Meanwhile, Just Outside the High Stone Walls, June Flowers Reign Supreme along the Petite Lawn. While tip toeing through the raindrops this morning, I happened to spot the gorgeous, lavender blossoms of Glaucidium palmatum opening in my Secret Garden today.
The Return of Cooler Temps Extends the Bloom-Time of This Deliciously Fragrant Burkwood Viburnum (V.
This gorgeous orchid has just begun to bloom (Paphiopedilum Magic Leopard #1 x Paphiopedilum fairrieanum). Most herbs, like this rosemary plant, prefer full sun and infrequent watering throughout the winter months. If you have pets or small children in your home, it’s very important to familiarize yourself with toxic plants and either avoid them entirely, or situate them within enclosed terrariums, high upon shelves, or in out-of-the-way, closed-off rooms. In addition to providing a pet-proof glass barrier for poisonous plants, terrariums also increase humidity and create endless possibilities for beautiful display of small, tender plants and objects. This website has been built to the very latest web technologies and you are using an outdated browser. The Secret Garden Tree House is located at the back of a private garden hidden behind a large hedge. This round tree house comes with a rope bridge and swing-set creating a wonderful playground for the children. Tarifa ecolodge consists of a collection of three eco-lodges located in the hills of Andalucia, on the Spanish Costa de la Luz.
The Blue Forest scheme was innovative from the outset and was particularly desirable because it was so unique and appealing to a number of markets. The new Eco Classroom looks amazing, and I'm sure the school will get a lot of use out of it.
Cliff Richard, an old mate of mine and a garden fanatic, saw one at the Chelsea Flower Show and told me it was just what I needed for my new place in Surrey. It was a big investment to make but the finished treehouse really feels like an investment and not an expense. The finished treehouse is amazing as it blends in with the whole woodland and is like stepping into another world. We are thrilled with Cherry Treehouse, and it is set to become an enchanting place of wonder, creativity, and reflection for generations of Feltonfleet children in the future. From my team point of view I've found working with your company to be an easy, hassle free experience with an excellent end result and happy client. This facility will enable classes to undertake fieldwork in the School grounds and will greatly enhance many aspects of the curriculum as well as providing a facility for use by local schools. With an adventurous spirit, I set out to explore Daylesford once more but in a more intimate and slightly more strenuous way, than my previous visit, geocaching around the lake.
Setting out on a hot, summer day we cruised the one and a half hour ride to the cute, country town of Daylesford. The Secret Forest Walks conducted by Brendan Murray, are GPS guided walks in various locations around Daylesford. Whilst waiting for Brendan, we were able to admire the cosy little shops in what seemed to be the bustling hub or town centre of Daylesford.
Thus, we settled with the Bullarto Walk, which would take up to 3-4 hours and included a reservoir and hilltop views, with Mt Macedon in the distance.
The consultation also included a quick run-through of how to use the GPS device, which was fairly straightforward.

Thus, after stopping by Village on Vincent to get some Spanish and German sausages for energy, we ventured to our starting point. At this point we were also to text Brendan, as this was the only area that would receive reception on the walk so we had to let him know that we were alright! The last leg of walk began to test us physically, being quite exhausted from the walk and heat.
WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. Even within the shady depths of my Secret Garden walls, blossoms appear and scent the balmy air.
All photographs, articles and content on this site, (with noted exceptions), are the original, copyrighted property of The Gardener’s Eden and may not be reposted, reproduced or used in any way without prior written consent. You can help support this site by shopping through affiliate links (including Amazon book links).
Throughout the Summer and Into Autumn, the Lovely Leaves Combine Beautifully with Other Shade Plants, and Make a Perfect Accent to the Nearby Water Bowl and Mossy Walls in My Secret Garden. All photos, articles and content on this site (with noted exceptions) are the original, copyrighted property of The Gardener’s Eden and may not be reposted, reproduced or used in any way without prior written consent. Bees buzz and bounce about the ajuga-lined stone path, gathering pollen from the rich, violet-blue carpet of blossoms.
Some orchids prefer dry, desert-like conditions, and others prefer tropical heat and humidity.
Cacti and succulents thrive in hot, dry conditions; making them perfect winter residents for homes with wood stoves and furnaces. Learn how to make a terrarium and find more resources on my Indoor Eden page by clicking here. Please upgrade your browser with either the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to improve your experience. There is lots of space inside, including a desk and chairs providing some comfort and activity for rainy days. The rope bridge leading to the treehouse separates the structure from the rest of the garden and the family home. Each lodge enjoys incredible views of Africa across the Straits of Gibraltar and is highly insulated to withstand the harsh environment.
I hope that it brings significant benefits to the young people who will use it and that it will help them to regain confidence in themselves. The structure and steps appear very solid and the cladding helps it to blend in well with the surroundings. Blue Forest have delivered exactly what they promised, and more, and we are enormously grateful to them. The drive there, in itself, is full of green scenery and typical, country town vibes that make you wish you lived there. Before the journey can begin, there is a consultation at the Breakfast and Beer Cafe to discuss the most suitable walk. With the sun out, we sat outside with coffees as Brendan flipped through a large collection of laminated maps of the walks he had designed. We asked about the scenic views, but also the difficulty level in walking uphill and so forth as we are not really hikers.

The idea was to take our time and inform Brendan when we were on the way back, in order to meet again at the consultation spot.
You ensure you stay on the pink line mapped on the GPS and if you veer off track, the line becomes red, so you merely go back the way you came. You can make out some worn-into paths between all the grass, but besides this the walk feels very secluded in the open fields and tall trees. It was doable, but not easy, and being the 30 degree day that it was, we were evidently quite puffed. Brendan warned us that there would be signs against trespassers, but assured us that it would be OK and that we might even see other people by there, perhaps even fishing, which we did. At the end we even had to walk through a paddock of tall grass, and we spotted some kangaroos in the distance and heard some wombats. A small percentage of each sale will be paid to this site, helping to cover web hosting and maintenance costs. Driving conditions are treacherous in the hills today, but who would want to depart with such beauty to admire? Balsam, I will miss your sweet fragrance, but you were growing stale and it was time for a fresh start). Click back to my previous post on orchid obsession for resources and easy-care, species suggestions. Some aspects of walks can also be modified, for example you can skip a more difficult section, so the consultation proves that these walks can be quite flexible in some cases. It also directed us to the starting point of the walk, which took about 10-15 minutes to drive to. Eventually we found ourselves in line with pink, however we couldn't find the pink posts that Brendan had placed there to indicate the start of the walk. It was too late to go back, so we thought surely there's nothing wrong, as long as we follow the pink line back the other way. The view could be seen between the trees and provided an aerial view, with mountains in the distance. Still, Mother Nature is kind enough to keep extending the daylight hours, allowing me a few stolen moments in the early and latter part of my day to snap a few photos and pull a few weeds.
This Veronica Truly is a Wispy & Ephemeral Flower, With a Short but Unforgettable Showing. Temperatures in the northeast can still be quite chilly at this time of year and I always check the forecast on clear nights and protect tender plants when the mercury drops. Of course no sooner did I shove that big boy out the door than I began to long for something fresh and new to fill the void.
Just as you would investigate the cultural requirements of a perennial or shrub before choosing a spot for it in your garden, it’s wise to get familiar with the needs of your houseplants in order to provide them with the best microclimate within your home.
Click back to my previous post on the subject of insect infestation for some non-toxic solutions and trouble-shooting resources. But it was a small price to pay for an amazing and testing walk, providing us some peace away from everyday Melbourne life.

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