Report directly to four attorneys with broad ranged responsibilities that encompass timely and  complex preparation of cases from discovery to trial phase.
Coordinate multifaceted office functions  encompassing court calendar management, retainment of court reporters, and scheduling of conference rooms for deposition proceedings. Liaison between attorneys, clients, healthcare providers, insurance carriers, law firms, and government agencies.
Ensure open lines of communication and satisfaction of deadlines through execution of dated correspondence.
Perform computerized and law library research to obtain and gather case-relevant data and materials.
Collaborated with Collections, Medical  Billing, and Finance departments to obtain documentation  pertaining to the status of more than 50 weekly referred  collections cases forwarded to the Legal Department.
Carefully sourced and selected bonded  attorneys across the United States utilizing the American  Lawyers Quarterly, Commercial Bar Directory, National  Directory List, and Columbia Directory List; determined the  appropriate choice upon obtainment and review of resumes,  insurance policies, and court filing fees.
Integrated traditional investigative  methods and DAKCS database system to gather account  histories and case-sensitive documentation for attorneys,  including credit bureau reports, court affidavits,  judgments, skip tracing records, bankruptcy notices, banking  statements, proof-of-assets, and trial letters. WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time.
In the entry level cover letter sample above, a graduate electrical engineer applies for a graduate entry level engineering position and writes his letter using three paragraphs. Try to refer to the above sample entry level cover letter for inspiration and guidance when writing your own letters.
These 60+ resume ideas, tips and resources show you exactly how to write a professional document that shows you at your best and gets employers interested. The tips you'll find on this page are real-world tested techniques that have helped approximately 2000 of my clients land great jobs, and they can help you, too. If you have time and want a really thorough understanding of the topic, read through all of the resume ideas on the page and click on the links to more detailed information about each topic. If you are in a hurry and just want some specific information, you can use the links below to navigate this page and quickly find the information you are looking for. You can download a FREE sneak peek at the first three chapters ofThe Resume Writing Guide here. When you sign up for my Career Newsletter (which is free) you will get your own copy of the form I have used to brainstorm resume ideas for hundreds of clients. Simply fill in your name and email address below to get your free resume form and mini guide. Here's a quick, 12 step overview that outlines the process you need to go through to write a winning resume.
Write a document that highlights your most marketable skills and creates a great first impression at a glance. Discover the single most important step in good resume writing that most job seekers overlook. Discover the truth about the biggest resume writing myths that can really hurt your job search. If you know the company you're applying to, you absolutely must research that company before you being to write your resume.
Here's what information you should look for when you research a company, how to find that information even when it is not easy to find, and how to use the information to make a great impression with employers. Take a look at these common and completely avoidable resume writing mistakes that can damage your job search if you are not careful. My book, The Resume Writing Guide, is the only book I know of that breaks down the process of creating a resume and takes you from blank page to winning resume one small, manageable step at a time.
Each of these three formats have different strengths and weaknesses and work in different situations. Highlights a strong work history, but it can be difficult to highlight your skills when you use this formaat. Highlights skills without showing any work history, but it is not trusted by many employers. Highlights both skills and work experience and provides a lot of flexibility to organize your information in a way that shows your skills and experience in the best possible way.
A fourth format, the applicant tracking system friendly resume, will be read by a computer as opposed to a human. Below are links to detailed descriptions of each resume style, formatting guides, and samples of each type of resume. An in-depth description of the combination style including strengths and weaknesses and who should use this format. Most of the sample resumes on this site use the combination format because, in my opinion, it is the best format for most people. This format highlights your work experience, so it is a good option for people who have a solid career history. An in-depth description of the chronological style including strengths and weaknesses and who should use this format.

Before you continue reading, please be aware that I never recommend using a functional resume.
I am only covering this format here because it is a style that a lot of job seekers want to know about. An in-depth description of the functional style including strengths and weaknesses and who should use this format. A human will eventually read your scannable resume but only if it is formatted and written correctly to get through the initial electronic scan. This fourth style is significantly different from combination, chronological or functional resumes because it is all about writing to please the computer software first, and the human who will read it second. How to use targeted keywords to ensure your scannable resume gets found in employer searches.
Why you need to use ATS formatting when the employer requires it, even though an ATS optimized resume is less reader-friendly to humans.
There are some very specific requirements for formatting your resume when it will be reviewed by an ATS. Understand exactly how an ATS uses keywords to score resumes so you can write your own effective, keyword-rich content. How to research keywords so you have an excellent idea of what words and phrases will likely be used to score your resume. Here's how to save your ATS optimized resume to ensure it does not contain any special characters that could cause problems and it is saved in the format the employer requires. Here's a sample resume formatted for ATS review so you can see all of the recommendations in action. Discover how to present your current skills and experience in a way that is relevant to your new career. A technical resume uses almost the same strategies as any other kind of resume with one crucial exception.
Outline and overview of the information to include in each section of a resume no matter which style you choose.
Links to all of the different resume format outlines on this site including functional, combination, chronological, technical, student, and scannable formats. Update for 2014: Please note that, while job objectives used to be fairly common on resumes, their use is a bit controversial now because they are falling out of fashion.
More job objective examples and explanations about how and why you would use each type of objective. Discover how to research the most important buzz words in your industry so you can write a highly targeted document that gets noticed by employers whether it is scanned electronically or human reviewed. A list of strong verbs, as well as tips to help you avoid common mistakes when choosing and using verbs to describe your experience. A list of strong, descriptive words (adjectives) to use to define and describe your skills and experience. Discover all you need to know about choosing the best people to provide good job references for you.
Once you have several good references in mind, setting up a reference page is quite simple. Hove you considered the fact that how you submit your resume can have an impact on whether you get invited to an interview or not? Before you can distribute your resume, You'll need to find some targeted employers who may need to hire someone with your background.
Unusual resumes may not make the kind of serious impression you want to make on an employer, but, for better or for worse, they do get noticed. Click the links below to read visitors' stories about the most unusual resumes they have seen.
Unusual Resumes and Job Search Strategies Here are 3 readers' experiences with some unusual resumes and job search strategies they have encountered.
Applicant Tracking System SeriesNeed a refresher on all of the applicant tracking system information that's been covered in the past six articles? ATS Optimized Resume SampleIt's time to take everything I've covered in the applicant tracking system (ATS) series and pull it all together into a sample resume.
Saving an Applicant Tracking System Optimized ResumeAn applicant tracking system optimized resume needs to be saved in a very specific way to ensure it is formatted correctly to avoid "choking" the ATS software.
Career Choice Guide provides free job search and career planning information written by an experienced career coach. Click here or on the  image to view this example of an administrative assistant cover letter. If you enjoyed the above information you can subscribe to our free newsletter below Receive job search, resume writing and interview tips delivered weekly to your inbox. Any application you make for a teaching vacancy will be read by a Head teacher, so write it specifically aimed at them. Provide details of your previous responsibilities, duties, experience and qualifications in a teaching and educational environment.

Entry level Teaching Assistant resume that is ideal for a student or someone who has no work experience. When looking to develop a CV for the education sector try to stay focused on the national curriculum subject area you specialize in. In your teachers CV give examples of how in class you have encouraged your students, monitored their performance and also any other ways you have helped them in their studies and coursework. Report writing - providing professional oral and written feedback and reports for pupils, parents and also Head teachers. Marking - your ability to quickly and effectively mark a pupils work and also provide feedback to them. Communication skills - your ability to stand in front of a class of pupils and effectively interact with diverse populations of students from different social backgrounds. Classroom management - how you can develop and plan classes that fit in with the schools national curriculum objectives. Health and safety - being fully aware of health and safety issues and how to deal with classroom emergencies. Examinations - give details of organizing and preparing students for both mock and real exams. Motivating - encouraging pupils on their own or in groups to do better by setting goals for them and monitoring their performance, thereby improving classroom effectiveness. Teaching methods - how you employ professional teaching techniques to encourage and support children to the maximum of their abilities according to their age and needs.
Teamwork - stress your ability to work with other teaching staff thereby stimulating new ideas and coordinating activities for the benefit of students. You can use the example to help you write entry level letters for all industry sectors including finance, accounting, engineering, marketing and others. It must be formatted correctly for the computer, and it is crucial to include strategic key words so the document will be found in computer-based searches. Discover which style will show you at your very best depending upon your own unique work history, and learn which popular format you should never use. The link above shows you a standard combination style resume, and if you jump down to the rest of the examples, you'll find more samples that show variations on this style.
Employers do not trust this format because it is missing crucial information that most employers want to see. I'm hoping by describing the functional format and all of its weaknesses, I can steer you towards a more effective format (i.e. Here's the best way to structure your resume if you have a lot of crucial technical skills to highlight.
I have left the articles about job objectives on this site for now because people continue to look for information on the topic.
It teaches you step-by-step how to create your own, original resume that shows you at your best. The success of this cover letter allowed Linda to choose where she wanted to work instead of being limited to very few responses. Focus your CV on the requirements and skills sets that are requested for the specific vacancy you are applying for. If you would like the fully editable MS Word versions of the CV examples below then you can purchase all of them for ONLY £5. As this along with your years of experience is going to be your strongest selling point it is best to not wander off from it. Also mention your ability to communicate with parents and other teachers in discussing and planning a students education and career. Mention your laid back disposition as well as easy going and friendly approach to teaching, ability to communicate with parents, Board of Governors and pupils alike.
In the second paragraph he elaborates on his qualifications, skills and work experience; and then ends the letter by re-iterating why he is a suitable candidate. This article breaks down the process so you can think it through clearly, one step at a time. However, please do be aware that writing a profile will generally be a stronger choice than using an objective.
The beginning paragraph states that she is in career transition – Linda had nothing to hide. We explained that she had achieved a great deal as an accountant, which increased her credibility.

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