Meditation has many, many benefits and this of course has been known about for eons by yogis and many spiritual practitioners. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of supposed experts in mindfulness “Training” now and all of them are charging you plenty of money to learn something the Buddha taught for FREE! For Buddhists, the object of our Samadhi focus tends to be our deities but because not everyone is Buddhist the object of your focus can be any object you like. I hope this encourages you to try meditation and make it part of your lifestyle of well being and happiness.
Client TestimonialsI have just started to go to Craig for massages and I get a lot of alternative therapies done around the southwest. With blood pressure and antioxidant level measurement (before the meditation), and free healing sessions. There are just some free spots available, please write me an e-mail, if you want to have a treatment. In the course of this guided meditation you will be able to create your own heart sanctuary, an island of calmness and inner peace, a place you can return to at anytime for refills. The Crystalitas Spiritual Community, which was founded on the 30th of December 2010, aims to help people become acquainted (you too!) with ancient healing sciences such as Traditional Reiki, Crystal Healing, Tantra Yoga, Psychosurgery, Regression Therapy and Meditation. In July 2010, I was in Soltvadkert (Hungary,) in the Reiki camp that belongs to the Hungarian Reiki Association, the Crystal Academy and the Lake of Goodness Foundation, where my Master was conducting a course on DNA fibers.
Crystalitas means crystal power, which is a sort of combination of two Latin words: a€?crystallusa€? (rock crystal) and a€?vitalitasa€? (vitality, life force). The Crystalitas Spiritual Community based in France is currently in Paris, but you dona€™t have to live in Paris to join us! The a€?place of health and wisdoma€? slogan means that, through wisdom, what you have acquired in our community and have applied correctly in your daily life, will allow you to get closer to yourself.
Let us be grateful to be part of this Universe, let us fill up every single day with love, and leta€™s try to do a little something so we can live on a more peaceful and happier planet.
Laurie Levine takes you through a guided meditation into each chakra and energy center for healing and harmony. In this session, I am offering *Free counselling* Scanning & Viewing Auras n Chakra's *Meditation and reading.
My name is Ayesha I am a Certified Hypnotherapist, Metaphysics, ParaPsychological, Counselor, Minister Reiki Practitioner, have done my MBA in marketing and also providing training and coaching to achieving different aspect of life like how to attract and maintain prosperity and positivity, how to enhance income and wisdom, bring love awareness and fulfillment into your life.
7 heaven Therapies promote new dimensional therapeutic treatments and mind body soul healing therapies and techniques. Exploring your thoughts with a professional, non-judgmental person can make you feel less alone and more able to sort out your thoughts in a productive way.

These Therapies and Techniques for anxiety, stress, and pain relief and for solving emotional mental and health related problems. This is a group for anyone interested in Hypnotherapy, Metaphysical Therapy, Parapsychological phenomena ,Meditations and Mindfulness Therapy, Reiki, Energy and Spiritual Healing.
These Methods and Techniques are Design to Heal and Transform your Mind Body Soul into Spiritual Levels. The west has embraced more of the Buddhist methodologies of meditation touting “Mindfulness” as a bit of a miracle!
You start by focusing your attention on your breath, a sensation in the body, or a chosen word or phrase. They are all effective tools for preserving health, preventing diseases, and deepening our understanding about ourselves and the Universe that surrounds us. Then, all of a sudden, the name a€?Crystalitasa€? popped into my mind, but I didna€™t know at that time what it was going to be for.
Crystal energy a€“ if you use it well a€“ can help you in the many different domains in your life. Once closer to yourself, you will be able to use your energies to maintain your state of good health instead of spending them curing illnesses. I hope for all of us that life isna€™t a problem to be solved, but a meaningful experience of reality. I am currently working as a VP at Reddax Business Group Inc Ontario Canada, As well as running my own 7 Heaven Therapies Clinic. Maybe sometimes in your life when you are really upset about something or very confused or deeply unhappy you can't share with your friends and relatives because you don't want to expose your secret part to others. Our main purpose to promote mind body soul healing therapies and techniques, which are beneficial for those who are seeking help and awareness in their life. And everyone who is interested in these topics and those who just want to explore maybe would like to learn more about are also welcomed! Plz, give a chance to other members to attend this meetup session, thanks for your cooperation. Because you are holding on someone else spot those how are waiting in a long Que for their turn. You note the thoughts, emotions, and background sounds that arise from moment to moment, observing them without analyzing them or making judgments about what’s going on around you. I personally have gained greatly from meditation practice and I feel it should be freely taught in schools and to anyone wanting to learn it. Many people enjoy using these for their object or point of focus in their meditation practices.

The heart sanctuary is a place, which we create in our heart chakra according to our ideas. I could feel the warm healing energy of the crystal and a very deep connection with myself.
Along with this I do Samadhi, Mindfulness and Emptiness meditation practices weekly and daily.
If you drift into thoughts about the past or concerns about the future, you bring your attention back to the present, for example, by refocusing on your breathing.
To this end, I am making available here a series of instructional videos on Samadhi meditation taught by Geshe Gnawan Gendun of the Australian Tibetan Buddhist Centre.
Try using the free wallpaper first and if you find one you love, then consider purchasing a print for your meditation space at home.
We can return to our heart sanctuary at anytime, this return will always be healing and relaxing for us. Now western science has done some study and the results are quite in line with what the high Lamas have been teaching for many thousands of years. In keeping with what i was taught there, I am passing this knowledge on freely to those who wish to learn it. This means to go through the preliminary stages like in mindfulness; to slow the breathing, relax and observe but rather than just watching your thoughts, you try to maintain focus one one object or visualization. During our life on the Earth if we activate our Elemental Self (with a Tantra Yoga course), we can solicit help and get in touch with the Elementars (which are responsible for the natural vital processes of the Earth). Then I got home and I called my parents to tell them how much I love them and how important they are to me, and so I felt really complete the whole evening. This is a great meditation discipline for getting ready to do more in depth tantric or esoteric practices later and just a greatly beneficial daily practice to enhance all apsects of your life and well being. They have free access to Gaiaa€™s (Mother Eartha€™s) world, they have inherited their knowledge from the continuous connection to the ancient people of the level below the Elementars.
This includes that ancient picture sample that everybody has to recognize in every incarnation for further development.

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