Currently Saudi Arabia is haemorrhaging its vast wealth reserves to plug the gaping holes in its budget, defend its currency and wage war in Yemen. To shake up economic policy, the kingdom has recruited a veritable army of Western consultants, assumed to number in the hundreds. The biggest shocker though is that the government is thinking of opening Aramco up to public investors and use the funds to launch what would be by far the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund. Second, some 90 per cent of Saudis have cushy, well-paying jobs with the state and there is a very fierce ingrained cultural resistance to private sector jobs. Likewise, the Saudis have spent lavishly in exporting their unique brand of ideology to poorer Muslim nations. 1) Pakistan is a disguised petro-economy, afloat on the $ 15 Billion a year Pakistani workers from the Gulf send home. 2) Most of the rest of the world looks like Saudi Arabia because they have all become commodity, raw material, machinery, luxury automobile and high end electronic supplier to China.
The Dramatic Decade The Dramatic Decade focuses on one of the most fascinating periods in the life of this nation, the decade of the 1970s. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. This is aA list of global startups that are "disrupting their respective industries and poised to be household names in the coming years," as Dell describes them.
So while we are sewing, Cristy starts gluing all these flying geese and curvy pieces together. Last year, the kingdom reported a record high budget deficit of about 21 per cent of GDP (almost a $100 billion) – a stunning amount considering that it was merely three per cent of GDP the year before. Last year, the government halted new development projects, froze new job appointments and promotions, and stopped purchasing new furniture and vehicles. Aramco is the national company, which manages the kingdom’s vast oil reserves, rumoured to be worth trillions of dollars, and widely considered the world’s most valuable company. Saudi money has been instrumental in propping up dictatorships in the region, including in Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco, etc.
Foreign-funded madrassas and mosques are so entrenched in the Pakistani landscape now that we are hard pressed to appreciate the tremendous financial muscle behind them.
When woes of China are remedied , China may not be willing to remedy Pakistan’s woes. Money which Pakistan has largely wasted in maintaining its gigantic armed forces and vanity projects.
Only the most awesome cookie ever.  Those moments in life, when you know things will never be the same. Oil producers are trying to cobble together a deal to freeze output at current (already excessively high) production levels but it seems highly unlikely to materialise. In February, Standard & Poor downgraded Saudi Arabia’s credit rating for the second time in four months, down by two notches this time. It now intends to reduce investment spending on transport and infrastructure by 63 per cent. At 261 billion barrels, Aramco has the world’s largest known oil reserves, about 10 times more than Exxon Mobil. Egypt is particularly worried because its economy is a mess and it has almost exhausted the $12 billion bailout it received from Saudi Arabia last year. As per Wikileaks an estimated $100 million is dispatched to religious clerics in Pakistan alone every year, presumably with direct support of the Saudi government. Chinese said they will.invest but why would anyone one invest in a country that will give zero returns???
Pakistanis are going to come back from the Gulf to live on their savings but will instead find that the government has already spent the funds. The nation displayed her commitment to liberty by extending full support to East Pakistan’s struggle for independence.

To anyone who’s been following the news, it isn’t surprising that the recent Doha meeting was a bust. A special department has been set up in the finance ministry, tasked with keeping government spending within targets.
It is, therefore, not surprising that since the 1970, Saudi Arabia has issued at least 10 development plans, each emphasising economic diversification, and there is still zero progress on this front. Well, we could certainly do without the financial stranglehold the Saudis have on our religious institutions and madrassa system.
Later, between 1975 and 1977, during the Emergency, she found herself grappling with the limits of personal expression. But I didn't have a thing in my mind that told me when to stop eating.A 'There's something of a chunky gene in the Spall side of the family. And meanwhile dramatic changes are underway in Saudi Arabia, the architect of this whole game, which could fundamentally transform the Middle East.
And by firmly hitching our wagon to China, our economy is no longer critically reliant on Saudi Arabia. Finally, in 1977, India saw the emergence of the politics of coalition, with the Janata Party an amalgam of Indian parties opposed to the Emergency, comprising the Congress (O), the Bharatiya Lok Dal, the Jana Sangh and the Socialists, coming to power. Known to most of the world as Houston rapper Paul Wall, Slayton set aside fame to make a decision that would best benefit his life and family. At current prices, it has a three to five year window before it burns through its savings and goes broke.
But the Chinese are facing a mighty economic reckoning of their own at the moment and all bets are off. For a country like Saudi Arabia, which literally keeps its citizenry in line with handouts and perks, this kind of downsizing has truly dramatic implications.
It is only a matter of time before bread becomes too expensive and the spectre of the dreaded Arab Spring rises again. This was the decade when Pranab Mukherjee committed himself to the role of a political activist. One excutive estimates that of the 10 million foreign workforce, one million workers may be sent home over the year, and – much more shocking – next year, Saudi workers themselves may start getting laid off. Apart from major privatisation and de-subsidisation, the government is also planning heavy diversification away from oil into industries like ship-building, IT and tourism. As one of the keenest observers of and participants in this dramatic decade, Pranab Mukherjee’s insights are invaluable.
This sounds like a great idea but it falls flat against the fundamental limits of Saudi cultural conservatism. The lap band is popular right now, the gastric sleeve [Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy or VSG] where you lose a little more weight and the gastric bypass, which is the most severe, for people who are severely overweight and people with serious heart conditions or diabetes.With [bypass]surgery, they make you your own stomach but it’s the size of your thumb so you lose weight real quick, that causes sagging skin. For instance, recounting the urgent appeal for Indira Gandhi’s midterm resignation, he asks which democracy in the world would permit a change of a popularly and freely elected government through means other than a popular election. That surgery is reversible, where you can go back to normal and change your stomach back to normal, but a lot of the times people gain the weight back.With the lap band, they put a plastic band around your stomach which squeezes it to make you fuller. Women can’t drive, fundamentally limiting their opportunities to contribute to the economy – not to mention the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars spent on foreign chauffeurs to drive them around. Can parties beaten at the hosting replace a popularly elected government by sheer agitation? Also, the workplace requirements are unique – it remains to be seen how gender segregation in offices can work on a large scale. Was it not prudent for those who were determined to change the government to wait till the elections which were but round the corner? Does the rule of law mean that the remedies available to the common man are to be denied to someone holding an elected office? With that the doctor told me you lose 50 percent of how much you’re overweight and I was 320 pounds, which was 120 pounds overweight for my height.

How could anybody replace her when the overwhelming majority of Congress MPs with a two thirds majority in the Lok Sabha resolved that Indira Gandhi should continue as the party’s leader in Parliament and thereby as the Prime Minister of India? Your stomach cant stretch anymore, you won’t over-eat and you’re really full, but it’s slower and your skin doesn’t sag.
I’ve lost 100 pounds, and it’s been slow.Some people might say you’re still young enough that you could just eat different and go to the gym. What do you say to that?Paul Wall: Only skinny people with a whole bunch of muscles tell me that.
The years of drinking syrup and taking Vicodin and Xanax, and trying to make up for it by taking diet pills really messed up my metabolism.I tried to stop drinking syrup and taking pills, I was running five miles a day, eating baked fish with no seasoning and salad with no dressing and cheese and drinking just water. I tried every diet out there and it didn’t work.After two months of doing that, I only lost three pounds. I used to eat a whole pizza or 50 wings by myself, and now I was full off of two sips of broth. Then after seven days I could eat mashed potatoes, and after two weeks I could eat steamed vegetables, then after that you eat whatever makes you feel good.One thing they teach you is not to eat and drink at the same time, I’m used to eating a big meal and washing it down with something. If I want to drink iced tea, coffee or soda, I’m drinking it 20 to 30 minutes before I eat or after, you have to give your food time to digest.
You have to chew your food really well and take small bites from small portions.Now my eyes are literally way bigger than my stomach. Once I got to the final stage where I could eat whatever I wanted, meat and dairy made me feel queasy for a while. But now I’ll have half a slice of pizza instead of a whole lot, and people that know me know I used to be like a human garbage disposal. I joke around like, “I’m not the fat one anymore, which one of you are the fat one?” and they’ll try to eat right and work out as well. Right after the surgery, since you aren’t eating as much meat and protein you don’t have as much energy. Everything from Tex-Mex to the barbecue and Cajun food is so good and a drug in itself, being addicted to eating. When you have such good food around you, the temptation is there to eat and over-eat, now that I can’t over-eat even if I wanted to, it kind of controls it for me.
I don’t really get hungry because the hormones don’t make me hungry, but after a couple of bites I’m full. In Hip Hop people are so concerned with their image, street credibility and fake bullsh*t like that. I think people are afraid to take their image and admit that they have something done like this, or that they need this. I needed it done, it saved my life and there’s no shame in that.Besides that, I wanted to look and feel good, and people are so afraid to admit that that they would avoid getting it. It’s one thing if you get a surgery to save your life and another thing if you get a nose job, and even I’m not one to judge anybody, but I think it’s a little different.Part of the reason I got the surgery I did is [because]it’s not reversible. Being addicted to sipping syrup for over 10 years, anytime I stopped it was to lose weight, and then I’d start again.
The last time I stopped I realized it was my life I was playing with, the syrup wasn’t killing me but it enabled my food addiction.
People don’t go breaking into people’s houses and pawning TVs to sip syrup, but it’s a real drug addiction, especially in Houston. Part of it is, health-wise, you have to find something that’s going to motivate you and surround yourself with people who want that for you.

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