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Finding Your Soul Mate Quote Pinterest Pictures, Finding Your Soul Mate Quote Facebook Images, Finding Your Soul Mate Quote Photos for Tumblr. When you think about it, was the mail order bride service our forefather’s used that different from eHarmony or Christian Mingle? Psychology Today reported that women were three times more likely to give their phone number to a guy who was funny than one who was not.
When it comes to a girl being attracted to personality…well, it takes one to know one. Before we move on to the third kind of attraction, it’s important to know that these first two are the potentially deadly ones. What’s the Bible say? Ahabah (pronounced AH-ha-vah) is the Hebrew word that might be used to describe two people falling in love. While we’re called to agape in all of our interactions, one relationship in particular is specifically designed to uniquely mirror God’s love for us. Agape is not a feeling you get when you encounter someone you find lovable; instead, it involves choosing to express love even—or perhaps especially—when you encounter someone unlovable. MARRIAGES built upon selflessness, choice, commitment, and practicality tend to last longer than those built upon hot bodies and good jokes.
What if you could use a method that guaranteed you’d find someone who would go the distance with you and would meet the deepest longings of your heart.

Your answer to the question above reveals which path you are defaulting to, which is a big deal. Don’t cross those wishes off your list, but take care the priority you give them in finding a guy.
This “love” is characterized by a spontaneous, impulsive display of affection and attraction. About seeking to have or possess someone based solely on how much we value certain aspects of that person versus the whole of them?
It is all about self-denial rather than self-fulfillment; it’s focused on giving rather than on receiving. For example, modern-day arranged marriages seem to be working longer—if not better—in countries like India where the divorce rate hovers at 1 percent compared to fifty percent in the United States.
The steamy poetry of Song of Songs wouldn’t exist if we never gave way to physical and emotional attraction. How precious and important it is to have a man who’s love and passion for God is much greater than his love for me. This lecture mentions some Islamic principles, both general and specific, to consider if you will be meeting or seeking a potential spouse for yourself or someone else.
Because two are potentially deadly and bring with them absolute promise of decreasing qualities. While such affection might relate to a friendship in the Hebrew culture, the word most often refers to the kind of attraction that happens between a man and a woman.
In fact, the love of marriage is supposed to be so powerful that it reveals God’s agape to a lost world.

That sounds so confining and controlled, but everything can be done in freedom or in legalism, including arranging a marriage.
God loves to bring a man and woman together in holy matrimony, just like He did with Adam and Eve.
In these cases, it is largely a physical attraction and emphasizes a sexual aspect of the relationship. A missionary friend in India says the Christians she knows love the romance of an arranged marriage, and they aren’t as archaic as you might think. A young man who has his eye on a bright-eyed Indian girl will go to his parents or his pastor to make arrangements. Patricia King has received clear words from the Lord regarding His desire and plan in this season to connect couples into marriage. Through their advice and leadership, it is determined whether the couple would have the commitment and internal qualities to complement one another. This teaching is fun, faith-filled, empowering, and will help you prepare for coming together with that special someone the Lord has for you. The couple invites the authorities in their lives into the courting process to ensure things progress at a pace that allows true love—not mere attraction—to grow.

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