In February, country singer Mindy McCready -- who had appeared on the VH1 reality show in 2009 -- committed suicide after a long battle with substance abuse and other personal demons. According to The Prostate Cancer Foundation, 1-in-6 men are afflicted with prostate cancer at some point. I’m sure if I was a man and had prostate cancer, the questions whizzing through my mind would be exactly the questions Dr.
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Drew Pinsky revealed to People he secretly underwent treatment for prostate cancer last July. Drew explained symptoms of his cancer were innocuous at first: He fell violently ill soon after returning home from a vacation and went to the hospital.

Drew and wife Susan Sailer Pinsky at a Stand Up To Cancer event in 2010, one year before he was diagnosed.
Drew will explain his experience to another famous doctor on Wednesday’s episode of Dr. If I have an ailment of some sort, it’s comforting to me to hear others have dealt with it and it gets better and everything gets back to normal. Farrah has since responded to the controversy with comments that will more than likely just add fuel to the fire. Drew Pinsky is a board certified internist and assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at USC, but most of us know him better as radio and cable television’s most tireless ambulance chaser.
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It’s support that is needed in times of uncertainty, especially support from someone who has gone through it.
Drew talks about his prostate cancer and how he fought it on his show tonight.Post to FacebookDr. If I were a man who had it, these things, although not as important as beating cancer, would still cross my mind. By him saying this, a lot of people can find relief in knowing that things can go back to normal.

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