She looked at Kyuhyun who was looking at me meaningfully, secretly smiling at me with that evilly victorious grin.
I saw him running ridiculously with a piece of wood like a caveman battling with a wild animal.
I suddenly rooted myself and my hot-headed self became frightened at the sudden change of tone in his words. You call Yoona with her name yet you only dance with her once.  We've shared a kiss and you are calling me Yuri sshi?

It’s not that I am excited or anything but for some reasons my useless watch happened to be an hour advance.
It was quite funny that I can still think like this when I am now watching Kyuhyun lying down being beaten.
It never like this before, I was on the third stair of the plaza when I realised I was an hour early. I like you so much that it feels so painful that you admit you never care about me getting married.

I gathered my courage to look back and the first thing I saw was a fist landing on my poor tummy.

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