When you are finding your perfect partner or your soul mate you don’t carry a list and keep ticking off qualities like items on a shopping list. While Isaac was in Beer-Lahai-Roi (long name, but important later), he was out in the field praying and meditating. 1, Don't Go Looking!I know how much you want this, but you aren't going to help anything by looking for a mate yourself! If you're going to relax and trust God for your mate, then you're going to have to realize that God hasn't forgotten about you! Isaac was meditating, seeking God's face, when he looked up and saw his wife coming to him! If that's been your attitude towards your wife, if you've drifted from her a little, or if you're looking for ways to show her you care - Read This! Before we begin, you should know this: as we are enrolled in Redbubble’s affiliate program, we may receive a compensation if you were to buy any of these t-shirts by using our links.
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When you actually meet your soul mate you will be completely mesmerized and you will forget all qualities you were actually looking for. When he looked up he saw his father's servant coming to meet him, with the most beautiful woman he had ever seen!
In the same way, never leave one church for another because of the amount of available singles! Stay In Beer Lahai RoiI know this doesn't make sense at first, but listen to what the name "Beer Lahai Roi" means. Rate some designs, and - if the computer gods crunch away at the right numbers - more t-shirts that you like should come your way. Meeting your soul mate is just magical and it just happens at the right time of your life because your first meeting with your soul mate is a story written by God’s own hands.
Life is a collection of heart-breaks and lessons leading you right into the arms of that person whom you were destined to meet even before you were born. When you know that God's not forcing you into permanent celibacy, it's easier to wait for Him to bring you your mate!

Or to jump the gun, marry someone at 20, have nothing but problems, and then have to pay alimony and child support?
No matter in which part of the world you are there comes a time when your destiny brings you together with your soul mate and unites you in a timeless bond ….
Your destiny will take you to your soul mate and you will meet somewhere, some place and somehow, no matter what circumstances you are in.
When you finally meet your soul mate you realize how perfectly you complement each other and how perfectly God has paired you together.

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