While the nervous system operates autonomously, there is a tool we have at our disposal to effect it – the breath. For results of more than 40 clinical studies that measured breathing parameters in healthy people and people with diseases, see the Homepage of this site. Hatha yoga masters should have only 1 breath per minute pr even less during this yoga practice. Children who have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Autism Spectrum  Disorder (ASD) may already be experiencing “interference” or “overload” at the level of the nervous system and need help modulating moods, emotions and behavior.

The breath operates across both the sensory motor part of the nervous system and the autonomic nervous system.
There is a link to a webpage that provides quotes from most famous ancient yoga texts about breathing.
The child is not shaping his or her breath, just letting it do its own thing while you count. If the inhale is a higher count, that is an indication of sympathetic arousal – the stress response.

If the exhale is longer than inhale, that means the parasympathetic is running the show and the body is in a state of relaxation. In good health, our exhale will always be naturally longer than inhale unless we are doing something strenuous, exciting, stressful or scary.

Hatha yoga sun salutation sequence
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