Twitter has blown up at the sighting of Ed Sheeran out wiht Barbara Palvin just after the red-haired crooner confirmed his split from his girlfriend - but here at Fashion Finder all focus is on Barbara's style! These bad boys are by Karl Lagerfeld, and we cannot get enough of the patent trim and white chunky sole - THE perfect stand out shoes to add an instant dose of cool to any outfit.
Though she did her best to conceal her identity beneath a charcoal hoodie, Barbara was recognisable on an evening date with Ed by her slender frame and striking red lip look.The starlet dressed down in trainers and a long, black top, just hinting at her famous lingerie model frame in skinny fit jeans.

Style yours with anything from a sharp tailored suit to a miniskirt and denim jacket for 90s cool. People don't always guess right, but sometimes they do.A 'I was in a relationship for 9 months recently that no one had a clue about.
And the other charatacter you might of wanted to mention was that gay lobster guy I forget his name, he has this high raspy voice but dresses like a women.

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