You really were ahead of your time with Twin Peaks—this gritty, engrossing serial TV drama. I know Disinfo needs to generate revenue to keep the lights on, but how about something that reflects well on the web page and the Disinfo name? What I’ve learned as a Freemason and why I left the order A Beginner's Guide to Sigil Craft The Flat Earth vs. Many Hollywood stars have since followed suit, including Ellen DeGeneres, Martin Scorsese, and Oprah Winfrey. Inside David Lynch’s bunker of a studio in Los Angeles, a small crowd of happy people gathered on a late summer morning to meditate and learn about the nature of consciousness. One of the greatest American filmmakers, television director, visual artist and musician is David Lynch. I’ve pulled some snippets here, but you should read the whole thing if you’re a Lynch fan!
You started on Eraserhead in ’72, and I understand that was a very fraught production early on.
I was going along OK, but looking back, I was filled with anger and took it out on my first wife and made her life miserable.
Accompanying the group is the gangly British comedian Russell Brand, whom Lynch introduced to TM three years ago, and who’s here to moderate the evening’s Q&A.

We will not share your email with anyone for any reasonThe collision of TM and celebrity is nothing new. Last year, Jerry Seinfeld appeared on Good Morning America to reveal he had been doing TM for nearly 40 years. The dozen or so young actors and musicians and others were recent initiates of Transcendental Meditation, a trademarked form of relaxation that involves sitting quietly and saying a mantra to yourself for 20 minutes twice a day. Lynch is an advocate of the use of Transcendental Meditation (TM) in bringing peace to the world. I had to do two buckets because two people challenged me, so I thought it should have some music to it. The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who developed the practice in India in the 1950s, taught the Beatles in 1967 and became a chat-show staple in the '70s, when he was nicknamed the “Giggling Guru.” Clint Eastwood, a TM convert since his Dirty Harry days, appeared with the Maharishi on The Merv Griffin Show, even walking out holding a flower. If I’d gone forward without the ability to transcend every day, I think the pressures of the business could’ve gotten me. Sean Macaulay talks to Lynch about the bliss of letting go.The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles this week hosted the West Coast premiere of Meditation, Creativity, Peace, a low-budget documentary that follows director David Lynch around on a tour of film schools in Europe and the Middle East. The 67-year-old director of Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive politely answers the odd question about his films, but mostly he talks about Transcendental Meditation.
But I can always take a little more.”The documentary opens with Lynch holding a jelly doughnut.

And this transcendental meditation has that active mind slow down.”Afterwards, in the green room, Lynch sits on a sofa and munches on a doughnut. But those gathered had been initiated as a gift of the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace. A tanned woman in a tight dress is getting him to record an introduction for a screening in Palm Beach. A news reporter is shoving a microphone inches from his nose and asks about “TM-ers.”I ask Lynch to draw a diagram to show the before and after of TM. Boom!”Lynch says he discovered the practice 40 years via his sister when he was struggling with anger and anxiety.
Repetition of your custom-tailored mantra moves the mind beyond self-consciousness and into pure consciousness, where one can connect with the eternal. Why is this?’ And David goes, ‘That’s because you love to masturbate!’”Lynch is quite happy to be the counterpoint to Brand’s naughty schoolboy antics.“Excuse me, David, I think I have a clever thing to say.
Can I say it?” Lynch nods indulgently as Brand launches into an epic, serpentine definition of the benefits of TM.“We’re making a little CD of this,” Lynch tells the audience.

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