Rumors about a Diablo III secret level began even before the game itself was announced, with fans frequently speculating about what sort of Secret Cow Level we might see next time.
Fans digging into the game files included in the Diablo III beta client found numerous references to secret levels and hidden content. There are also numerous horse-related codewords in the Diablo III game info.[1] Several NPCs (including Tyrael) most of the big bosses (including all of the act bosses), and various related items and areas bear horse-releated codenames, to preserve their secrecy.
The following are the code names for various events in the game, as they appear in the game files.
It's possible that these units are a reference to the My Little Pony Friendship is magic characters Twilight Sparkle and Rarity.
Rainbow Western may also be a reference to Rainbow Dash and Applejack (she's the pony equivalent of a cowboy). The "too colorful" argument went on for some time, but had largely faded away by Blizzcon 2008, in October, four months after the game's debut. Fans found these t-shirts hilarious, and instantly incorporated the artwork into hugely popular wallpapers, brilliant animations, fake screenshots, t-shirt sales, and much more.
The next instance of official support for rainbows and unicorns in Diablo III came in early 2009, when Bashiok got to joking with some fans in a forum thread, and quickly produced this photoshopped screenshot.
Wirts Bell: This is easily obtained by purchasing it from a merchant in the city in Act II. None of this joking means there will be any sort of secret level in Diablo III, and it certainly doesn't mean that there will be a secret level with rainbows and happy unicorns, etc. Don't think that just because they look soft and cuddly that this is going to be a walk in the park because it isn't! In previous versions of Diablo, secret cow levels were unearthed and gamers would go there to play frequently as these areas were deemed to be extremely profitable. But, gamer Tony Sanders has recently unearthed the perfect way to get there as well as how to get the best items while being there. Well, it's not as hard as it sounds but the only catch is that players will need to get through to all that after they get a series of items in Acts 1 to 4. Upon collecting all the five items and plan, head to the Blacksmith and build the Staff of Herding.
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Tony Sanders is the author of Diablo Gold Secrets, a guide not just packed with great techniques in mastering the auction houses in Diablo 3 but also comes with a bonus power leveling 1-60 guide for all 5 classes as well.

Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Based on the rest of the post, it appears Blizzard has created portals that transport you to a secret cow level, as made famous in Diablo 2.
Whether or not Diablo 3's anniversary cow level will reward you with tons of experience and bountiful loot remains to be seen, but you have until May 21st to find out. It's unknown if the D3 Team had anything in mind in the early days, but shortly after Diablo III's debut, the art controversy kicked up, resulted in various there are no rainbows in D3! AS with all data mined information, it's not known if the following will be in the game in any form. In this series the unicorns Twilight and Rarity represent the elements of magic and generosity, respectively. The little ponies also have a fondness for cupcakes, and in the beta emulator, an alternate model for health globes was discovered. There is no other evidence of a cow level besides teasing or hinting from development staff that may not lead to anything at all, and surely not substantial enough to warrant noting in a wiki. The D3 Team saw that the controversy wasn't entirely forgotten, by wearing custom made baby-blue Diablo III t-shirts featuring happy unicorns, clouds, rainbows, and more. Namely the Happy Unicorn Land as dubbed by the My Little Pony community or Whimsyshire, where all your dreams come true. At this point the fans and designers are just having fun with this ridiculous concept, and amusing themselves by throwing the images and jokes back and forth. Whimsyshire is a whole new hidden chapter and it's been finally discovered and explained in detail how to get there by gaming guru Tony Sanders. Next, hang on to that object and head to Old Tristam Road to find the Cow King's Ghost.
It feels like just yesterday I was greeted with Error 37 when attempting to login for the first time. This activity cud be potentially hazardous to your health and, in the opinion of this humble civil servant, is a veally bad idea in general. For those unfamiliar, in Diablo 2, players could enter this secret level from a portal created by combining Wirt's Leg and a Tome of Town Portal in the Horadric Cube while standing in the Rogue Encampment. Unfortunately, the secret cow level is only accessible in the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions. Thus there are dozens of equine-themed code names in the game code, only some of which actually refer to the secret level.

It is filled with Carebears, Unicorns, and flowers all trying to kill you, albet in a terribly amusing way. When saving Zaven from the vultures, he will open the Mysterious Chest in the Mysterious Cave.
There is a red glow to it and after a short conversation with the ghost, the red will turn to a rainbow color and players will be able to access the dungeon. So don't think that just because the enemy look soft and cuddly that this is going to be a walk in the park because it isn't! The cow level posed great difficulty as the small area was packed with Hell Bovines, bipedal cattle with polearms, led by the all-powerful Cow King (which if killed would prevent you from ever creating another portal to the Secret Cow Level again). To get to this place you need to construct the staff of herding, which is crafted by the blacksmith. This is sold for 100,000 gold (find it in the potions and dyes tab) from Squird the Merchant in Caledrum Bazaar. Because the monsters are random, exit the caverns and start again if a player does not come across them.
But as long as you kept him alive, the promise of a secret cow level with great rewards was always available. The first thing you need is the recipe for the staff, which is easiest attained by killing Izual the betrayer in Act IV.
Et mA?me je dirais que A§a faisait longtemps qu autre style de jeu ( str) ne m avait pas autant plus. There are numerous ingredients you need in order to craft the staff and a 50000 crafting fee. He will express his satisfaction that you bought the item and proceed to tell you that there is in fact, no cow level. The "quest" can be repeated unlimited times after crafting the staff in contrary to the secret cow level in Diablo 2.

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