PRPC’s Criminal Justice Program has been designated by the Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division as the responsible entity for the regional criminal justice planning efforts for the 26-county area.
I have a sad truth for you today – there is no such thing as justice in this world anymore – if there ever was.
In 1865 we fought an internal war that killed two-thirds of a million Americans, primarily to give justice to a single group of folks. We have lived as if there was a simple pill of concession most of America should take, and everyone would be fine – we would share the wealth and the knowledge and live happily ever after.
But the truth is, perfect justice is an illusion, because you’re dealing with imperfect human beings, and you can only experience a sense of this justice if you’re on the side dispensing it. America has tried to create justice with rules, but somewhere along the line we discovered that the words in the rules could be changed, and their meanings twisted. Regardless of what we think justice should be, or how it should be dispensed, the highest court of all is still conscience – it supersedes all others. Each time there is a racial “incident” of some sorts we are bombarded by the concept that justice must be “exacted” rather than truth determined. In our constant, frantic quest for racial and social injustices we are stepping beyond the borders of reason and becoming an inquisition.
I’ll leave you with a quote form the Roman philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero: “For there is but one essential justice which cements society, and one law which establishes this justice. Congressman says His Local Politicians would be in Jail if they did what some in Congress Do!
Muslims Complain about the National Anthem, Call it Part of an “Oppressive Campaign”! Criminal justice certificate programs are ideal for those looking to advance their career or make a career change, and for those looking to gain new and specialized skills. Depending on the criminal justice school, students may take them as part of a degree or after they’ve graduated or whenever they are inspired to advance their knowledge and skills.
For working professionals, a criminal justice certificate program is an example of a viable option for enhancing their education. As follows are some examples of certificate and diploma programs relevant to criminal justice professions. These certificate programs can help prepare students, through theoretical and practical curriculum, to work as paralegals in the real world. In a private investigator certificate program you can learn how to perform this challenging yet  fascinating criminal justice career.

Through such a diploma or certificate program you can learn the techniques, terminology, technology and software required to be a successful legal transcriptionist. Often a homeland security certificate program is geared towards those working in law enforcement, government, emergency management, the military, security or the private sector, or those who have already completed a relevant degree. Such certificate programs are excellent choices for students and professionals wishing to gain specialized knowledge and practice to advance within the criminal justice field. This is another program that can complement a criminal justice graduate or professional’s education and experiences. Some criminal justice schools offer certificate programs geared for those who would like to move into leadership or more advanced roles within their criminal justice profession.
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Changes must be made to the criminal justice system because it is perceived by the public as "distant, unaccountable and unanswerable", a year-long Government review has concluded. More than 30 proposals have been put forward in the report, including the idea that community sentences become more "visible and demanding".
Miss Casey said offenders ordered to carry out community punishment should be forced to wear high-visibility bibs to identify them as criminals.
America may have been the final experiment with it, but the hate congeners, and the race mongers, and the power brokers have stolen it, or sold it, or simply perverted it. Since then (and particularly for the last century) we have been in a constant mode of reparation for our prior sins. It started with lawyers, but like an intellectual disease, it spread to the politicians, and led to the public.
We constantly witness acts of violence and looting within our cities – knee-jerk mayhem – committed as an affirmation of rights following situations with questionable law enforcement or racial episodes.
The Spanish inquisition, in its search for heretics, became little more than a group of government authorized Nazis. Examples of topics included in the paralegal curriculum include legal writing and research, motions, pleadings, discovery and investigations.
This profession involves accurately transcribing audio recordings of legal proceedings, such as testimonies, hearings and pleadings.
Students taking the program can gain knowledge of this very important subject area as a complement or focus to their existing or future career. Topics include analyzing crime patterns, crime mapping, research and looking at ways to improve investigations.

To understand the different reasons for criminal behavior, courses may delve into gender, age, class and other factors; the curriculum may also focus on offender rehabilitation. Elderly victims of crime may get anonymity in court, while similar special measures may also be made available for disabled victims and those too frightened to speak out against their assailants.The planned reforms are designed to boost public confidence in criminal justice in England and Wales after Gordon Brown ordered a review of the system. Today we are a country torn apart by a new perverted sense of justice that demands we continually overlook indiscretion, brutality, and anti-Americanism for the sake of race – on behalf of some hackneyed, constantly manipulated guilt complex that should have been put to bed long before now. Justice should consist of one set of irrefutable, unchangeable rules so that each man and women is judged in exactly the same fashion.
Theodore Roosevelt had it right when he said, “Justice consists not in being neutral between wrong and right, but in finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found.” The trouble with our laws today is that they come in shades – the criminals know their “rights” better than their wrongs. We need to be careful that we don’t lose sight of integrity and truth while we search out injustice.
The proposals have been drawn up by Louise Casey, the Government's crime and communities adviser and former head of Tony Blair's Respect task force.She said people did not believe crime had fallen, and thought the law was stacked in favour of offenders' rights. It should be a corridor without color, race, or creed – an unwavering pendulum that never swings to one side or the other to satisfy the present edicts of society. When you add pandering, politically correct news agencies to this, what you’re left with is pandemonium every time police or government try to enforce laws within certain segments of our society. If we are forced by these new social rules to believe the smaller lies, it eventually becomes much easier to accept the larger ones, and when we fail to punish people who break our laws, for whatever reason, we’re not simply protecting their longevity, we are undermining the foundations of justice for the next generation. She also called for the "intensity" of sentences be increased, so offenders spend five days a week - or three nights a week and one day a weekend if employed - carrying out their tasks such as litter-picking or cleaning up graffiti.
The report also called for a "public commissioner on crime" to champion people's concerns within government, and a new performance target to measure public confidence in the system. It proposed stripping the Home Office of responsibility for producing national crime statistics, with the task handed to an independent organisation. The report was based on the views of 13,000 people in England and Wales, consulted over an eight-month period.It found that 55 per cent of the public believed crime was the most important issue facing Britain, while 29 per cent thought sentences were too lenient.

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