Daily meditationsOne inspiring thought given by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov for every day of the year. Daily meditations'Do not expect your equilibrium and salvation to depend on achieving great things.
Daily meditations1 January:Just as someone setting out on a long hike will take provisions in their rucksack to have something to eat on the way, we need to take food with us too (let’s say bread, symbolically), if we are to walk life’s paths with a firm step.
Daily meditations30 December 2013 Even at the modest stage you have reached, you can contribute to the good of all humankind. Daily meditations13 August : Spirituality does not restrict itself to so-called spiritual exercises – meditation or prayer, for example.

Daily meditations22 May : Thankfulness, gratitude, has the power to cleanse the body, neutralize poisons and renew physical matter… Why are humans so ungrateful – ungrateful towards the Lord, ungrateful towards nature, ungrateful towards one another? With a quotation, a reflection, and an action for each day of the year, Wisdom to Know is your trusty compass for the often-tumultuous recovery journey.
Actually, any day-to-day activity can be made spiritual if we know how to introduce a divine element.
Daily passages underscore lessons about intimacy, integrity, and spirituality, providing you with an inspiring and accessible source of healing, support, and encouragement. But work on the idea of loving, of doing good, of forgiving others and bringing harmony everywhere you go.

Beginners and old-timers alike in recovery will find affirmation and insight in this small but powerful book.

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