Where that does not work, he will manipulate the courts and law enforcement will be run by fiat, choosing winners and losers. He will also further escalate the placement of his ideological kin into permanent positions within government, each able then to permanently run their operations ideologically as has been done in the IRS, DHS, DOJ, and more.
There are ways to rid America of these types but short of the vote we speak of, would they work?
On Tuesday, December 3rd, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the president’s duty to uphold the law. In that hearing, four witnesses testified and one in particular has spurred much talk of the word that shall not be spoken, the “I-word,” or impeachment. George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, a frequent guest of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow during the Bush years, described the situation in severe terms. Once again however, what confidence can we have in securing that device for use to correct Obama’s misdeeds and lies?
Like the parliamentary procedure that Great Britain uses, a vote of no confidence means a new election must take place there. The Prime Minister is powerless after such a vote, and though our vote would not have that full effect, it would at least tell those who live behind the “Iron Curtain” that is the DC Beltway that ‘we are not pleased,’ as the Queen would say. It would also tell the world that we recognize the mess this administration has wrought upon the world and we do not support his actions. In Romania the technocrat government of Dacian Ciolos easily won a confidence vote in parliament on Tuesday, reinforcing its mandate for a one-year term to stamp out corruption.
The technocrat cabinet won with the support of the biggest parties the Liberal Democrats and the former ruling Social Democrats.
The previous government of Victor Ponta fell earlier this month amidst public anger over a nightclub fire in the capital Bucharest that killed 56 people. The incident provoked protests after it came to light that the club had been granted a license despite not being approved by firefighters. A self-described "election junkie" surveys dozens of books about the 2000 presidential contest and arrives at some troubling conclusions.
Thomson ReutersFile photo of Slovakia's Prime Minister and leader of Smer party Robert Fico leaving after a live broadcast of a debate after the country's parliamentary election, in BratislavaBratislava (Reuters) - Slovakia's newly formed government won a parliamentary confidence vote on Tuesday as the legislature approved its program manifesto including a relaxation of budget targets and moderate cuts in taxes for companies and small businessmen. The cabinet, led by incumbent Prime Minister Robert Fico, is made up by four center and center parties, an arrangement forced by an inconclusive March election and a threat of instability ahead of the country's European Union presidency in the second half of this year. The government plans to achieve a balanced budget by the end of its term in 2020, two years later than previously planned for the euro zone country but still in line with the currency club's rules. The coalition plans to cut the income tax for corporates and small entrepreneurs by 1 percentage point to 21 percent as of next year and consider further cuts later. It will keep in place a special tax on banks and utilities, and plans a special levy on big retail chains and insurance companies, the program said without giving details.
The government has also agreed to tackle shortcomings in healthcare and education and increase transparency in public spending after corruption scandals that cost Fico's center Smer the outright majority it had held for the previous four years. Deputy Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini stood in for Fico to present the new government's agenda to lawmakers last week.
Slovakia will hold the EU's rotating presidency in the second half of 2016, giving it a stronger voice in setting the EU agenda, including Europe's migration crisis and the aftermath of a June 23 British referendum on whether to stay in the bloc.

The program said the NATO member country -- which had kept an ear open for the views of Russia under Fico's previous rule -- said it would maintain a pro-Western focus in its foreign policy amid what it called dramatically changing conditions abroad. It is true that not all who ply the halls of power fit under that broad brush, but most of them are guilty of many egregious acts and we say it is time to hold a vote of no confidence, it’s time for a ‘recall’.
We need to start with the White House and all of Obama’s appointees, especially Eric Holder. We also cannot forget John Boehner and company who openly castigate the Tea Party caucus which are only doing that which they campaigned upon. We were defrauded, America, and people are finally noticing and understanding what we have been telling you for five years.
Absent the political will to remove the president, he will remain president no matter how many high crimes and misdemeanors he stacks up. We know there is no ‘legal standing’ in a vote of “No Confidence” that would come of this act, but at least one thing will certainly occur; we take back the power of discourse.
Republicans, although less nefarious by orders of magnitude, engage in some of these tactics, but they do not have the will to fight, especially against such entrenched enemies of the state.
Even if the Republicans retake the Senate, Obama is still the President, and his cabinet and appointees still remain in power.
His track record shows us that no matter what the make-up of Congress is, he will twist his way around it with a pen and secure even more power reminiscent of a dictator.
Why, because Harry Reid still controls the Senate, so like in Clinton’s days, forget about a finding of guilt. Besides, it would take a very long time; a luxury we just do not have if we are going to save our Republic. Others talk about the military taking over as we saw in Egypt; again, we do not support this route. Despite what supporters of Obama say about our standing in the world, the world is laughing at us. Has there been any progress or support for “No Confidence” or any movement to take it further? The founders never envisioned career politicians running any government, let alone a complicit media openly favoring one ideology.
This effectively allows groups to monopolize the discourse and apply tactics to further weaken the people. Incidentally, if Obama was found guilty and removed from office, Joe Biden would step in, Valerie Jarrett still wields all the power, and likely we get more of the same. His coalition partner, head of parliament Andrej Danko, also missed the vote, having had a stomach surgery on Monday. Topics discussed on this blog may carry a significant amount of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. To examine and understand the historic Florida vote count, however, no reasonable person is going to read all this material, excepting perhaps another Ph.D. If tested again and breached, I think it presents a decent short opportunity (in my opinion). Nonetheless, being an election junkie, I was sufficiently interested to read almost half of them. Securities or derivatives mentioned on this blog may be owned by the blog author at any given time.

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