Let’s be frank and straight: Galaxy Life is basically a city-building simulation, but coated with multiple layers of fun to finally conjure up as a hybrid game worth a try.
Galaxy Life leaves to our hands a planet in the distant galaxy where adorable Starlings inhabit. Our first mission is to set up turrets to fend away the invasion by Firebit’s evil army, which is then followed by an active attack on Firebit’s Planet.
Personally, I like almost everything (especially those animated starlings) of the game except the time-consuming and somewhat trivial building and training mechanics as well as the high frequency of reloading request.
I just started an alliance, does anyone know how I can invite my members to be friends so I can help them. Top online Games - DotMMO rates and votes weekly top games before you make a decision to play, including online MMORPG games, browser games and social RPGs.
Galaxy Life is the most popular online game on Facebook, which revolves around the Starlings, colorful planets and space age technology. With its popularity gaining rapid momentum, it seems like each one of you would want to be a winner.
Our Galaxy Life Hack 2012 is the most secure and reliable hack than any other available online. This hack is so awesome I just tried it by myself and I can tell you people that it works perfectly !
To kick off what we are expecting to be one heck of a 2016 smartphone season, we have the Samsung Galaxy S7 in house and in-hand, ready for us to attack it. As a quick recap, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge arrive officially on March 11, but you can pre-order them today from all of the major carriers.
Although I’ll never trust Sammy again after the S6 problems I had, this looks on par with how great the size and camera was. The has glue very thick to keep the water out they already open the phone up the only gasket is on the sd tray and they say make sure it’s dry before charging.
Got my phone and jumped in a fresh water pool with my phone playing music, swam around some maybe 10 minutes. I ordered the black version since I was going for silver and thought that was too much of a finger print magnet. My Note 5 had some scratches, nothing I’d typically notice unless I was specifically looking for them though.
I thought smartphone were going to stop having those FCC tags and instead putting them in the software. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i just put my case on and now i don’t feel like taking it off to remove the sticker.
Complaints that are legit are things like poor battery life, lack of microSD card slot, overheating, etc., not stupid FCC labels.
I’m also interested in Salt water like at the beach, in case I were to drop it by accident. In the new set of photos, we get a look at the device in someone’s hand, but also side views that clearly show a chamfered edge along its sides.
As far as the size of the device goes, it looks like a small enough device that one could handle it without the use of a second hand. Glad to see that pesky copyright infringement lawsuit they lost hasn’t slowed down Samsungs copycat ,er, design team any.
I am fine with the materials of my note3 but I certainly wouldn’t mind a metal band adding a bit more rigidity. I have been rocking my plastic Note2 for almost 2 years now and for the life of me I can’t understand why there is all this hate over Samsung?
Well, we fully intended to use metal, but then the carriers woke up and stopped pushing our phones, and our profits plummetted.
Especially since the farthest one isn’t on the same level as the 2 that are next to each other.
All metal phones are good on smaller devices, but at that size soft touch is probably the best. The Droid X still has the best materials and finish as any smart phone I’ve ever seen. Agree with M8, had it for few weeks, while the phone is sexy and snappy weight and slipperyness ruined the phone, and what’s the point when you will be putting a case anyway.
I don’t need metal, i just need something that feels better than what they are putting down. I don’t think that Samsung phones are ugly however this design is starting to show some sings of age and so I kind of agree with you about this. The Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4, the Snapdragon 600 one, got a software update and while we felt like a new battery test was in order. Talk time saw a massive improvement of just over 4 hours, putting the I9505 Galaxy S4 close to the top of this chart.
Surprisingly, web browsing started killing the battery faster after the update – an hour and twenty minutes faster to be specific.
Video playback compensated with an improvement of just over 2 hour, once again putting the Samsung Galaxy S4 close to the top. Standby power usage doesn’t seem to have changed much, but the (mostly) improved performance in the individual tests did push the endurance rating up to 69 hours (up from 63 hours).
Verizon announced availability of the Samsung Galaxy Core today, a mid range device featuring Samsung’s design principles from a couple of years ago.

My SG3 used 1 GB of ram while idling with no apps running in background, and having 20% of touchwiz bloat, i Mean features forced stopped from running, like dual windows and so on that could be stopped. I know, but people who read this site for the most part would never even consider a phone like this. I’d possibly consider downgrading to a phone at this level just to have a smaller device again. T-Mobile and AT&T both release Galaxy S6 teasers; yet what does Big Red think is important to tell us about? Existing Verizon customer eligible for upgrade (out of contract) qualifies for same opportunity.
Existing Verizon customer still under contract, pays $200 for phone but doesn’t receive a discount until their original contract expires. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. Peaceful life is interrupted by the chaos brought about by Firebit, an evil starling born out of a rotten seed. The combat is styled an easy and childlike fashion that we only see the little adorable starlings scurry around various buildings for a moment and then battle comes to an end with facilities damaged with black smokes rising from them. In the following, episodes in the form of quests go logically from one to another: some of Starlinators (the populace in the planet) sent by the Resistance to help are kidnapped by Firebit’s army in the revengeful attack, which in turn leads to the rescue mission and the Spy act.
At low-level, the construction time is relatively short, but free workers are also limited. As part of the storyline, we can often spy or attack planets seized by evil Firebit and Sparragon, but we can also do to other players the same military action.
Cartoonish style is perfectly shown in its colorful graphics, delightful back music and childlike animation of lovely starlings. We have a thread for it over on our Game Center forums if you want to see the achievements and also talk about different tips and tricks. This game brings out the leadership skills in you while at war or while defending your space colony. If you do choose to pre-order, there is a good chance that your phone will arrive well before March 11.
Here in South Africa we have to wait till the 11th March which sucks I have my heart set on gold s7 too so was great to see what I can look forward to. When I got out my phone was working just fine I just had to shake water out of the speaker. I never used them until I discovered that they work better as a PS4 headset than the included mono earphone that Sony gives you with the system.
I keep a pair in my laptop bag from the Galaxy Nexus in case I need em and I think they sound great.
I did try the no case thing at first and quickly discovered how soft the aluminum is and gave up that idea. I have a black unit and there’s no text on the rear except the Samsung and Galaxy logos. The photos certainly seem to confirm previous rumors, that the device will indeed include a metallic band around its outside, giving off what should be a more premium feel than past handsets. If you want to say that this phone looks a hell of a lot like an iPhone from the side, I don’t think you will find many to disagree with you. That form may have also led Samsung to drop the specs a bit, as it is rumored to carry only a 4.8-inch 720p display, rather than the 1080p panels that the company has used in flagship devices over the last couple of years. If Samsung were to carry this metallic design into future flagships, like the Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy S6, would you be more interested in them?
I have no issue with it in fact the Note 2 still runs just as smooth as it did the very first day I took it out of the box and used it for the very first day. I just think Samsung is taking a lot of shortcuts, I wouldn’t mind a fake metal like LG. It still felt better than anything Samsung has put out, but nothing has felt as solid and strong as the X.
I love my S5, but if they wanted chrome around the phone, they should’ve used real metal, and then they could use it as an antenna as well! It would sure be nice if Samsung changed and updated the design of their galaxy line of phones. A lot has changed since we released our first test and we were curious to find out how it has affected the smartphone’s power autonomy.
At 7 hours and 24 minutes, the new Galaxy S4 result isn’t bad, but it’s no longer one of the best.
With this improvement, the Samsung flagship managed to overtake the iPhone 5 and the even the Galaxy Note II.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 was one of the most solid performers when it comes to battery life and it’s now even better. Those Cortex-A7 cores better justify the existence of the I9500 as the Cortex-A15 and PowerVR SGX544MP3 don’t really offer all that great performance boost. The device runs Android 4.4, comes with capacitive buttons, a beautiful home button, and TouchWiz, of course. I almost stuck with my G2 over getting a G3 because of size but got it for a $1 in an unlimited data upgrade loophole so went for it.
Wars usually mark the start of a legend, and it’s no exception to the back story of Galaxy Life.

On and on, the closely knit storyline takes us into various activities alternated mainly between building and combating. To go with the quest line, a series of buildings such as Compact House, Mine, Silo and Bank, etc.
Besides, there are also some free planets where we can colonize or invite friends to play on it.
Little figure with big eyes, those starlings really light up the graphics with every move, toddling around, playing on the swing and hasting in work.
Or, even when you are leading your Starling Colony in battle, finding allies in the deep abyss of space and extending your borders and building your own settlements.
A 100% robust hack, Galaxy Life hack provides all inherent solutions for your onward journey to victory.
The best feature of this hack is that at the end of every week, it adds some amounts of Gold Coins to your account by default. If you want to see our initial impressions of the phone during the launch party, you can see those here. Would love to see a camera comparison to last years version and also just how smooth the software holds up to moving through apps. Does it really, and do you think it would affect the application of tempered screen protectors?
Not a dealbreaker for me or probably any of these people but, asking why they are even there is a valid question and complaint. Plastic works just fine for me, especially if it’s nice enough plastic, like the Nexus 5, Moto X, and G3 all have. If they used plastic more along the lines of what Motorola or Nokia uses, the entire dynamic of the phone would be different. And Verizon pays you to have it if you are on the right plan… Desperate for growth much? Also please make sure that if you have friends go out of contract that they request the discount.
We can even see them chat with each other during walk, when the icons like a smiling face or a nodding-off z appearing overhead. There are many more Galaxy Life cheats available on the internet, but our Galaxy Life Hack is a clear winner amongst all.
Not sure why anyone would want a electronic device near water anyway but I guess it’s good to have. In addition to the resource-related facilities, various types also fall into the category of Army, Defense, Turrets and Decoration. We can’t, for we need to gather required materials such as tool case and mallet, or directly let money talk by spending Galaxy Chips (in-game premium currency) to get it done. If the defense is not good enough (it’s usually not good enough), we will have to consume mineral resources repairing the damaged buildings afterward. What makes this hack even more interesting is that it provides your account with a shield from any ban or suspension. I know that to a point everyone is copying each other but Apple seems to copy everyone else the most.
Great phone, but most people that use samsung have now had that design for years and are tired of it. All together provides diversified play in training military units to attack and loot, adding more defensive towers to counter invasion and building entertaining structures such as swings and elastic beds for citizens to have fun.
Materials are gained via clearing all kinds of rocks, craters and plants scattered around, or visiting to help in friends’ planets.
Units are hard-earned but heartbreakingly vulnerable in combat: I activated and trained 10 Looters for minutes and send them out attacking Sparragon’s Planet as directed by quests, only to see, irritatingly, them eliminated in a few seconds there. With the gameplay of Alliance on the way, we may expect more for the combat and socialization in the final version of Galaxy Life. This phone is a gutless piece of trash that will very likely be bought by those just looking for a cheap phone. It even has an auto update system, so you just have to download the hack once and it would automatically update any new features all by itself. Sorry Apple but this is no longer a competition between Android vs iOS this is now Android vs all the Smartphone manufacturers and I laugh when people still claim that the iphone is in second place when the numbers each and every year show otherwise. So getting this phone on Edge would INCREASE your bill by $8 a month since you’re already getting that discount on your bill. As to the quicker way of using Galaxy Chips, I only have 8 chips, a world away from the 280 chips needed to hire one worker. So, you can now continue building colonies and earn respect of all your adversaries and friends.
I expect Apple to have a big Q4 but they won’t overtake Android [NO ONE WILL IN THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE] PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW THE LEADER BUY APPLE IPHONES. Galaxy Life Facebook hack has been tested on almost all servers and it has come out successfully. When we level up, the building rhythm doesn’t accelerate much because of the prolonged building time and more materials in demand.

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