This season was definitely taken to another level as we saw ET’s son, Jalin Thomas, graduate from high school, and begin his first year at Michigan State University, officially breaking the cycle and recreating history! And so as we eagerly anticipate and wait for TGIM Season 8 (which I believe is just around the corner), I wanted to take a moment to look back on some of my favorite, and very inspiring quotes, and messages, from  TGIM Season 7 (just like I did with TGIM Season 6). I also want to highlight the inspiring TGIM Sketchnotes Marie-Judith Jen Louis continues to create for all the TGIM episodes. So, without further ado, here are all sixteen episodes from TGIM Season 7, along with three inspiring quotes from each episode and Marie’s TGIM Sketchnotes. My first question to you is if you were amazing – like if your life was amazing, what would it look like? Look, some of you man, the reality is, the reason why your dreams are not a reality – for real, like you could be walking in it right now – but you talk too much!
If you want more money, if you want a promotion, if you want to leave a legacy, you gotta increase!
I’m starting this series off, Season 7, with work, because it is the one thing that has separated your boy.
And for those of you who been making the wrong decision, all you gotta do is make the right decision. Get daily motivational quotes from some of the world's most inspiring and motivating people! Get daily motivational quotes from some of the world's most inspiring and motivating minds! Be Phenomenal Or Be Forgotten!It’s been a couple weeks since Eric Thomas (ET) wrapped up TGIM Season 6 with his closing message on transitioning from Great to Phenomenal.
I also want to highlight the creatively inspiring TGIM Sketchnotes Marie-Judith Jen Louis created for the ten episodes of TGIM Season 6. Marie’s Sketchnotes are perfect if you want a refresher on the key messages from TGIM Season 6 so far.
So here are all ten episodes from TGIM Season 6, along with three inspiring quotes from each episode and Marie’s Sketchnotes, so you can make your transition from Average, to Good, to Great, to Phenomenal! Instead of thinking about it in January, and then you let it slip the rest of the year, I need you to have some consistency! When you learn, to perfect, every single day, you gonna wake up and see yourself doing things you never thought were possible.
Maybe you need to cut this off and you need to go look in the mirror and you need to repeat what I’m saying to you.

When you get in the game and you show up at the game, I need you to give the game everything you got! But watch me, when you become great, it’s not enough to dream it and talk about the idea.
I’m telling you, you gotta be careful, because if you keep doing this average thing, it’s going to suffocate you! They do a wonderful job on providing not only a refresher on the key points from each TGIM episode, but also including some inspiring imagery to drive the message home as well. Be sure to share your key takeaways and favorite quotes from TGIM Season 7 in the comments below.
After you make that decision, you better have on you this sense of urgency, like, you ain’t got forever! It’s just about making up your mind, that you are not gonna give up, you are not gonna quit. My name is Parin and I started ETQuotes to inspire and motivate you to live your GREATest life by sharing with you, the powerful messages from author and motivational speaker Eric Thomas, aka ET The Hip Hop Preacher. I first came across MJ’s Sketchnotes in January, and was immediately drawn to how she not only illustrated the key points from each TGIM episode, but also her attention to detail with these key points. Yeah, it’s hard to pick just one, but for me, it had to be the #YouMatter and Attracted to Greatness messages. And I went from being average, to good, to great because not only do I work, but now I work, while I’m at work. But you know what, every time I get to an obstacle, I tell it, ‘I will, out will you!
And some of you are at work, you are physically there, but your mind is on the other side of town.
Haters – I had all kinds of stuff and I just made up in my mind, Look, I might not have been stronger. But those of us who have the right perspective, we [successful people] approach it when it say pain. In the blueprint to success, everybody that ever blew up, everybody that ever made it from the bottom to the top, everybody, they put in hours in the studio!
The way you play the game, can evolve, and go to a whole ‘nother level, by just not working on your skills, but reading, and taking your mind. You have to take advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime, in the lifetime of the opportunity!

And you gotta make it happen now because if you don’t take advantage of it right now, three months from now it may not be here you. If you’re going to be prepared, and qualified, when that opportunity of a lifetime comes, you gotta make your decisions accountable. If you want this moment for the rest of your life; like, if you ready to take your game to the next level.
So, a lot of y’all, you made a decision last week, you pumped up, you excited, you hot, you ready, you on fire! It gave me separation; separation from my past life, separation from certain things, separation from certain environments.
And write down your dreams and your goals.’ Listen to me, we way past talking about it! Second side, I want you to write down every single action it’s gonna take, to make that decision a reality.
So reading allows us to learn, and see, and do things that we could never have done, in our strength. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking, so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. I’ll do whatever it takes to be successful!’ And when you make that decision, YOU! And the only way what you’re thinking, about that life you thinking about right now, the only way it’s going to happen, is that you gotta hold that decision accountable! As much as I love my mother, as much as I love my family, as much as I love my wife; I do not accept anybody’s reality for Eric Thomas, but Eric Thomas!
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others people permission to do the same.
I made a decision with my health that I didn’t want to be chunky cheek monkey in the morning.
You are a fool, if you think you just going to write the decisions down and you not prepared. But if you are willing to write every single action down, that it’s going to take to make that a decision a decision!

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