February 24, 2013 by Charlene Leave a Comment Is it unfortunate that many dating sites out there expect you to pay a fee for the privilege of having access to potential dates – no! So many free dating sites are popping up all over the place, and appear on the face of it to be the perfect solution for those that want a quick, easy and cheap way of finding that special someone. Many free dating sites claim they allow you to find that special someone without having to spend a fortune in the process, this is simply not the case.
Is it like preying on those of us that don’t have the time to find dates elsewhere, taunting us almost, telling us that there are plenty of dates to be found but you have to pay for it first – no!

With budgets being increasingly tight they couldn’t have come at a better time, because who wants to pay for talking to someone?
In the past, a lot of people have been torn between wanting to find someone and not wanting to pay and in the end many would simply cough up, there is an alternative – free dating sites – however, they are not always all they appear to be. Ploys such as “browse potential matches for free!” are common, only for them to turn round and tell you that yes, you can browse for free, but if you want to actually have a conversation, see who has read your emails, promote your profile then you need to pay for it. We’re sure you’ll find someone that appeals to you, however, as you will often find in life, you get what you pay for – quality!

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