Is their any new stories on this site,or do you people just pass it on like second hand clothing. This particular article might be old, but I have important information from my inside informants, about a top secret plan by the Governments of the world and their top secret dealings with the reptoids who live in Hollow Earth. Enjoy FNAF World Ending Secret Gameplay of 4th Level End and explore the new adventure of Freddy in the distortion world with this FNAF World Walkthrough!

My informant has told me, ( very confidantly btw ), that the Coming cival wars, that will ensue once the economic collapse starts, will trigger the secret plan to hand over Humans too the Reptoid Soldiers. The Soldiers will then take the humans down below too be distributed too the many millions of Reptillians under us!!!!
THIS is why the Governments of the world are not afraid of the incredible number of human casualties after the collapse!!!

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