Con la n uova versione di Dolphin sono stati risolti svariati problemi come quello legato al pinch to zoom, funzionalita che non poteva essere sfruttata sul nuovo sistema operativo o almeno fino ad ora. Ci sarebbe anche una quarta opzione, ossia quella di scaricare l’Apk, trasferirlo sul dispositivo via USB o Wifi ed installarlo con un manager.
Attualmente su Android esistono numerosi browser come su PC del resto,  alcuni di essi richiedono almeno la versione ICS di Android come Chrome, altri invece sono utilizzabili anche su Gingerbread ma considerato l’avvento di Kit Kat, tutti o quasi si sono aggiornati o per meglio dire ottimizzati. Dolphin Browser is a free to use web surfing app that you can use for its many advanced features on Android devices.
Dolphin Browser is a web browser created for Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.
The app is very customizable and you're able to change wallpapers of the app and also the theme. It's easy to download Mp3 files to your Android tablet and smartphone, with this handy app. Performance and speed improvements are also notable even if you run the Jetpack add-on on some sites.
Downloads have been given special attention with a new preference in Settings > Downloads.
You can now choose how to open links using Dolphin Express browser or a third party app like Google Maps. As usual with every release of Dolphin browser there are plenty of bug fixes and small improvements with huge impact. Android devices have their own default browser “Internet”, which is no doubt a good browser and many Android users use them for their regular surfing and downloading.
The developers of these browsers keep updating and adding new features in their browsers to attract more and more users.
Dolphin Browser, with over 80,000,000 downloads, is a lightning fast speed browser and makes the browsing very easy.
The average rating of UC Browser on Google Play Store is 4.5 out of 5 with 153,549 “5-Star” ratings. This official Mozilla Firefox web browser is fast, smart, easy to use and customizable with better and latest security and privacy features.

The average rating of Firefox Browser on Google Play Store is 4.4 out of with 297,606 “5-Star” ratings.
Send Pages between your Chrome Desktop browser and Chrome Smartphone browser, even when offline. Maxthon, with over 600 million downloads web browser is a smart, fast and secure browser which is easy to use and provide very fast downloading speed.  The reason behind the fast speed of this browser is that it uses least amount of CPU resources.
Another Fast, Smart and Advance browser is One Browser which offers fast download speed and most effective file manager. So these were 8 best Android browser apps you can use instead of the default browser of your Android device. Dolphin Browser is faster than ever and now supports three new search engine options: DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Yahoo JP. Now supports additional search engine options (Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo JP) for different countries. Auto-enlarging of main content of an article or blog so you don’t have to enlarge it manually. It has many advanced features that users will like and all of them are provided for free to use.
When you get a Dolphin account, you'll be able to sync all your personal data between devices and have a non-stop web experience. The new version of the browser will warn for any websites using SSL 3.0 as the underlying protocol for secure communication.
A small fix for improved usability and convenience when reading news or watching videos on smaller sized Android smartphones. Like the fix for download failure on some sites, translation errors, music playing in the background when voice search is activated and more. But this default browser has some drawbacks like no turbo mode, no add-ons support and many more. They target on providing best browsing experience to their users by making every possible positive change in their browsers. You can browse the way you want with a personalized home screen, voice control, gesture control, customizable settings and sharing features.

You can adjust the configurations the way you want under different network connections to decrease the data costs and for fast page loading.
Quick start-up and less page loading time helps you to browse faster and you can customize it with various add-ons like password manager, ad-blocker etc.
It provides accelerated page loading, scrolling and zooming and also fast switching between various tabs. The developers claim that their Maxthon browser will not drain the mobile’s battery as fast as other browsers. Under all, but especially under 2G networks, it compresses the pictures and website optimization with 85% saving of traffic. He is the co-founder of How-To tech blog Ask Your How and also rapping comes in his passion.
Interface of the app is very easy to understand and it is even more advanced than browsers of many major companies. There are many applications created for Dolphin Browser and all of them add new features to the app. The browser has even more features if you select the in-app buying option like voice commands and internet surfing.
These drawbacks resist us from using this “Internet” browser and inspire us to use any other third-party software. So there is no surprise that most of the android users use any third-party browsers instead of the default browser “Internet”. There are a lot of third-party web browsers available on Google Play Store, which provide us many amazing and advance features for better browsing and control on different configurations and downloading.

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