Every time I mention my job: Finish your drink, because I was working in Customer Service at the time.
When you get to the part about the first time I had a kiss forced upon me and the subsequent times too: WATERFALL.
For people who enjoy a party in the front and business in the back, this site is made for those still living in 1987.
If you’ve dyed and spiked your hair more times than you can remember and you swoon over nose piercings, then you’ll find your soul mate here.
World of Warcraft gamers are notorious for logging in long hours in their fake fantasy realm. So what if your new boyfriend is older than your grandpa, he’s worth, like, a million bucks. Sure, I’m just as obsessed with Bella and Edward’s love affair as everyone else, but if I catch myself only looking to date a dude who can suck my blood, I should probably take a break from the popular vampire books for a little while. Smosh is the home of the best funny videos, games, photos, memes, blogs and galleries online. If all that isn't enough, our friends are serving you free movies in HD for your viewing pleasure.

Pictures from Russian Dating Sites (14 Pictures) | Funny Pictures, Quotes, Pics, Photos, Images.
I spent most of my evenings crying over my ex and attempting to numb the pain with an overconsumption of sandwiches. It’s the best sandwich ever, and if you’ve never had it you are formally invited to my apartment in Morningside Heights so that I can buy you one. If you like reading things and drinking things, it would be like, blasphemy (or at least really irresponsible) to not purchase it.
His car is beat-up and probably older than he is.Mystical MermaidMuch like dressing as a cow, having a fancy for dressing as a mermaid is probably the type of thing you want to keep to yourself for a few dates. Finding that special someone happens quickly for some people…for the rest of us, well, there’s the internet.
If you happen to have the luck to be born that hot, you can let us know what beautiful people talk about when they go out to dinner. If you date someone who is just obsessed with it as you, you don’t have to waste any time in the real world actually getting to know each other. Don’t wait for it to happen, sponsor someone’s boob job online and you might just find love, too.

This dating site was created specifically for people who WANT to have an affair and cheat on their partner.
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After a few months of feeling sorry for myself, I decided it was time to snap out of it by signing up for every online dating site I could find (14 to be exact).
ADVERTISEMENT ExhibitionistAn exhibitionist certainly enjoys putting themselves out there, but this young girl thought it was smart and sexy to take a picture in her underwear in front of her grandmother.
Find someone who shares your love of Dungeons and Dragons and Harry Potter and proudly shout from the rooftops that you’re dorks together! Behind the scenes I was reconnecting with my ex and experiencing some major soul searching, but above all else I was getting drunk with strangers.

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