Opportunities were provided to form mixed groups to share with, reflect over issues, work together. The meditation on stars and birds-song had us out late in the evenings and early in the mornings. Why not make a CEL foldable display as below - it packs down to just over A4 size, by folding up the four transparent pockets. These are being added to the website at two resolutions: low resolution (c150KB) for viewing on the web, and high resolution (c.
Week by week we shall be putting on line the series of notes on ecological aspects of the set bible readings that many churches use throughout the year. The CEL Prayer Guide for the care of creation consists of an entry for each day of the month. It can also be emailed to you free at the end of each preceding month, for you to print out or use excerpts from. It is a professionally made video by Nottingham City Council in 1993 and the Council were pleased that CEL distributed this video. A number of speakers are available to give talks on the Christian dimension of environmental concern to churches, church groups, and other church gatherings, both large and small. Churches which register with the Churchlink Scheme are sent a FREE mailing twice a year, which can be displayed on church notice boards. Christian Ecology Link produced material for this project before it became an independent project.
CEL has two sets of six A3 size full colour laminated posters which advertise the resources CEL has to offer.
The other set promotes the CEL LOAF principles - food which is Locally produced, Organically grown, Animal friendly and Fairly traded. For copyright reasons the web editor has removed the music for the three Taize songs in the above ppt presentation. CEL's annual inspirational brochure - download the online version or send off for copies to display in your church.
Between the Flood and the Rainbow - Operation Noah Study guide on climate Change - agendas for 6 meetings. Paint the Church Green enables church groups to explore the relationship between faith and concern for the natural world. Material added before March 2008 CreationCare for Pastors website (American) - useful.
The pack is still relevant although it was published in 2003, some of the detailed numbers may have changed, but the principles remain the same.
Our Responsibility to Future Generations These, or extracts from them, can be used in any service.
Recycling leaflet Prepared by: The Green Group, Selly Oak Methodist Church Langleys Rd, Birmingham Download leaflet in doc format (43Kb) or pdf (20Kb). Some leading scientists and church people in Cumbria have put together a series of articles with discussion questions at the end.
The Eco-Congregation programme is administered by the Churches Environmental Project Officer a You can download some of the units in the Eco-Congregation programme . For those churches contemplating renovating or rebuilding a church hall or church, this is a useful book, with important points in it to discuss with with your architect. Exhibition Panels are also available (Contact the Arthur Rank Centre, National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ, UK.
Sadly the Arthur Rank Centre currently has no conservation officer due to funding restrictions. CEL's own leaflet on Vegetarianism (listed at the top of this page) takes a more balanced approach. Search the Bible for references to ecological words that you may be interested in such as bird, tree, reed,. Hymns for a Caring World by Peter Rose and Anne Conlon (1996) is a book of songs and hymns (with music), with an environmental or social slant. Help from Redcliffe College PIM (Professionals in Mission) students has enabled a relaunch of the JRI Resources Gateway. Climate Change Speaker Network: Nationwide network with speakers available to give climate change talks to schools, community groups, societies, faith groups, councils, etc.
Green Building Bible I get quite a number of requests from people who want to make their church buildings greener.

Why not make a free CEL standing display as on the left, out of vegetable boxes Instructions ? Social Equity & Smart Growth, discussed by citizens, workers, planners and community advocates from the San Francisco Bay Area region, from San Jose to the Napa Valley wine country.
A book from the Ford Foundation focusing on the themes of the World Summit for Sustainable Development (held in Johannes- burg, South Africa in 2002), inspired Earth House, in Oakland, CA, to create a video edition. We, each in our own way, are seeking to embody, recognize, encourage, and celebrate reverence for life in its many forms and expressions.
Inspired by Blake’s initiative, the youth of School2School decided to start a Make Poverty History banner to be signed by youth and school communities across Canada.
With Blake’s help, the youth achieved an exact replica of his banner and the School2School Make Poverty History Student Banner Tour was born.
Since November the School2School banner has travelled to 33 schools and three universities. In less than a year, the School2School Make Poverty History Student Banner has touched the lives of thousands of students in Southern Ontario. For the first time in history, we as a global society have the resources necessary to end the most extreme forms of poverty. Joshua and Jason Liu are students at Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School and founding members of their school’s social justice group. There has been a strange rumor floating around that the BP Gulf spill means the end of the world is at hand. According to a recent article in USA Today, religious leaders who consider environmental protection a Godly mission are making the Gulf of Mexico oil spill a rallying cry, hoping it inspires people of faith to support cleaner energy while changing their personal lives to consume less and contemplate more. Activists in the movement, often described as green religion or eco-theology, are using blogs and news conferences to get the word out. And believers in the stricken coastal regions are looking at the consequences of the oil's reach and asking what good can come out of it.
The push for an ecological Great Awakening since the oil spill began in April has come from liberals as well as theologically conservative groups such as the Evangelical Environmental Network, which previously sponsored an ad campaign with the slogan "What Would Jesus Drive?" that called for more fuel-efficient vehicles.
Some scholars say their response to the oil spill at least suggests an emerging agreement that environmental issues are fair game in houses of worship where they were long ignored.
In fact, the movement has gotten so large, Odessey Networks has collected commentary from religious leaders, academicians, clergy and students at the Fellowship in Prayer's 60th Anniversary Conference in Princeton, NJ. With such eco-spiritual consciousness rising, we just may be seeing a new Age of Enlightenment on planet earth.
Lori HensheyCharleston Spirituality ExaminerLori Henshey holds a Bachelor of Arts in history and journalism.
Leggings you can wear during Spring and SummerThe legging is one of the most comfortable and versatile styles you can wear this Spring and Summer. Somehow we managed to work in an LA theme from our GD Correspondent Marie, who called in with an awesome report on bamboo textiles, and a very inspiring interview with Tod Lipka, CEO of Step up on Second, an organization dedicated to helping the over 48,000 homeless people in LA county.
The Green Divas The Green Divas share low-stress ways to live a deeper shade of green through a weekly radio show, podcasts, videos and blog posts. Eat, Drink Better is part of the Important Media network of blogs working to make the world a better, greener place. Or you can borrow both sets ready laminated for stalls at local events or for temporary display in churches in the UK. By learning about environmental issues, unsustainable development and the link with global poverty, it reflects on western lifestyle and encourages positive suggestions for change.
Now that the Government has announced the Consultation on Energy Use and Sources, it is especially useful for groups and individuals wishing to study the issues involved. One CEL Member says "They were very useful in our Lent group this March 2003" The majority of the material can be downloaded as a Word 97 doc file from the ECEN website.
These would make an excellent basis for discussion at Fellowship Groups or Discussion groups.
It gives simple principles to consider and prioritise when making a new building, and gives practical help about building materials and where to get further information from, If you would like to look at a copy before paying the £10 CEL (email for details) may be able to lend you a copy for the cost of post and packaging. Country Way is written from the countryside itself in full knowledge of the rural realities.
Bear in mind the bible was written almost 2000 years ago (and earlier), so do use your common sense when choosing which word to put in.
Lighthouse Films, in cooperation with The Alliance for a New Humanity, is working on a major documentary film about creative, compassionate and empowering responses to world in ecological and political crisis.

The banner would show the Canadian government that our youth are passionate about Canada taking a leadership role in addressing global poverty. The banner even received interest from schools located in both the East and West coasts, showing that youth support for the Make Poverty History campaign is nationwide.
The actions we take and the choices we make in the next five years will have an astronomical impact on the way our world will look a hundred years from now.
Some, the paper says, are visiting the Gulf, inspecting oil-spattered wetlands and praying with idled fishermen and other victims.
Odyssey is the nation's largest multi-faith coalition dedicated to producing and distributing media that promotes peace and tolerance and addresses issues of social justice.
Always intensely curious about religion and spirituality, Lori seeks out similarities in religions rather than differences. Step Up on Second is using green and sustainable building and living practices into all of their facilities to an award-winning degree – all while doing a great deal to help the at-risk folks who will now have healthier shelter. Working with talented partners and credible sources like myEARTH360 the Green Divas produce content on a variety of topics relating to a healthy green lifestyle. Opinions and comments published on this site may not be sanctioned by, and do not necessarily represent the views of Sustainable Enterprises Media, Inc., its owners, sponsors, affiliates, or subsidiaries. Lisa and Lancia facilitated thThe novices like most youth, showed great interest especially in the Black Holes and String Travel possibilities. There was genuine and sincere sharing of the struggle to make shifts from an old cosmology to the new. The other days set out the facts on some current environmental issue and suggest prayer on this topic.
Although nearly 20 years old now, this 12 minute video is an excellent basis for group discussion.
Some biblical passages picture people eating meat, others show vegetarianism as an ideal with humans and animals not killing or eating one another. Fritsch’s website, Earth Healing, for more good reflections from the heart of the Appalachian Mountains.
Part of the banner campaign included an extensive 13-school tour of Hamilton organized by Linda Lannigan. We have a responsibility to ourselves and to the rest of humankind to take action in this pivotal time of our day and age. The Odyssey crew videotaped exclusive interviews on the Princeton University campus with Fr. She believes evidence indicates that most world religions originated from the same ancient source, having simply become convoluted by cultural influences.
We talked about Caroline’s book, The Space Between Church and Not-Church: A Sacramental Vision for the Healing of Our Earth. Visit The Green Divas website to learn more, and check out The Green Divas on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter too! As usual there were queries re how we can relate the scientific thought with the religious and spiritual understanding.
This guide is an invaluable resource for a church wishing to include environmental issues in their acts of worship.
Details CEL Local Groups and Churches with Local Church Membership or Corporate Membership are invited to request 5 copies of each issue. Each agenda encourages groups to share their experiences, followed by biblical reflection, tips to help churches of all denominations bring about change and a concluding prayer. CEL is pressing for better, humane methods of rearing livestock, the cessation of transport of live animals over long distances and the re-opening of well run, small local abattoirs.
A mix of the male and female in the participants brought in a healthy complimentary balance. Operation Noah - Creating a Climate of Justice comes with a study guide to help you to respond to what you have seen and discussed in your groups.

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