This Magical Evening will include basic meditation and relaxation techniques, chanting and a powerful healing group meditation which is initially guided. Sometimes in life the best things are for free, and this is certainly the case with the monthly Full Moon Meditation gathering on Camps Bay Beach. Enjoy this powerful FREE Global Healing Meditation under the Light of the Full Moon or indoors, wherever you are in the world. Originally designed to connect people across the planet for the group Full Moon Meditation in BALI on 30 September 2012, this guided meditation can be now done for ANY Full Moon.

Michelle continually inspires me with her commitment to helping healers (including myself, as a life coach) reclaim their divine light. Michelle is a great mentor and healer and has taught me so much that will stay with me for life.
Want to Post Your Own Article?If you'd like to be a guest author just CLICK HERE to post your article. This opportunity is a moment of Regeneration, a moment in which you can again connect with your lost vision or a new and greater vision, charge all your being, and set your steps right on the path of evolution and service.

Hosted by Paradigm Shift, the event is growing in popularity for people wanting to connect with their spiritual self while taking in the phenomenal setting of Camps Bay during sunset. At the time of the Full Moon there is a greater opportunity to release many obstacles and hindrances in one’s nature.

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