Addition preferences for tab widths and such can be found in fx2 - about:config preferences on my home page. For more information on other Toolbars and Menus (particularly Context Menus), see Right-Click Menus and Toolbars in Firefox (onsite). You can open a new tab by going to the File menu → New Tab or Ctrl+T with your keyboard. Icons for Duplicate tab to new tab and to new window are also available in Duplicate Tab extension.
Firefox windows within your Firefox Window, in fact each split window can have it's own tabs. For example with my preferences Ctrl+click places link in a new tab, it is possible to be configured that simply clicking on a link creates a new tab, but you would still have the means to create a new tab without leaving your current tab.
Since I now use Styles within the "Stylish" extension to effect chrome changes instead of userChrome.css you can find better pictures and a different viewpoint on the descriptions by looking at my Toolbars page. The idea here is to use minimum real estate Toolbars, so that you have more screen space to use your browser for it's intended purpose of looking at web pages not space hogging graphics on toolbars that you already have a good idea of what they contain. Additional suggestions, the following are not mine, nor related to Tabs, but I use them at least occasionally. With tabbed browsers, now some people don't like these attributes and think that the webpage is taking control of their browsing. Highly recommend installing "Tab Counter" extension (4KB), which Counts the number of open tabs per window and displays the count in the toolbar.
Used abusively to prevent use of BACK button, preventing web surfer to return to where they came from.
Tests of text links -- double-click on the following if you have Linkification extension set to non automatic.

If you’d like to test the phenomenon for yourself, simply hover over this paragraph which overrides the cursor to display the busy cursor via CSS.
What’s most bizarre is although the style of the cursor is not new to Windows 7, the same cursor in Windows Vista actually does not exhibit the same phenomenon.
Nevertheless if this stutter now bugs you, the brilliantly simple fix is to use the Vista cursor instead!
After that’s all done, simply hover over the test area from above to appreciate the elegance and bliss of a smooth animated cursor again. Update: Leo Davidson has tracked down the root cause of the issue and also made a proper fix download available here. For those that do not know, Telstra is a major telephone and internet company in Australia. Unfortunately the issue got a bit out of hand on JCXP, but there is a slow-mo video attached somewhere in the thread which clearly shows the jarring glitch ocurring.
I believed it was intentional though as it has an almost hypnotic effect when stared at for long lengths of time. Oh wow… will we have to wait for SP1 (or Windows 8) for this to be fixed, or might Microsoft release a small patch on Windows Update?
In fact, why did they change this cursor but not the ‘Working In Background’ (Arrow + Spinner) cursor?
The move was done to add a feeling of oscillation to busy tasks, thus making wait times not feel as long. So they tried to cleanup and innovate on the cursor front and enhance the cursor experience.
Why have they not updated the icon when you select a line of text its still not even aero !!!!!!!!

Okay, when I mouseover to your CSS thing, it works fine but in the Mouse Properties, it skips a frame. When viewing the cursor in normal use, and within the Mouse Properties control panel, there’s definitely a missing frame (and possibly a repeated frame as well), and the missing frame appears to be in the file. Am I getting paranoid or is the large busy cursor doing the same thing except at 3 o’clock position? You noticed this but not the issue where the Aero lags because of some issue for some users in Windows 7? Since this bug is currently marked as "future" in the Bugzilla database [try to find said bug report].
In fact, I find it easier to see in the Mouse Properties window since it animates the cursor more slowly than normal.
That info may be interpreted differently (or not at all) by different programs and map to the frames being shown multiple times or not at all. Dumbing down the cursor is the newest cool enhancement for Microsoft should be applauded and everyone should go and buy Windows 7. However fear not, thankfully there’s a simple solution to relieve the impending agony. It’s surprising how MS can bother to modify the cursor but not fix the glaring Windows Explorer issues due to limited time and resources. Just open the file %windir%\Cursors\aero_busy.ani in an editor for animated cursors like Microangelo Animator and see for yourself.

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