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What He Spotted In The Road Made Him Pull Over - And It Will Warm Your Heart12 Celebrities with Similar FacesThis Might Be The Most Accurate Thing Ever WrittenWoman Cheats On Her Husband With The Mailman. In today’s workforce, many Millennials are looking for a career that aligns with their passions and interests. About Latest Posts Olivia AdamsBrand Manager at Come RecommendedOlivia Adams is the Brand Manager at Come Recommended. Write for UsRead our guest post writing and submission guidelines to find out how you can write for the Come Recommended blog!
We interviewed many great and small entrepreneurs on the "how" they got their dream to be a viable and lucrative business and we share their amazing and real stories in thie inspirational new book. Want to stop boring family, friends and colleagues with your “cracked record” moans and groans about your work? Want to do something meaningful, purposeful or just plain fun with your working life but don’t know how? Nearly one in three of us claim to be unhappy at work.  Indeed, British workers spend an average 25 minutes each day chatting to friends, daydreaming, web-surfing and looking for other jobs, and this costs their employers ?40 million a year. So why do we stay in work we dread, that deadens our spirit and depletes our energy?  Fear, the agony of the “comfort zone”, duty, familiarity or the anxiety of not knowing what it is you want to do next –  are just some excuses.
Find Your Dream Job is a collection of stories of real people who, like you, thought “is this all there is?” and then took small baby steps to achieving a career that fulfills and engages them. Throughout the book your coach, Carole Ann Rice, supplies highly effective step by step coaching tools to hold your hand as you start and then provide the rocket fuel to propel you through the highs and lows of going from floor to soar. Find Your Dream Job is a unique collaboration between coach and client.  Sarah Wade a BBC producer was looking to pursue her passion for inspirational stories by real people.  Could a coach help her focus her vision?

Fascinated by folk who beam enthusiasm and energy and who appeared to love what they did each day Sarah set off in pursuit of finding the story behind their joyful careers.  Working with Carole Ann, Sarah was able to hone her vision and produce an inspirational and eye-opening collection of real stories of real people and produce a book of their journeys.
Carole Ann who has coached countless clients in career transition knows too well the highs and lows of searching for a life purpose.  Her coaching notes keep you supported and motivated throughout the book.
Why not take the first step now and book a 30 minute free trial telephone coaching session? It was scary to make the leap but I've done it and in the process have hurled out 9.5 years of collected rubbish which was tremendously liberating. With the swarm of incredible athletes that surrounds the Olympics, Nike (who wasn’t even an official sponsor this year) strayed a different direction and stood out amongst the crowd. However, this strikes some challenges, especially when your passions don’t provide you with a career outlook.
Are you the type of person who leaves work and head straight to happy hour, or do you normally find yourself hitting up your favorite trail for a refreshing run after the long work day? Many passions are derived from what inspires people to work hard, stay motivated, and feel happy. By listening to your heart and following your interests, you will be on your way to a rewarding and passionate career.
Subscribe to our free newsletter to stay up-to-date on everything we offer, plus news related to content marketing and digital PR. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. Coaching notes are provided to help support and motivate you throughout the dream business building process. It spoke to the general public and called them to the action of finding their own greatness, whatever it may be.

Or do you notice yourself always picking up a Runners World magazine or trying to skim the news online? The way you spend your time can help you realize where your passions are and what means the most to you.
If there is a certain person who inspires you, think about what it is that captures your emotions about that person.
To find your passion, you must focus on what brings you happiness and then you’ll be able to blend that passion into your career. Whatever material you like to read, it can give you a hint of what you’re passionate about. Olivia has experience in content marketing, writing, social media, branding, and public relations. This is extremely impacting due to the health state that this nation, as a whole, is currently in.
Once you examine what your strengths are, take a look at how they apply to your hobbies and interests. This can help lead you in the direction of where to take your career and discover your passion.
You can see within comments that many are inspired by his story, and that you have to start somewhere. In addition, according to different sources, including ABCNew’s article, Nathan as well as his mother are taking this as an opportunity to change their health, and there is talk that Nike plans on doing a follow up ad showing his progress.

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