When the workday is in full swing and your boss is starting to get on your nerves, take time to relax and let go of the stress that has been building up. The fine folks at Greatist have outlined six breathing exercises borrowed from yoga that you can do at your desk in just a few minutes. With one hand on the chest and the other on the belly, take a deep breath in through the nose, ensuring the diaphragm (not the chest) inflates with enough air to create a stretch in the lungs. I've found that the best way to destress by using breathing techniques is to use an ether soaked rag. Vodafone has today launched a new type of plan for prepaid customers -- with fully customisable plans available under a service called MyMix.
When most people look for a doctor, they try to find someone close to their home or work, covered by their private insurance and perhaps recommended by others. There are dozens of wonderful Mind Map examples around the World all helping to combat information overload and provide us with excellent learning opportunities. The Creative Intelligence Mind Map by Alan & Emily Burton displays a wonderful blend of artistic skill, colour and imagination. Compare reading the above all-be-it very useful list of some of the key elements of the Mind Map with viewing the Mind Map itself and instantly you can see the benefits of mindmapping! There are many great illustrations in this Mind Map yet even if you were to view it and imagine it with no images you can see the way the design cleverly flows and radiates outwards from the central image.
In my brief review of Adam Sicinski’s MasterMind Matrix I described the Matrix as Google Earth for the brain. The MasterMind Matrix is like a bigger picture overview of the human condition, from which many Mind Maps have been and are being created by Adam. The Brain Metaphor Mind Map by Luis Garcia makes a stunning use of colour, illustrations and also space. An interesting exercise to do here is to cover each side and view the other independently – it helps appreciate the way the Mind Map is constructed and also highlights how you actually feel when reading the different sides in the contrasting styles and colours. The Exercises for Relaxation Mind Map by Tony Buzan shows an excellent use of space and has a great central image. The Made to Stick Mind Map by Roy Grubb is an excellent example of the use of mindmapping software – I’ve included this in the list for two reasons.
The Mind Map is available for viewing in a variety of formats – visit the information tamers website to take a look in greater detail. Also pay a visit to the Topicscape Directory for more mindmapping examples – well over a 1,000 in fact! The Blueprint to Success Mind Map by Adam Sicinski is a brilliant example of using mindmapping to inspire and make positive change; this is a Mind Map that instantly brings you back to being on purpose. The Pursuit of Happiness Mind Map by Adam Sicinski is another great example of using mindmapping to share knowledge, inspire others and help make positive change. The Getting it Done Mind Map by Dan Porter & James Baylay is a highly artistic presentation of information. The Behaviour on Climates Mind Map by Jane Genovese combines excellent illustrations and stylish branches, capturing important points for combating climate change.
The Playing Made Easy Mind Map created by Margaret Brandman and drawn to her specifications by artist Jayne Shephard is a great example of using Mindmapping as a learning tool. Sitting in a desk chair and staring at a monitor all day do nothing good for your health or your stress levels. Awareness shows in your menu bar how long you've been working without a break and will chime hourly reminders to get away from your computer.
Staring at a monitor for any period of time, which many of us have to do for work, can be hard on your eyes. Since it's a website, you'll have to keep it open in a browser window for it to work, but it will chime audibly when it's time to take a break — and if you use the Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers it can also pop up notification messages. If you don't want to install an application on your computer but want a little more control than the Protect Your Vision website offers, Chrome and Firefox users can utilize browser addons to remind them of break time. We love StretchClock for Firefox, which not only reminds you to take breaks, but walks you through some stretching exercises to make the most of your down time (though if you want to go get a cup of coffee, that's okay, too).

Meditation may sound like a new age fad, but taking a few minutes away from whatever is stressing you out can really help clear your mind and leave you energized for the rest of your work day. While the app itself is free, you'll have to make an in-app purchase to unlock all of the options. Though these two apps from Meditation Oasis have slightly different names, they're the iOS and Android (respectively) versions of the same thing.
If you aren't convinced by guided meditations, Relax takes a more straightforward approach, encouraging you to focus on your breathing.
The app has no voiceover, just a visual and audible indication of when you should inhale and exhale. Exercise is a great natural stress-buster, so what better way to spend your break than by getting a little exercise?
This free app for iOS users offers a customizable exercise program that you can do right from your desk. This app for Android is just what it sounds like, offering you simple yoga poses you can do in your office. We love the app's thorough explanations of each pose, with photos, text instructions, audio and video instructions. The VAST majority of workers in the US today work in some sort of retail or other service-related job.
There are stretches that can be done behind a counter and mental exercises that can be practiced for when that customer (YOU know who you are!) comes in and treats us as if we don’t exist—or, worse, exist ONLY to serve YOU! Awareness for Windows does not show up in the list of installed programs in the Control Panel so I could not uninstall, nor did I see a way to turn it off!
Even if you can’t get away from your desk, some simple breathing exercises can go a long way towards making the rest of the day easier to deal with. One that particularly caught our eye was the Abdominal Breathing Technique, which can be especially useful in stressful situations. The goal: Six to 10 deep, slow breaths per minute for 10 minutes each day to experience immediate reductions to heart rate and blood pressure, McConnell says. Hold it over the face of the person who is creating the stress, they have to breathe it in eventually. With plans ranging from a 7-day to a 90-day expiry, anywhere from 500MB to 8GB of data (with bonus data included for those who sign up in May), Vodafone aims to provide a more flexible option for prepaid customers. I look for those things too, but what I really want -- and have learned is frustratingly difficult to find -- is a doctor who uses 21st century tools like, you know, email. The visual impact of Mind Maps can be striking in so many different and often unique ways, with diverse styles and formats working equally well. The examples below will help you to explore some exciting Mind Maps and see some excellent techniques being used. The Matrix is an exceptional piece of work and I feel it takes not only the Mind Map concept to a whole new level yet also our understanding of what it is like being human and where we can make improvements for a richer and fuller life. The hierarchal branch sizes radiating outwards and neatly printed lettering make the Mind Map very easy to read. Firstly because I didn’t want to solely represent hand-drawn mindmapping when there are also hundreds of extremely useful and well-presented examples of computer generated Mind Maps available to view across the internet. I like the way Adam has used just threes branches to present the information and the way he has used contrasting actions or feelings to highlight where our focus may be at any given time. Brilliant use of colour and images and this time presented as a striking Motivational poster with key codes, symbols and reading tips provided at the side to aid comprehension. Wonderful illustrations; each image area is like an individual cartoon (I love the light bulb aeroplane!) The occasional use of colour also works really well. The breaks in the branches are an effective way to introduce additional images and phrases and the use of light colours works extremely well. It can cause headaches, upset stomach, high blood pressure, chest pain, problems sleeping and exacerbate the effects of other illnesses.
Fortunately there's a simple way to combat this problem — remember to take regular breaks.

When you do take that break, no need to tell Awareness — it can tell when your computer is idle and will automatically reset its timer.
But taking regular breaks to do something with your eyes other than looking at a monitor can reduce eyestrain and the associated headaches and other problems you might encounter.
Their iOS and Android apps offer more of the same, but walks you through more meditation sessions and lets you further customize the length of your relaxation break. Both of these apps are free, though Meditation Oasis offers a number of apps with more meditations for $0.99 each. It may sound like you're doing nothing, but, trust us, doing nothing but breathing exercises for a few minutes can really calm you down. While you could go for a walk around the block or a trip up and down the stairs, there are plenty of ways to exercise right from your desk — these apps will walk you through some. Just pick the areas you want to work on, pick a time duration and Office Fitness will present the perfect workout. And don't worry: even if you've never done yoga before, these stretching exercises are very simple. This is a free workout pack for Daily Yoga - Yoga Fitness App (free in Google Play and iTunes). Browse to our picks for the funniest websites or try loading up your smartphone with books, videos, or podcasts that are sure to make you smile.
We spend the entire shift on our feet, lots of times in a particular space with limited movement. Fortunately I set a restore point, which didn’t even complete successfully but it appears to have rolled back to a point before Awareness. You, and the rest of the office, have a far more relaxed day and the stressor has a nice sleep.
The order is not of great significance as all of the Mind Maps are wonderful in their own way.
I like the contrast of the rigidness of the straight lines and formal feel of the paler illustrations against the flowing, colourful and highly creative side. The Mind Map also shows that using shades and tints, lights and darks, even with similar colours works really well. Secondly, because this Mind Map explores brilliantly a book called “Made to Stick” by Chip & Dan Heath and is a great example of taming information and presenting it to learn from and revisit.
The Behaviour on Climates Mind Map and other Mind Maps by Jane Genovese can be seen at Mind Map Art with links to other websites containing her work. The flowing branches add to the musical feel and the overall look of the Mind Map just makes you want to learn more.
However, we know just how easy it is to get caught up in work and forget, which is why there are apps to remind us.
Protect Your Vision is a simple website that reminds you to take a break and look away from your monitor regularly, and even recommends some gymnastics for your eyes.
Remind yourself to take breaks with a timer, your favorite reminder app, or just by keeping an eye on the clock. So you'll need to install Daily Yoga and then select the free Office Yoga to De-Stress pack for iOS or download it for Android devices. The character in the central image cleverly points to each side and there are nice overlap techniques bringing 3D to the Mind Map.
I also like the way a heading and overview has been added above the main body of the Mind Map.
The contained colours of the formal side help explode the colourful elements and make it extremely eye-catching.
But before you run off to quit your job, citing health concerns, you should know that there are easy things you can do to manage your stress levels at work — with the help of these handy apps.

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