Plenty of people find themselves asking the same question day after day – whether they’re 8 years old or 64 years old.
I imagine you’re probably saying to yourself, “Ok Alex, stop musing and start telling me how to find my purpose!” For that I defer to someone who is a little more knowledgeable than me: Dr.
Now with all of this being said, finding your life purpose doesn’t mean that this has to be one specific thing. These are just examples but the point is clear: we are constantly changing, so don’t stress yourself out thinking that you can only do one thing for the rest of your life.
Whether you feel your purpose is to own your own paperclip business or to create magnetic shoes that allow you to walk on the ceiling, like this awesome guy, start working on figuring it out and don’t get bogged down by a fear of permanence. One of the most important features to Android smartphone owners, especially for those who travel regularly or want to take full advantage of high-speed LTE networks, is mobile hotspot.
Has anybody here ever gotten in trouble for tethering while on a Verizion unlimited plan without paying for it? Not that I’ve ever heard or experienced from doing it myself since I got my OG Droid over 3 years ago.
Similar but different – any one know how to create a LAN between devices, separate from data access? Let me get this straight, if I get an N4 I can tether T-Mobile’s unlimited data without leaving stock? About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. It is unknown why scientists have remained silent about the discovery of 18 giant human skeletons which were found in burial grounds in the state of Wisconsin back in May of 1912.
Since that time, there have been at least 200 digs that claims other “giants” have been discovered.
In 2002, National Geographic did a report on 12 skeletons that were supposedly discovered in Greece. In August of 1891, it was reported that scientists from the Smithsonian Institution had found numerous pyramids shaped burial mounds near Madison, Wisconsin.
There have also been enormous size skeletons and skulls of a race of giants which have been discovered on a very steady basis all over the Midwestern states for over 100 years. If scientists from the Smithsonian Institution actually found giant size skeletons, why are they not on display?  Some conspiracy theorists say that Smithsonian Institution has been actually accused of making an effort to keep the giant skeletons their scientists found locked away somewhere. When looking for actual scientific knowledge over this subject, there is basically nothing on the subject that is discussed. To have a slight double row of teeth is possible btw – one of my friends was born that way. There was an ape, Gigantopithecus, which went up to 10ft tall, so a human that height is also possible – but not the about 25ft this thing would have to be.

Its fun to speculate but there has never been one documentation of an accredited archaelogist finding any skull, large or small, with a double row of teeth. Susan Biali, a wellness expert and life coach, has three steps for you on answering that very question. We get caught up in the day to day hustle and bustle of everyday life and don’t realize what we’re passionate about. Because if you are willing to work your hardest at something that you aren’t even paid for, it’s probably a safe bet that thing makes you happy. Maybe when you’re in your twenties (as this writer is) you feel that your life’s purpose is to swim with dolphins, then in your thirties you feel that your life’s purpose is to create balloon animals, and maybe in your forties you find that your purpose is to create a musical masterpiece.
Find out your strengths as a communicator – click the icon below for your complimentary survey. Your carrier typically provides a hotspot service at an additional charge, but there are also free ways to get your phone to tether, however, it typically requires rooting your phone and voiding its warranty.
About 50% of the time the device connected to and using the hotspot shows its connected but can’t transfer anything even though the phone is showing a solid 4g connection. And its not just my particular phone because I’ve had several phones in the last few years (at least 6-7), and this has been a problem on every one of them.
For example, let’s say my faimly is travelling in the mountains without data access, but we want to connect multiple Android devices together (for shared media, Minecraft, etc).
As for the throttling I don’t think Verizon does anything unless you are an EXTREME data user (I mean like 300+GB) because I am 2 weeks into the billing cycle and just crossed the 50gb mark while my speeds are still blazing fast! It stated that these skeletons had heights which ranged from 7.6 feet up to 10 feet and the skulls were much bigger than the heads of any type of person who lived inside America today.
However, such finds have failed to make the news since around the 1950’s for the most part.
The huge skeletons have been discovered in Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, New York and Kentucky. They say that today’s archaeology and anthropology want to seal the door on the true past, stopping any interpretation of the North American past as bereft of anything unusual. On the day that a scientist debates a creationist at a museum, it would be interesting to know what the scientific side to this story is. The two halves of his lower jaw didn’t meet up properly and the teeth from one side ended up behind the teeth from the other instead of alongside them. For one thing, the shadows on the skeleton are lying in a different direction from the shadows on the standing figure. We spend so much time listening to what is expected of us – such as going to school and getting a steady job with a steady paycheck – and while all of these things are perfectly fine, we should also be taking a step back and thinking for ourselves: what do I love to do? It’s also probably a safe bet that somewhere out there someone has learned how to make a living off of doing that thing – be it designing and flying kites or creating little stories in fantasy worlds.

With a mobile hotspot, you can turn your phone into an on-the-go WiFi router for your other WiFi enabled devices to connect to. This tutorial is for the built-in hotspot service that can be activated through your carrier. The story also said the skulls had double rows of teeth, six toes on each foot and six fingers on each hand. It seems that the majority of people just do not believe in this type of thing, because it sounds like complete nonsense.
Then look at the flat surface of the surrounding area, then only the rib cage seems to be underground. That purpose is general enough that you could fit a great number of things under that umbrella and still keep on track. No longer are you stuck with fingers crossed, hoping that you next location has free WiFi or a password available. The allegedly massive size of the skeletons and lengthened skulls did not fit into any scientific concept that was in textbooks of the day. It was also reported that these bones were believed to belong to beings that could have even been aliens.
However photographs have been taken to record the finds as the picture with this article shows. It is unknown why scientists have continued to remain silent about the discovery of giant human skeletons.
A primate, human or otherwise, which had grown that large would have proportionately much thinker limb-bones to support its weight, just as a rhino has much thicker bones than a bull.
So youre telling me a huge skull and femur bones have been sitting in Wisconsin out in the open for this long? So, you won’t have to worry about compromising your life’s purpose by finishing one thing or moving onto another. Both worked fantastically and I highly recommend them for those who are too unsure about rooting and don’t want to pay extra for the data you already are using.
The find in Wisconsin was only one of many dozens of finds that have been reported in national and local newspapers from all the way back in 1850 moving forward to today.

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