If you have a friend or sibling who you love hanging out with, it can be tempting to move in with them rather than live with a stranger. Tread carefully, and really delve into your personalities, habits, and other compatibility issues before making a big commitment. If you’ve given yourself plenty of time for your roommate search, you may want to meet candidates in person a couple of times- invite people over for an interview, then grab coffee together a few days later. Sure, things like tidiness, financial habits, and lifestyles are hugely important parts of compatibility, but interests matter too. One of the most common reasons roommates fight is because they don’t have the same cleanliness habits or expectations.
Look for someone who shares your views on cleanliness, whether it’s trying to keep things relatively neat in common areas or needing things to be sparkling clean at all times. Speaking of lifestyle, you and your prospective roommate candidates should both be very upfront about yours. Talk about work hours, weekday rituals, and what you’re usually up to on Fridays and Saturdays. Remember that no matter who you find, you’ll still have to flex your compromise and communication muscles.
This entry was posted in Relationships, Roommates and tagged relationships, roommates by Lindsay Smith. If there is one thing that most incoming students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point dread, it’s roommates. Four years ago, I met my roommate through a Facebook page created by an incoming Pointer, like myself. When I finally met my roommate, we had admitted to looking at each other’s pages while we were messaging. Facebook is a simple tool that can help you discover people that share common interests with you. UW-Stevens Point blogger Chloe Wiersma is a communication major with a public relations emphasis and a business administration minor from Beaver Dam, Wis.
How to find a roommate in style (46 Pictures) | Funny Pictures, Quotes, Pics, Photos, Images.
Picking the perfect roommate can be a daunting decision, but knowing what questions to ask and what factors to consider will make choosing the perfect roommate to share you Los Angeles apartment a breeze.

Before you start your search for a roommate, ask yourself what would constitute a deal breaker.  For instance, would your idea roommate work during the same hours as you so that most likely there would be more quiet time during your sleeping hours, or would you prefer a roommate who works opposite hours so that you rarely see them? Would it be a deal breaker if your potential roommate was a smoker or perhaps had a significant other who would stay over very frequently? When running an ad for a roommate or creating your profile, be honest and up front about the kind of living situation and roommate you are looking for.  For example, if you prefer a male or female roommate, if you have a preference as to their age range or if they must be ok with you having two dogs.
When sharing a bathroom, if your schedules are similar, what time do they usually shower and how long will it take them? Will they pitch in on the heavier kinds of cleaning the common areas?  (example: instead of just picking up their belongings, will they split vacuuming, toilet cleaning and mopping chores with you or do they prefer splitting going in on a cleaner with you). Do they like to share some items like pots and dishes or do they prefer to have separate everything?
How often do they have overnight guests and how often are they ok with you having overnight guests? What is their credit like (applicable if they are moving in with you or you are looking for a new place together). Find out what your potential roommate expects from becoming roommates and compare their expectations to yours.
Some people just want a roommate in order to lower the cost of rent and expect or even prefer minimal interaction; others are very social and would like to have a built-in friend. While we would all like to trust that every individual is honest, when picking the perfect roommate you must be cautious!
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A dish soaking in the sink for a couple of days may not bother one person, while someone else could consider it really gross. If a candidate has an opposite schedule to yours or would rather party on Tuesday than be in bed by 10 p.m.

If you aren’t willing to compromise about small things, you may be better off living on your own. It was a surreal experience that we both now refer to as a “successful catfish.” She had made a post in the group stating she was looking for a roommate. Newly admitted students receive an email from the Admissions Office with a link to a Facebook group soon after they’re accepted. I had figured she would visit my profile page, which is why I took some precautions to make sure my page well-represented myself. Ask yourself these questions and if all signs point to “yes”, then it may be time to get a roommate! Get clarification as this means different things to different people (and no one admits to being a slob).
This may affect what you choose as cleaning products and you may have to hide your running shoes after going to the gym.
Some people have friends that almost live with them and others only have guests once a week or on special occasions.
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I messaged her and we discussed everything from what we were excited about to what we would be studying. You may have thought that was an awesome song five years ago, but do you really want it plastered all over your page today? However, I was able to avoid a horrific roommate experience all together and it was simple.
Otherwise, a picture of you sporting your favorite team or participating in your favorite hobby makes for an easy conversation starter.

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