Everyone knows posing with animals increases one’s chance of finding love – so what if these animals include sheep or a very large fish?
These are just some of the insights one can glean from the profiles posted on a Russian dating site.
In my research, I’ve found that a woman’s #1 fear online is that a guy will be awkward, creepy, or intense in-person. So four replies in one day… that broke my record of replies in one day… by a lot! Like I said, girls can sense when you’re being genuine and if you actually wrote something specifically for them. I run into a lot of girls viewing my profile after I send a message, but then not replying. It's called Mouse Mingle, and it's a website where people can connect with one another over a shared love of all things Disney. The website features all the traditional elements of a dating site, with customizable profiles, photos and ratings. These images provide a bizarre snapshot into the worlds of the people looking for love, and even more so – into the particular culture from which they hail. They send first messages endlessly with no results and constantly tell me how useless it is. They don’t know you, they haven’t met you face-to-face, and they don’t want to get stuck on a bad date.
You accomplish this by creating a fun, enjoyable atmosphere that gets her excited to reply. I did a huge post about it and nearly all of the profiles I critique suffer from crappy photos.

If there’s something you both have in common (kayaking, being a burger snob, photography), that’s always a plus. No asking her how her day is or saying “I thought your profile was cool, we should talk.” Stuff like only saying, “Hey” and “What’s up?” is out, too. I’m opening up to her, admitting I like something nerdy, and teasing her about it as well. I was experimenting myself and realized questions worked a little bit better, but the combination of the 3 is what I’m going to try next. Creator Dave Tavres tells Mashable that his website's been in the works since a 2011 trip to Disneyland with a few friends.
For $12.55 a month, users can private message and partake in online chats with other users. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Therefore, I have made it my mission over the last year to really decipher the online dating code.
This is always a better idea than bullshitting because if you do get her on a date, it’ll be obvious that you were dishonest. Just as with compliments, a guy who tries to seem like he’s perfect for her looks desperate.
Remember, she’s worried that a guy will be creepy and without seeing you, being sexual off the bat is not your strongest lead-in. I noticed how pronounced her dimples were and I genuinely thought they were adorable, so I told her. Asking her about it is non-threatening and a unique way to start a dialogue between you two.

You should be able to read her profile, have something catch your interest, and write a couple of lines from that in minutes. I was frozen on what to say in a first message, but after reading this, I found out exactly what I wanted to say without being so self-critical for once. That was the inception moment." After some brainstorming, he registered the domain name that night. Where the website differs from other sites is in its questions, which ask users to share their favorite Disney songs, characters, parks and memories. The guys don’t smile, are unkempt, and look like the dating site murderer (pictured above). I like your pictures, they’re cute.” She’s going to question why you’re sucking up to her so much when you don’t even know her and she hasn’t earned it.
This combination of being carefree yet direct lets her know I’m attracted to her without being creepy. I follow it up by sharing a nightmare that I’ve had which relates to one of her private fears. That creates an instant personal connection and provides incentive for her to message back.
One of the girls from below also wrote back, and two other girls who visited my profile and I wrote to last night also wrote back.

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