Sheryl Crow, The Killers, Ray Romano, David Spade, Natasha Bedingfield, LifeHouse, James Taylor, David Foster and many more.
Andre Agassi, The Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation (AACF) is dedicated to transforming U.S. Since its inception, the Foundation has supported more than 20 organizations and raised more than $70 million for programs designed to enhance a child's character, self-esteem and career possibilities.

Wynn Las Vegas The annual event which benefits the foundation is the  biggest entertainment night of the year in Las Vegas.
Distinctive Assets not only produces the Gift Bags and Talent Lounges for many major award shows but also provides Celebrity Placement, Public Relations, Product Integration and Branding Opportunities within the entertainment industry and beyond. The Foundation drives reform by engaging in practice, policy and partnerships that provide quality education and enrichment opportunities.

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