Free Kindle Book - [Self-Help][Free] Make Up Made Simple: Learn how make up came about and exactly how to put on make up to make you look beautiful. The coloring book is a major source of creativity and relaxation that's rarely been available to those of us who've already gone through puberty.
Today we're ogling the extensive selection of Creative Haven's adult coloring books, which give grown-ups of any degree of artistic aptitude an outlet to let those creative juices flow. We've long professed the scientifically proven benefits of coloring, from reducing stress to stimulating the senses.

Nap time, snack time, recess, second nap time -- how could any third-grader not be completely zenned out?
From nature-centric mandalas to steampunk designs, the selection has a coloring book for just about every aesthetic predilection.
As coloring book guru Johanna Basford put it: "Some time spent with the simple task of adding color to the page and creating something beautiful really seems to appeal to people.
But these days, lipsticks, foundations and other kinds of makeup would even go out of stock at Walmart.

As we've covered before, the contemporary art world has introduced us to a generous helping of coloring books that provide adults with the stimulating and calming artistic tools they so desire. Chances are last time you spent an hour or so coloring in you didn’t have a mortgage and you weren’t worried about a nagging boss or the financial crisis!

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