To make the journey into The Power of Now we will need to leave our analytical mind and it's false created self, the ego, behind. Beggars are those who do not find truth and joy inside; they may be rich financially yet beggars for emotions. The concept of ‘Being’ can be felt as a real experience, not just understood as a theory or idea in the mind. Many people falsely think that they would ‘cease to exist’ if they stopped thinking for a moment.
Emotions are reflections coming from the body to the mind; they are a kind of a mind within the body. All cravings and needs are the result of the mind looking for external fulfilment, as a substitute for the lost true joy of Being.
People tend to aggressively defend their points of views, because they identify themselves with their mind. People are not their possessions, jobs, education, personal and family history, beliefs, or religions they hold. When our minds stop in emergency situations, we enter the Now, and something powerful takes over us. When we need to react to something in normal situations, we tend to react based on past conditioning. The deeper-self derives its essence from the Being, not from the external world or other people.
If you are drawn to an enlighten teacher, it is because there is already enough presence in you to recognize the presence in others. Share a Reflection Your name * E-mail * The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Mais comment atteindre ces instants d’experience d’apogee, ces moments forts de la vie ou l’on se retrouve projetes avec joie au-dela des confins de la vie concrete et ordinaire, ces moments ou nous revenons chez nous ? Il est si rare que nous reposions dans la profondeur oceanique de l’ici-maintenant. Comment depasser le niveau de conscience de la majorite inconsciente qui avale sans se questionner les conditionnements qui lui ont ete laisses en heritage et franchir les frontieres limitees du simple mental pour atteindre cet etat d’absence d’ego, que l’on nomme communement l’etat d’eveil ?
En fin de compte, il n’y aurait qu’un seul probleme : le mental prisonnier des mailles du temps.
Traduit en 33 langues, Le Pouvoir du moment present est devenu un best-seller par le simple bouche-a-oreille. Okay, here are my top 10 favorite quotes from Eckhart Tolle from his book The Power Of Now.
As you see, I like to share something funny in my blog and those are things that I really like and interested in.
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From the beginning of the first chapter we move rapidly into a significantly higher altitude where one breathes a lighter air, the air of the spiritual. Those who look outside for ‘scraps’ of pleasure, do not realise that joy lies in their heart. Once people come to dis-identify themselves from the mind, they then can express their feelings and views without a need to defend them. We are not just a bundle of conditioned reflexes; rather we have powers that we can learn to use. With the surrender and acceptance, your unhappy-self that loves feeling miserable and sorry for itself will no longer survive. Individuals die quickly, yet when we realize we are all One, we grasp the essence of God experiencing itself in all forms. Do not assume that the light is outside you, and that it can come through external forms or people. Eckhart Tolle is a philosopher, speaker and best selling author best know for his books The Power of Now and A Brave New World. To end the misery that has afflicted the human condition for thousands of years, you have to start with yourself and take responsibility for you inner state at any given moment. Alors que le temps, lui, ne connait aucune pression de la sorte, car il sait qu’il n’existe pas… Sans doute qu’en se debarrassant de leur pollution interieure, les humains cesseront-ils egalement de polluer le monde. Or A Business In Spirituality?How To Manifest Money On Autopilot And Money Keep Flowing In Even You Are Sleeping?How To Develop Self Awareness By Increase Awareness On Your Own Body? Although the journey is challenging, we have simple language and a question and answer format to guide us. Yet, if there would be no people at all on planet Earth, would the world still have concepts of past and future?
What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already is? Sachez aussi que ce premier ouvrage d’Eckhart Tolle (2000) a le pouvoir de metamorphoser une vie par une experience unique. Un voyage philosophique et sensoriel qui triomphe de nous-meme, la ou la psychologie contemporaine et ses concepts nous perdent trop souvent en chemin. Drop the negativity, because actions that arise from insight are much more effective than actions arising out of negativity.
He also explicates his view of what he calls "the pain body" — the accumulated emotional pain that may influence us and our relationships in negative ways. It forces them into the Now, where they can feel free of time, free of any problems, free of thinking and even free of personality. Teresa used Eckhart Tolle book " The Power of Now" as one resource in help me to not live in the past. If stranger is talking to me about something that happened them, I ask them question for them to think about.
Not giving advice, just asking question make people think about an answer.Example If someone is mad at someone else, ask them to tell you what they would say if that person what right in front of them NOW. Expressing their anger about them to you sometimes helps by getting it out in the open so it can be released.Things like that are important to all.
It is better for everyone to take on a "Little" anger then to have it dwell inside of a person. A spiritual grazer of sorts, I'd consider everything offered, help myself to what nourished me, then move along. While the Buddhist teachings have always held the strongest draw for me, as with many other spiritual traditions I've explored, I would always reach the point in my practice where I felt mired in what felt like unnecessary complexity. Either that or it would become apparent to me that the teacher had not sufficiently overcome egoic issues to aptly guide me in overcoming my own.
That's why I still have to laugh when I consider that the purest spiritual truth I've ever discovered came to me by way of a talk show host, a mega pop culture icon named Oprah. And it happened at a time in my life where the urge to move forward in my search was particularly intense. I don't recall how I ended up on the Oprah Web site that day -- I believe I was researching a story I was working on (I'm a writer and editor) and found myself staring at an advertisement for something called "A New Earth." So, Oprah is pushing environmentalism, I thought. From the moment I first read and subsequently heard Eckhart Tolle's teachings, I experienced something I thought I'd either never experience or would eventually experience years down the road -- core spiritual truths stripped down to their simplest form, conveyed in simple language, offered freely -- no allegiance required; no "God club" to join. I've experienced more peace, more joy, more acceptance in my life through the miracle of a few simple, conscious breaths, than through all the complicated yoga poses, costly retreats, time-consuming meditation efforts and church services I've ever attempted. Through the recognition of myself as witness to my mind, I've found that what I was seeking so desperately was something I've always known but forgotten.
Though I sense that even Tolle's teachings can never reach the full depths of spiritual truth, this is the best damn launching toward it that I've ever experienced. My belief about my true purpose has shifted and after long years of wandering and wondering, I am here now.
And that happened in the blink of an eye, really -- the moment the truth of what Tolle said revealed itself to me, that was it. I realized recently that since that shift occurred, I have not been physically ill for a single minute. The financial problems, work problems, relationship problems that once filled my mind and drove me to near madness -- well, they just aren't there anymore.
Nothing changed outwardly -- I still earn the same paycheck, work the same job, have the same partner.
I have quit resisting my life and through acceptance of what is, have discovered satisfaction and peace in all aspects of my life, including the very ones I fought tooth and nail to remove myself from just months earlier.
I'm noticing the wonderfully rich natural environment around me and seem to have more time than ever to spend in the peace and beauty of nature, often sharing it with my precious grandson -- that's a far cry from the frantic, frazzled "Granny" he had just months ago!The most profound spiritual truth wasn't something far away, afterall, something unattainable, hidden or available to just a privileged few.

I just needed to hear the softly spoken, well chosen, simple words of Tolle to point the way to myself through presence.
With his guidance, I have found the truth right here in my own being.My Christian upbringing taught me that there was a God who lived outside of me and judged me constantly. It wasn't until I read "The Power of Now" that I finally was able to drop all concepts of an external god, immediately recognizing the truth in what Eckhart was saying.While reading his book, I was experiencing intense suffering in a dark and difficult relationship.
Even though I knew of my inner divinity, my strong egoic conditioning fought hard against that realization, until I finally surrendered to Life. Although the relationship eventually dissolved, I realized that I had lost nothing, because nothing could destroy the love that is inside of me. This painful situation, along with Eckhart's teachings, awakened me to "ananda" - divine bliss.I now know that Life, as it unfolds each minute, is perfect. In the sanctuary of this presence, in my own being, I find release from all fear, release from the need to control life, and support that helps me not to react even when my conditioned mind says I have every reason to react.My practice is minute by minute, waking up out of my thoughts again and again, whenever I remember, and letting go of judging how well I do that.
I let it go now, not exactly by DECIDING to let it go,, but by simply dropping all of my thoughts and coming into presence.
His ideas touched me then, but I was not yet ready to pursue his teachings.Apparently, this past year my own journey has brought me to readiness.
It has been difficult to quiet the voices in my head, but my I am able to notice visceral feelings that tell me to stop and take time to be witness to my ego.
I am grateful for that gift.I attend an ongoing discussion group and read and reread chapters of the book and occasionally watch the podcasts. I finally looked for it at our local library and found the Power of Now on cassette tape and checked it out. I was immediately taken with the message in the work and started talking with others about it.
I have read a lot of books over the years and been impressed with their messages, but never so much as with this work.
Since that time, I have collected most of Eckhart's books on CD and listened to them over and over. The major message in the work is that stepping back from the unobserved thinking mind, which he calls the ego, will allow the real you, consciousness itself, to have control of your life. It does dissolve conflict, it does bring peace to the moment, and it does eliminate the normal insanity that we are all experiencing. For me, I have to keep listening to Eckhart's works frequently to get pointed in the right direction.
This could be boring, but listening to him read his books or listening one of his interviews actually reduces boredom.
I have actually listened to him while exercising and it actually reduces a lot of the anxiety that I feel. A friend whom I had introduced to his work told me about the Oprah webinar back in February and I ended up buying the book and CD of a New Earth. However, the simple message is so genuinely powerful, that it will make large impact on some people. After losing my only son to suicide in 2007, I would never of thought that I could experience such peace and tranquility. I was in awe in how you spoke to my soul on every level and I am continuing to transform and intentionally bringing in consciousness each day.
After having an experience where my son soul or consciousness connected with mine, I do know that only form dissolves and consciousness continues. This occurs whether one is watching him on video, listening on audio, or reading one of his books. His careful focus and centering within, rather than placing his focus outside and all around himself, as people commonly do, along with his quiet, measured tone and pace of speaking all help one to enter into Presence with him, to enter the now. He is famous partly because "the proof is in the pudding;" his simple writing helps us all to practice what he preaches. I have been deeply immersed in the Presence often ever since the early part of his webinar with Oprah.So many of us are and have been spiritual seekers for years, for decades, and yet we never quite get where we want to be. He makes it easy and simple, he radiates the Presence he speaks of, and he is thoroughly humble, in full awareness that he is not the source of the light that he brings. It is THIS to which we all respond, I think, whether we are aware of it or not.I want to re-emphasize a very key highlight of Tolle's magic, which is his insistence that we can all do the exact same thing.
He is just the vehicle, the transparent window, or window pane, as he likes to call himself. This is the absolute truth, based on my experience.Okay, there is one more important thing, and that is his teaching on the mind, and identification with the mind, and how to break this identification. This simple, yet profound teaching, brings gently earth-shattering changes to anyone who practices what he teaches. He shows you how to leave the mind behind, for you cannot bring it with you into Presence.Tolle is a simple, humble man whose transparency allows the light of God to shine through him and use him to deliver a very needed teaching in these difficult times. There are few teachers of this caliber alive today, or at any time.Thank you for the opportunity to voice my feelings and awareness about Eckhart Tolle. I hope you can sense in my writing the Presence that I enjoy since encountering the Tolle teachings.
He just ties it all up together into a very simple, workable, practical, demonstrable, experiential teaching. The whole world seemed to be shattering around me, I had the fear that even the dormitories on my university campus might crumble and fall. How was it that I was experiencing the exact same external conditions as my friends and yet I was interpreting them so differently? I became aware through my nightmarish pain that the external world is indeed only a reflection of your internal state.
I also realized, after numerous failed attempts to escape the NOW, that the NOW was all there ever was. This only exaggerated the painful fearful feelings because I realized I could never escape what was, and what was happened to be very very scary and painful. Every day the panic attacks would come in waves and when they came, yet again, the whole external world seemed the most frightening place and my thoughts would turn into fearful apprehension: What if these buildings fall? Apparently my mother had bought it as a gift for my sister but my sister had only dismissed the book and left it in a box full of junk.
I was intrigued and wanted to discover how shattering the illusion of time could be liberating.
A month later though, I saw A New Earth on a shelf 25% off and noticed the author was the same as that other 'random book' I had read over Christmas. I remember being amazed as I experienced the powerful energy of what Eckhart calls the 'inner body.' I had no thoughts at all. Without trying, I understood The Bhagavad Gita, which I had read (and subsequently dismissed as just another stupid spiritual text) a month earlier for a Philosophy class. Or, "I am the seed that can be found in every creature." This statement too I experienced (not just understood) but KNEW in the surest way to be true. I felt detached (but not in a scary way in a wise knowing way) from my earth identity and body and past.
The agoraphobia diminished and I found myself taking buses to differnet cities and going to visit friends who lived a few hours away. I remember picking up the bottle of medicaiton and smiling at it thinking, 'how small the effect of this pill compared to what I've just discovered.' There was no more pain.
I realized that all panic stemmed from projection into the future so I became very committed and at peace with the present moment.
As you can see Eckhart's teaching have really changed or should I say eliminated 'my life' revealing only the life that is leftover.
Sometimes the ego creeps back and I fall back into suffering, but I've had so many glimpses of presence that I can never forget for long. One day when I exited with my friend Sarah, we saw in the moonlight, in the street, the Hebrew letters made of rain water and it was such an intense, mystical, shared experience that we never returned to this class, feeling we could not handle this. This was awesome but also created great fear in both of us.Since then Sarah has died of breast cancer but what is coming to me, namely the deconstruction of language, of letters, is showing me that there is a vast story created through words themselves and my life is a dance of astounding visible synchronicity.
I know I am not alone in this experience as the astonishment of this is palpable wherever I go and others are telling me their stories as we do connect around the world.Many books have been written about synchronicity and books have been written about the power of the letters, the Hebrew letters and about Babel.
It is said in Jewish mysticism and in Sufism that the power of the letters themselves, in that contemplation, that an entire universe arises and that they contain the entire creation.I have proof on paper that there is nothing, cannot be anything, random aobut what I am experiencing and putting down on paper, day after day. I do see that the well we draw from, that well that is spiritual, comes from the same source and that certainly, as Tolle writes, there is such synthesis, such One ness.
It is not a new notion as there are so many books, so many poets, who have gone to this place.

There is a one ness to all of this and I am saying God wrote a story and that we are all of us in this together, more connected to each other than we ever thought possible. There is already palpable proof, call it scientific, that this is true, and certainly by way of a life, namely mine as I am doing a weave across the universe and it is astoundingly beautiful.We must act as if we have free will, namely the "man date" is to honor all creation, all beating hearts and we need to care for the environment NOW. For whom does the bell "Tolle", it tolls for us all, and we must move towards awe, a deep feeling of sanctity. The Al Gore Rhythm (algorithm) is to "get with the program" and global warming is surely close to Global Warning.No one is interviewing me nor do I seek interviews. The Diary is at the Hay Library, in parts, The Mel Yoken Collection of Letters, Brown University.
I had danced around these ideas as they were presented by other spiritual teachers and disciplines. But Eckharts book really made it all understandable as a whole way of thinking rather than in bits and pieces.
In my life I have always felt guilty about the pain I felt or more truly the pain I was always trying to supress. To understand that as humans we are the inheritors of pain to a greater or lesser degree depending on our circumstances was a revelation. I now see the pain I am more willingly experiencing as my fair share of the pain of humanity. Just this one aspect has been transformational but along with experiencing the present moment, the idea that the ego feeds on the drama it creates,righteous suffering etc.
It was the opening paragraph to a movie review written by Richard Corliss of Time Magagazine about two monologue-based movies, the most well known being Lilly Tomlin's, The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life. I was blown away by the realization that the bulk of our lives are spent in our heads and that, therefore, we have enormous control over how we choose to act on out thoughts.
I share it with you:Monday, September 30, 1991Richard Corliss, Time Magazine"We all live monologues. These conversations with ourselves are the endless, anarchic commentary running in our brains. They are the rough drafts of spoken discourse, the side trips into daydream irrelevancies, the lusts and prejudices left unsaid but so deeply felt. Ultimately, our interior monologues amount to a lifelong novel in progress, or perhaps the world's windiest suicide note. We all appreciated the morality and disipline of this religion and wanted our children to be raised and educated in the same tradition. When the sex abuse scandal within the catholic church came to light in 2002, I felt the same sense of disgust, as many did, and even though I personally knew of two children who had been molested by priests, the impact of this crime was very slight to my psyche. That all changed abruptly in 2004 when my son recovered the memory of sexual abuse by a priest from our parish, a man who had abused three boys at another parish before being reassigned to our church and school. The abuse took place in a hotel and my son dissociated and repressed the memory through twenty years of a very tortured existence.
How can we stop our thoughts and how can we stop the horrible pain that we live and breath. I had so assimilated the catholic religion into the core of my being and now how could I believe in a God associated with unspeakable evil. As I read church history and watched and listened to the news, god and all religions became an absurdity. In the name of God religions have used their power to molest, murder, debase, control and manipulate the human race. And yet, we must surely, at least up to this point in our evolution, have a base need for organised religion.
Now it is 2008 and Oprah has brought Eckert Tolle and "A New Earth" into the homes of millions of people across the world.
We are all searching, we are all hurting and in need of a new perspective on a path to peace. Tolle came into our living rooms and other gathering places with a nonjudgemental acceptance and love of the world. As I listened and began to apply the principles of living in the present I began to notice a change in my perception.
I have learned the importance of surrendering and accepting the pain of this heinous crime to my son and the effects it will have on the rest of our lives. When thoughts of anger and dispair, with their all-consuming negativity, enter into my mind, I tell myself that now, in this moment, all is well and I can move into just simply "being", and with that, I feel a peacefulness and a reprieve from conflict. However, in my search for answers, I have found the beauty in stillness, the easing of pain in surrender and acceptance of what is, and in the practice of the now, of just being, I experience a sense of enlightenment, a grand harmony with the universe.
As part of my physical & therapeutic treatments I often have to coach people in how to deal with the stresses of life, often the primary cause of their issues. I am afraid that many religions are mis-directed towards individuals clearing their own pathway to salvation, ignoring the collective journey and projecting always an self-centered individual pursuit into a future that is not real. As Kabbalah teaches we must peel away all of the layers through our individual actions of Tikkun Olam, "repair the world" to get to the light, and this is how we end suffering. BRreply Permalink Submitted by kathi keenan on Thu, 2008-08-14 18:03There've been so many changes that i can't even think of them all at the moment. I used to try to forgive people for what they say by trying to figure out their meaning behind it. I viewed them then as people in pain and not just mean spirited people and i feel now that i spent way too much time trying to figure things out.
I can just know automatically that there exists a painbody in most people and i dont have to react to it or even try to figure it out.
In mid-March, I found myself listening to Eckhart Tolle, only because I had exhausted the supply of Alan Watts and Wayne Dyer books available from the Catonsville library. On March 16, 2007 a mixture of snow, sleet, and freezing rain turned what was normally a three hour trip into a seven-hour ordeal. Somewhere between Wilmington Delaware and the southern tip of Philadlephia, the words of Eckhart Tolle penetrated to the deepest level of my consciousness. Although the traffic had been slowed to a rate of four miles per hour, my concern about time completely slipped away. Everything I could see, every sound entering my ears, and every breath I took suddely acquired a depth that was almost miraculous.
Everything changed for me that day; the past lost its hold on me and the future lost its importance. With this acceptance has come a deep sense of peace and a calmness that penetrates every aspect of my being.
Living in the here and now, making the best use of whatever comes my way, has given my life a renewed energy and a depth of purpose that keeps me grounded in the present moment. While the chemo was beating the cancer I had to find ways to beat that incessant "monkey mind" which was anxiety filled about the future and certainly not wanting to stay in the "now".. It was so full of such wisdom that it took me a while to absorb all of it.There were a number of ideas that still resonate with me. I carry these ideas on a laminated card in my purse and use it to remind me of these insights when I find myself floundering.The first is: "Is there joy, ease and lightness in what you are doing? If not, change how you are doing it, not what you are doing." That has guided me daily since I read it all those years ago.
It has really helped me to think, "I will create no more pain for myself" and stop the ruminating.Enough said. I can choose to pay attention to the present moment and let the past and the future take care of themselves.
Holding onto this gem helped me through a very dark time in my life.The last relationship I was in was very rocky.
It started out well; however, things slowly declined as my boyfriend lost his job and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I made every effort to get his stuff out of my place so I could start over.Then, in June 2006, I was confronted with his suicide. My first thought was, "What could I have done to save him?"That gem shone through without my conscious awareness.
Take care of yourself now." I went to a support group for survivor's of suicide and went out to dinner. Experienced joy in seeing ‘space being made in my life…’ Found myself having a house sale & selling almost all of my things.

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