This month I’m sharing a template for Free Printable Place Cards with an elegant scroll design. The place cards can be stood up and used as they are, or embellished to coordinate with your wedding theme. There are lots of fun ways to personalize the cards so get your thinking cap on and get crafty.
Anna Skye offers wedding templates on her website Download & Print to help DIY Brides create their own invitations, rsvp cards, and programs. I am also thinking about getting diamond stickers from the dollar store if ever I decide to print them in black and white. The design is in basic black but you can customize the look by changing the color of your paper! Unfortunately it is not possible to print white ink on black cardstock with a basic printer at home.
I love these place cards and was wondering if you had a printable document for table numbers? Just leave a bit of the paper at the edge of the top side as you cut to keep the guides attached. Cut vertically, leaving the top still attached, then cut horizontally from the top to bottom. Just select a font, a template and enter your names and will generate a PDF of table cards, including cutmarks.

10 May, 2013 by Jewels Phraner · 3 Comments When I was young, every single night, I would have nightmares about bugs attacking me. The other night, I dreamed that I was free-falling down a black tunnel, and three-dimensional, life-sized phrases, like carved out of rock or something, were flying at me.
So I don’t have any nightmare spray lying around anymore, but I decided to face my apparent fear of The List head on and make a comprehensive to do list for wedding-related items that must be completed in the next four months. One of my favorite wedding planning books, A Practical Wedding by Meg Keene, offers the very best approach to wedding planning checklists. Having secured what we found to be our personal essentials, I feel a lot better at looking at a to do list now, as a form of organization. There’s definitely a lot more to do than already done, but I feel a lot more organized with the list, instead of sporadically thinking (dreaming? Add the names from your guest list in the text box, and change the table number in the gray circle so that it is correct according to your seating plan.
Adjust the font size until you are pleased with the look, then carry these settings to the remaining cards.
User a paper trimmer, scissors, or an X-acto knife and ruler to trim the cards to size along the trim lines.
This task can also be achieved by folding and pressing with your hands if you don’t have a bone folder available. These cards would work attached to a photo clip in your wedding color, or placed in a small picture frame.

The senior center is throwing a Murder Mystery Dinner and these were perfect for the theme. Move on to the next 4 names and repeat until you’ve completed cards for your entire guest list. I felt like there were millions of barely visible bugs that only came out at night and were flying all around me trying to eat my skin off. Include a photo of the bride and groom behind the place card and have it double as your favors. Then you can merge all the PDF files together and take it to the printer of your choice or print at home! Is there a way I can duplicate the template in the same document so I don’t have to create multiple documents? We taped that to the front of the can, and every night before I went to bed we sprayed it around the room.
It can encourage mingling, it can keep the conversation rolling by having talkative guests at a table with more reserved guests, and, for those name challenged guests, a seating plan with place cards will ensure the gentleman you keep referring to as Harry, is actually Harry.

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