Not only do we have a Hot Shot Debut in third place, we also get a second new song and a new champ. Jamaican singer OMI poses for a portrait during an interview in Los Angeles, July 21, 2015.
Initially, it was an Easter Egg only released for PewDiePie, but was later released for everyone who had the mod.
This easter egg can be found in the Subway station, if you pay attention to some of the advertisement in there, you'll see that some of them contain the message "Don't continue playing, it can be dangerous". After finishing the game once with the 4th ending, the player unlocks a secret package that must be used in the mailbox near the Harbor College. This easter egg was added in the coop campaign Manhunt, located in the map before reaching Purnell's house.
In the college, there is a cafeteria named Gla?a Simons cafe, which translates to "Happy Simon?s cafe", which is ironic seeing as the real Simon is deeply depressed and suicidal. When playing co-op in the city area leading towards the park, the players can break down a wooden board that is located near an m16 spawn with a blue van on the right, and a Bnova store behind them, and inside the small opening is a rotating cube with Joe Biden's face on it, also if the players touch it they will be instantly killed. In singleplayer before Simon fights the Carcass, if the player inputs the command "sv_joebiden 1" into the console they will fight an invisible carcass, although the projectiles it fires will be Joe Biden cubes. The only way to defeat this Carcass is to wait for him to shoot its projectiles, for then you'll be able to know its location. While you equip Simon's phone, press Z and dial 911, Simon will make the call but will only hear screams and terrifying sounds. To achieve this easter egg the player must get the 5th ending and then before entering Simon's house, type cl_downwiththesickness 1 into the console. Before going down the staircase that takes Simon to the sewers section where he'll get the Shotgun and fight Mace, Simon will arrive in a construction area.
Throughout the whole city and in the subway station there are some memes with a rabbit on it. We’re blasting off with the five most popular songs in the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart, for the week ending August 22, 2015.
OMI also tells Billboard magazine that his chief indulgence after hitting it big was buying new wheels for his car.

How did this shadowy Canadian singer become such a big star?  The Weeknd began recording five years ago, working with producer Jeremy Rose.
All the contents remain the sole property of their original authors, and are the authors' responsibility only. To find it, after breaking the brick wall to reach the yellow doors, you must run straight and jump while pressing the action button to open the door in the ceiling.
Though the letters might be a little unreadable, the message of this Easter Egg is quite obvious. When you reach Simon's house, instead of going to Simon's room and finding his book, Simon will find the secret package delivered to his door. Joe Biden is the current vice president of the United States and has somewhat gained fame in the Cry of Fear community. This can be done only ONCE every time you play the SP Campaign, as well as in any custom campaign that has the phone in it. Later when the player activates the button and gets ambushed by the twitcher mob, the song "Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed will play in the background. Here, there are some cement bags with the name Black Circle on them, along with a circle logo. Once you have done this start a new game, and take the secret package from the secret room, and continue through the game as normal. The meme says "Kaniner, Alla Alskar Kaniner", which translates to "Rabbits, everybody loves rabbits". On that table there are cigarettes in an ash tray, use the lighter on it and a cut scene will start. He kept his true identity a secret at first, before attracting attention with a series of performances in 2011. You'll enter a room in which you'll find a morphine syringe and the Stephano figurine on a table.
The package contains the pills that David Leatherhoff, the protagonist of Afraid of Monsters, was addicted to. The name of the cement bag and its circular logo is a reference to the Black Mesa Research Facility logo, the primary setting for the original Half-Life.

Once you get inside the TL trading building, use the secret package on one of the doors on the top floor, and the door will be unlocked, but the secret package will be gone though.
He is now poised to take it to the next level with the August 28 release of his album Beauty Behind The Madness.
Simon takes the pills off-screen and is sent to a remake of the first area of Afraid of Monsters.
You'll find an image with the words "Modding claims 1000 lives every year" followed by 2 images of ruMpel, one of the images showing ruMpel some years younger (presumably taken before or during the making of Cry of Fear) than the image to the right, which is a more actual picture of him. LITTLE MIX [All Mmh [x4] (ah) Mmh (ah) Mmh [repeats] [Jade Hey baby (mmh [x12]) Tell me your name I got a fever for you I just cant explain But theres just one problem Im a bit old school When it comes to lovin I aint chasing you Old Gospel Song 1. What the fuck PewDiePie!" then the wall in front of him will collapse, revealing a Handcrab (an enemy from Afraid of Monsters which behaves exactly like a Headcrab from Half-Life) on another table which will immediately attack the player. At the side of this easter egg you'll find a friendly Sawrunner, who won't attack you nor your mates, but instead will attack any enemy on it's sight, so releasing him can allow you to save some ammo. Simon will be sitting on the bench with his hands on his eyes, and will not react to anything. Heres the YouTube results list of all the videos containing the: when i to the sky it will be the. Here are the: Kaskade Another night out, (, Ill you) Another night out, another dancefloor. Then type your knowledge, add image Ive been traveling for Jesus so much of my life, Been traveling oer land and on sea.
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