Click on image above to download the package 160 MB (168,299,369 bytes). All tests are written in C (sources included), and compiled with latest Intel 12.1 and Microsoft 16 optimizers. Of course in order to obtain decent results stop all the concurrent processes before running the test. Table Note1: Corpus 'Gamera' statistics (given in bold) obtained with Leprechaun_x-leton revision 15. Table Note2: Corpus 'Gamera' ripped as one 34,273,505,280 bytes TAR file consisted of 562,504 TXT files. Table Note4: In Leprechaun_x-leton revision 15FIXFIX two bugs were fixed, downloadable at bottom of section 2, the entire table must be remade - the x-grams number is significantly bigger.
In next Leprechaun_x-leton revision 16 (respectively Graphein revision 3) dump of all slots (including b-trees) will be added thus enabling fast linear phrase-checking (against a given corpus) which is IOPS ONLY bound i.e. When using slowest drives (that is HDDs) it takes maximum 5 IOPS (packet 512-bytes) to find any x-gram i.e. Feature2: In this revision 128MB 1-way hash is used which results in 16,777,216 external B-Trees of order 3.
Feature4: If the external memory has latency 99+microseconds then !(look no further), IOPS(seek-time) rules.
The long-awaited (by me, he-he) Super-Leprechaun, pure 64bit addressing both as 32bit and 64bit code with adjustable hash table and MULTI-PASS MODE. For 5 billion 4-grams it needs less than 633GB (136bytes*5,000,000,000) 30microseconds seek-time external memory, though!

The nifty thing about MPM (Multi-Pass Mode): Allows to rip the whole electronic English on a simple PC (with HDD and 4GB RAM). All-in-all: IT is capable of ripping the whole electronic English at once while counting the repetitions of each x-gram.
Note3: Dumbino features sub-linear phrase-checking performance, regardless of corpus size (currently googlebooks-eng-us-all-4gram-20090715 140,222,335 4-grams). Click on image above to download the package _KAZE_OWL-package_huge_mix_of_1-grams.7z 198 MB (207,752,676 bytes). Note1: OWL is an open-source and free English spell-checker with ranking (not yet, currently a word-explorer only). Galadriel, an x-gram suggesteress using Wagner-Fischer Levenshtein Distance, revision 1+++, copyleft Sanmayce 2013-Jan-21.
Galadriel, an x-gram suggesteress using Wagner-Fischer Levenshtein Distance, revision 2-, copyleft Sanmayce 2013-Jan-25. As you can see from the dump above, only two threads are enough to outspeed 'grep', the data is cached though, for non-cached data it takes more threads.
That touched the soldier so deeply that he would have cried tin tears, only soldiers never cry. Just as things were going so nicely for them, one of the little boys snatched up the tin soldier and threw him into the stove. That touched the Tin-soldier, he was nearly going to shed tin-tears; but that would not have been fitting for a soldier. Fantabulous, 'he would have cried tin tears' not because he is not alive but because 'soldiers never cry'.

He felt a terrible heat, but whether it came from the flames or from his love he didn't know. He'd lost his splendid colors, maybe from his hard journey, maybe from grief, nobody can say. All his colour had disappeared; whether this had happened on his travels or whether it was the result of trouble, who can say? THE PRECIOUS POSSIBILITYJust as one can make many varied bouquets from a singlebig bunch of flowers, any mortal among the humans canmake many kinds of merit by doing various good deeds. CONQUEROREven after having defeated a million men,one is better off by conquering oneself..
Click on image above to view (or rather download for off-line browsing) a very long HTM page containing 'Married With Children' comedy saga phrase-checked. C) ZPAQ a 64bit multi-threaded [de]compressor, one of the strongest crunchers, written by Matt Mahoney. The first English 4-gram phrase-checker named Graphein (revision 2, powered by 800,000,000+ Gamera corpus 4-grams) is about to emerge anytime soon. This 14~GB package will allow (in two steps: copying the TXT file(s) into a specific folder and executing a desktop shortcut) auto-loading into NOTEPAD the resultant TXT file containing familiar and unfamiliar (to Gamera corpus) 4-grams.
An example follows in form of a PDF booklet (26 A4 pages):'Crisis' Does NOT Equal 'Danger' Plus 'Opportunity' by Victor H.

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