Here is a short video I made last year of Ajahn Suthep demonstrating the practice of Dynamic Meditation.
Please note that if you are in Malaysia or the Penang area, that Ajahn will be spending the Rains Retreat this year at Bodhi Hearts Sanctuary, from where you can find out more about his schedule.
Once you have chosen a career, meditation can help you improve your mental clarity and focus, so that you can obtain a job in the field you desire.
Natural Dharma Fellowship is a Buddhist community that supports the cultivation of contemplative and ethical practices for a better world. September 2015 marked Wonderwell Mountain Refuge’s fourth year as a Buddhist retreat center dedicated to the transmission of the Budddhadharma to the West. Stewarding Wonderwell Mountain Refuge for the last four years has been a great privilege. For more information and more ways to give, visit the Wonderwell: The Next Hundred Years page. We recognize that all people hold unexamined beliefs, assumptions, fears and prejudices about others, and especially those who seem different from themselves. What is your current job title and organization, and what excites you the most about working there?
As the Founding President and Medical Director of the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (ARPF), what excites me leading the way in cutting edge research on the beneficial, anti-aging effects of yoga and meditation on cellular health, brain function and, specifically, memory.

What is one important thing you are working on now, and where can people learn more about it? Perhaps the most promising area we fund and study is about the effects on brain and memory of a simple 12 minute yoga meditation called Kirtan Kriya.
I expect the Summit to continue providing leadership and inspiration cutting across many traditional silos,  helping discuss and advance the many approaches that are becoming available to promote brain longevity.
As seen in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and more, SharpBrains is an independent market research firm tracking applied brain science. It was made at my previous temple’s 120th anniversary celebration last August when Ajahn gave a Dhamma seminar and one-day retreat session.
We believe that the inner development of compassion and wisdom facilitates authentic transformation in our workplace, family, relationships, community and society as a whole. Dharma Field provides a quiet place for meditation in an environment free of cultural trappings, fetters, and distraction.
What motivated me was my lifelong interest in holistic medicine and my 35 years of practice and study of stress, meditation, and memory. Currently we have studies looking at how this meditation may efficiently improve capacity and slow the progression of Mild Cognitive Impairment into Alzheimer’s Disease.

Our non-profit organization, founded by Lama Willa Miller, supports a robust transmission of traditional Buddhist lineage teachings and also encourages an active and ongoing integration of these teachings into the many contexts of modern life.
In keeping with our commitment to environmental sustainability, we are committing to making these changes in a way that substantially improves the energy use in the building. We welcome people of all races, cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, classes, religions, abilities and ages.
Our programs—including retreats for activists, caregivers, educators, writers, artists, couples, and families—take place primarily (but not exclusively) at our retreat center Wonderwell Mountain Refuge in the mountains and lakes regions of New Hampshire, USA. We are committed to providing a safe place for all people to explore the dharma and awaken to their true nature.
It has been revealed that meditation not only has multiple positive effects on your brain and help reverse memory loss but is also the fastest and deepest way to create psychological and spiritual well-being, a critically important feature of healthy brain aging. He translates some of the most voluminous of the Mahayana works, but eventually his health deteriorates and he passes away.

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