Just 20 minutes of meditative practice a day can greatly improve one’s creativity and general mood. I look for a certain kind of fish that is important to me, one that can translate to my art. So in July 1973 I went to the TM center in Los Angeles and met an instructor, and I liked her.
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The Billy Wilder Theatre at UCLA’s Hammar Museum overflowed with more than three times its 300-person capacity on Tuesday, April 2, 2012  for a surprisingly huge flock of viewers coming to experience the U.S. Together, Lynch and Brand hope to bring the beauty and power of meditation to 1,000,000 at-risk youth around the world by showcasing the documentary film and spreading the vision of the David Lynch Foundation in a multitude of countries.
The documentary chronicles Lynch’s sixteen country tour of European and Middle Eastern film schools in 2007 as he addressed tens of thousands of students about his creative processes, filmmaking and his forty year practice of Transcendental Meditation. Russell Brand is relatively new to meditation, as he has been gaining his discipline for a mere four years. After the showing of the film Lynch and Brand were joined onstage by the executive director of the David Lynch Foundation, Bob Roth, for a twenty minute Q&A. At that moment, my sister called and said she had been doing Transcendental Meditation for six months. I sat down, closed my eyes, started this mantra, and it was as if I was in an elevator and the cable had been cut.
I meditate once in the morning, and again in the afternoon, for about twenty minutes each time.
But more recently, he's devoted much of this power to creating the David Lynch Foundation For Consciousness Based Education and Peace, with the goal of bringing Transcendental Meditation to the masses.
While studying fine art and the musical genre of jazz at the University of Washington she put both her passion for and experience in the arts into helping to create the Washington State Academic Achievement Standards for the Arts by serving on both the Arts and Standards Revision committees. But because he has experienced such great healing and empowerment from his practice, he is a perfect proponent for Lynch’s cause.

Roth brought to light that their non-profit charity has already provided scholarships for over 250,000 at-risk youth to meditate worldwide, and is expanding its work to support veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress and women who have survived domestic abuse.
Benefits of meditation have been studied and found effective by the Harvard School of Medicine, the National Institutes of Health, the U.S.
The film was also screened at the Palm Beach International Film Festival in West Palm Beach, FL on Saturday, April 6, 2013. The more your consciousness—your awareness—is expanded, the deeper you go towards this source, and the bigger the fish you can catch. Lynch himself has been practicing the technique since the early '70s and in 2006, Penguin published Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity, which outlines his thoughts on how he's worked these techniques into his work and day to day life. As a writer, I wonder, through your experience is this a way to enhance someone's creativity or unleash it?Both. She later completed a Master of Arts in Teaching at The University of Puget Sound and Master of Arts in Liberal Arts at St. Attendees viewed the film in the main theatre, and spontaneously in an overflow hall and on large outdoor screens mounted in the museum courtyard. Department of Defense, the American Heart Association and the American Medical Association. And this Saturday, "Change Begins Within" benefit show will take place at Radio City Music Hall with such marquee names as Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Eddie Vedder. The evening’s release of the documentary launched David Lynch’s “Meditation in Education” Global Outreach Program with a powerful and personal touch, as David Lynch himself along with spokesperson Russell Brand were there to kick it off together and speak with the crowd of film goers and supporters. With research showing that mediation reduces acute and chronic stress and stress-related disorders, decreases anxiety and depression, helps individuals overcome addictions and simultaneously develops the brain and creative potential to support healthy, productive and self-sufficient lives of individuals, the David Lynch Foundation is poised to make a positive difference in many people’s lives. You don’t meditate on the meaning of it, but it is a very specific sound-vibration-thought. I sat down with Lynch for fifteen minutes at his midtown hotel two days before his foundation's biggest event to date.A bunch of my friends are jealous of me for getting to do this, so that's great. As an aspiring artist, as well as an educator, she is still intrigued by the creative process and what ensues as a result. Founded in 2005, they aim to fund the implementation of stress-reducing modalities including Transcendental Meditation for at-risk populations such as underserved inner-city students, veterans with PTSD and their families, women and girls who have been victims of violence, rape, and abuse, American Indians suffering from diabetes and high suicide rates, homeless adults and teens participating in reentry programs, and incarcerated adults and juveniles. Currently, she is developing a poetry blog called A Writer's Space and has co-written both a children's picture book and pilot for a children's TV show. The Foundation has gained much support for their mission from Hollywood luminaries such as Dr. Rochelle also works as an elementary school librarian and advanced reading teacher for a small private school in the valley. Mehmet Oz, Ellen DeGeneres, Jerry Seinfeld, Gwyneth Paltrow, Katy Perry, Hugh Jackman, Martin Scorsese, Naomi Watts, and Laura Dern. She is in the midst of developing a new business named Watercolor Weddings by Rochelle and is developing a series of paintings and conceptual artworks, the first of which is currently on display at Henson Recording Studios in Hollywood. She hopes to inspire Miss A readers to explore, experience and get involved, as she sets out to bring a touch of the literary, fine and performing arts that are happening here in Los Angeles to our readers.

When you experience the deepest level when you transcend, that flow of creativity goes.Then there's this thing in intelligence. If you don't enjoy what you're doing, or if there is some fatigue or unease, and a little bit of anxiety or some kind of thing: life isn't so enjoyable and the work isn't so enjoyable. So you're sort of happy all during the day.A lot of people--and it may have started in the 60's--there was a thing almost against happiness. You know, you got to suffer and you got to have a lot of angst and its an "up yours" kind of thing. The more that weight lifts, the more everything flows.Were you taught how to get to that place?
Yes.Through a long teaching process?Yes, you need a legitimate teacher of Maharishi Manesh Yogi's Transcendental Meditation. And when you leave the teaching you'll know how to meditate and know that you're meditating correctly. Whenever you transfer from one state of consciousness to another, from waking, for instance, to sleeping, they say you pass through a gap and you can transcend in that gap. Transcending is a natural thing; so you have this experience, you're going asleep but you're still awake. And you can transcend without this technique; this technique just guarantees you're going to transcend using this technique.
And every time you transcend, you're going to get more of that deepest level, pure consciousness. It's a beautiful process.With the launch of the TV site, your professed love for digital video, you can be an anomaly in terms of looking ahead. There are some things that are good to hold on to and there are some things that are good to let go of.
I think that Maharishi would say traditions are good to hold on to and mother tongue languages are good to hold on to, certain ways of doing are good to hold on to. But there are other things that come along and you have a resistance to them, natural, in a weird way. But I don't think anybody dreamt that these particular people would come together in such an enthusiastic way for this. I think sometimes that radio is so appealing because you know others are listening to the same station. When you listen to your own music, it might be a real groove, but it's more lonely; it's just you or the people in the room. It's a special thing.I read yesterday that you're involved with Mark Linkous and Sparklehorse in some way. This Saturday, David Lynch's "Change Begins Within" benefit show will take place at Radio City Music Hall with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Eddie Vedder, Moby, Ben Harper, Jim James, Betty LaVette, Paul Horn and Donovan.

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