Now, we're left with a house in the Hills complete with Spa and Observatory inhabited by the Hollywood elite such as the bat weilding ex-football player and software billionaire fond of dumbells.
Kasandra Scarlet: She is at the center of every social event and is the hottest star on the movie scene. Diane White: Living in the shadow of her childhood acting fame she is constantly reminding others of her past success, White has found it difficult to move on.
Eleanor Peacock: Coming from a wealthy family of politicians, she's known to raise money for any cause as long as she is in the spotlight. Victor Plum: A self-made video-game design billionaire, that moved out of the dingy basement and into a life of luxury. Kasandra Scarlet: Once per game, you may look at a card that one player has just shown another player. Eleanor Peacock: Once per game, you may randomly pick a card to look at from someone you just showed a card to. For some reason, the game cards only list the suspects by their colored last name which is strange given that they have fleshed out their bios in the instruction manual (which is cleverly designed to look like a gossip magazine). The weapon cards are just plain ugly and uninspired showing the playing pieces instead of an artistic depiction.
Each character is also given a special ability card which can be used once during the game. The prototype box image to the left began circulating in advance of the Discover the Secrets game release.
While the actual version of the box looks more refined, this concept would have given the other suspects more of a "co-star" status instead of focusing so much on the Scarlet character which has become a bit cliche. This edition has been called Clue Reinvention, although the official title is Clue, Discover the Secrets.

Green is the man on the scene with all the ins; although nobody is really sure how gets it all done. She appears calm, cool and collected at all times - ordering her assistants to do her dirty work. Her biggest fear is that the press will uncover the shady things she did to claw her way to the top. But keep in mind, nothing comes for free and you can be sure that someday you'll get a call from him cashing in on all those favors. For some reason, there wrench and lead pipe disappear to be replaced by the poison, trophy, bat, ax and dumbbell. EVERY room (and this means sans Lounge, Ballroom, Conservatory, Billiard Room Library and Study) of is shown in some sort of untidy state making the whole place look ugly. Scarlet and Mustard have moved, putting Mustard closer to the formerly hard to reach kitchen. Other ways to get an intrigue card would be to roll the "?" on the second die (it replaces a number one).
Extra cards are placed at the swimming pool and when a player visits that room, he or she can look at "any or all" of them. Forgetting to put your napkin on your lap at one her of dinner parties could be a "deadly" mistake.
If the premise of this game is that these people are all at a Hollywood party, WHY is HE there? This would have been a great idea if they'd kept all the players an equal distance from doors. Lastly, (and this is actually a good idea) if a player's character is called into a room for a "rumor" (the game's clever name for a suggestion), the player may choose to draw a card.

They didn't, however, and some characters have an advantage in getting to their first room faster. The swimming pool is also the location each player must race to when ready to make an accusation. The drawings are remininscent of the notepad design used in the game - hasty clues drawn at the spur of the moment. The absolute worst part about the board, however, is that the house isn't completely contained within the board. Keeper cards allow players to perform a special function such as snoop at another player's card.
The hallways and some rooms appear to trail off the end of the board as if they were to continue without us. Perhaps these were the original concepts for the weapon cards which, unfortunately, became the images of the metal playing pieces in the end. Though her bio is a bit silly and her hair keeps changing in the pictures, Peacock brings forth the proper manners she's known for in other edtions and is even from a wealthy political family - a nod to the movie, perhaps. Overall, the suspects still retain a hint of their former selves, but in a terribly unbelievable way. But seriously, this helps eliminate the earlier players' advantage when it comes to accusations because previously, they could accuse on the same turn as a suggestion.

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