I am a sucker for romance, a hopeless romantic at heart, and I felt that Glee has told and taught me a lot over the years.
I know that no relationship is perfect, if it was, then that just isn't a relationship at all. Sam and Mercedes, not your stereotypical relationship but something that defeats all norms. After the defeat at Nationals and the consequently imminent break up of the glee club by Principal Sue, the alumni return to McKinley to share stories and to celebrate what the last 100 lessons have meant to them. Rachel and Mercedes return to Lima after learning that Glee Club has been disbanded after their loss at Nationals.
Will thanks everyone for coming so they can all celebrate what the Glee Club has meant to all of them over the years. Biff is also present during the number and several New Directions members notice him texting during the performance. At McKinley, April and Will try to convince Sue that April has a say over who can use the auditorium as she is funding it. Out in the courtyard, Brittany is recreating a famous chess game with people acting as the chess pieces. After the performance, Puck says he would like to move to the auditorium for his number, Keep Holding On. Meanwhile, Sue and Becky have proof for Will and April that Will has bankrupted the club with the purchase of elaborate costumes and sets in the auditorium and April has no more money as she is under indictment related to her most recent boyfriend’s shady financial background. In the boys locker room, Quinn joins Puck who is looking at Finn’s football jersey, which was retired after his death. Brittany kisses Santana, but Santana pulls away and says it is a bad idea, as she has worked hard to get over her.
The episode ends with Will and the original members of New Directions, minus Matt and Finn, in the auditorium, where Finn and Lillian’s plaques remain.
Glee: The Music, Celebrating 100 Episodes is an album accompanying the music from New Directions and this episode, as a celebration of the show's special milestone. Dog Days Are Over was originally going to be sung in this episode by Holly Holliday, however, it was changed to Happy for unknown reasons.
This is the fourth episode ever to be written by all three co-creators, the other three being Pilot, Showmance, and The Quarterback. During the Fondue For Two segment, Brittany asks Mercedes if it's true that she has been a really good dancer all the time, but just wanted to be a "park and bark". It is revealed by April and Holly that there is a Facebook page for all the guests of the glee club and that is how they know each other. The result of the operation that Brittany was asked to work out by the MIT scientists in the flashback is actually 6, as she answered. In the bathroom scene between Rachel and Mercedes, Mercedes is seen wearing heels but when they return to the choir room she is now wearing similar color flats.
Before the Happy performance, there's an empty chair next to Blaine - Kurt isn't in the choir room.
The episode is held after the Nationals of 2013 (the end of May, 2013), but Holly sings "Happy" which was released about six months later on November 21, 2013.
Will says that the lesson is "100" because it is the 100th lesson, but in fact this is the 74th lesson in the series. You gotta give it to Unique Adams for her voice and the way the writers helped arrange the I Know Where I’ve Been performance from 6x07.
I was glad and happy and high as a kite when I found out that Mercedes was the Maid of Honour.
I had always known that Kurt was special and that someone as amazing as he is deserves someone just as great.

Their relationship may not have been smooth sailing, but I feel that they know in their hearts that they are truly meant for each other. Split into two parts, this first part of the episode aired on March 18, 2014, with the second part airing a week later on March 25, 2014. Among the returnees are the dueling divas Rachel and Mercedes, who, in spite of the fact that they are making progress in their own industries, seem determined to revive an old feud. Both girls seem taken aback at the lack of McKinley fanfare in their honor, given the recent success they both have had: Rachel for Funny Girl and Mercedes for her upcoming album.
He feels that he has found a purpose in life now that he is in the Air Force, and as far as he is concerned, the past is be dead to him - except for Quinn. Outside, Quinn is coming clean about her high school past to Biff, who is unhappy about the news he is hearing and calls her an unflattering name. Quinn tells Puck he wouldn't want to be with her, as she is terrible at being in relationships.
The group is emotional, and Will tells them that he didn’t bring them together to cheer them up, but to thank them for being part of the wonderful journey that the Glee Club has been. Fans had to choose among thirty classic Glee performances, so that ten of them would later be featured on the episode.
Cooper Anderson, Shelby Corcoran and David Martinez were invited as well, but they don't appear in the episode. However, not only has he been shown to be right handed in previous episodes, he's shown to be right handed in this episode as well.
It was so powerful and breath-taking, and I swear I almost cried when it got closer to the end.
He´s shoehorned into every scene without logic, and without any reason he should be there. He’s not always the best boyfriend ever, but when it comes to friendship he really supports and loves everyone. Never has either Sam or Mercedes given other relationships a chance as much as they have given each other. A new and improved Puck, recently inducted into the military, intends to impress Quinn, his old girlfriend and mother of his daughter - he receives an unwanted surprise in the process. In the choir room, various New Directions members do congratulate Rachel and Mercedes, but it is clear that being back in Lima sparked feelings of rivalry between the girls. He then announces that he has asked April to return, as she saved the club’s auditorium years ago. Upset, Santana reminds Brittany that her true love is dance and suggests they do a number together.
Puck beats Biff up, sending him into a dumpster and tells Quinn to either help her boyfriend or return to the choir room with her real friends. Puck reveals that he loves her and points out that he is the only guy she has ever really been honest with. Send in your thoughts and opinions on characters, storylines, and relationships so we can post the graphic for the world to see. Whatever obstacles they come across, when it seems like Samcedes is over, Sam will find his way back to Mercedes and Mercedes will find her way back to Sam for their hearts and souls are tethered. The MIT student and newfound mathematical genius Brittany believes that she has permanently lost her creative streak, and the Broadway bad girl and alcoholic April Rhodes may have a solution for the doomed glee club, but not if Sue has anything to say about it.
Rachel and Mercedes each rush to take a seat at the front of the group, with Rachel just beating Mercedes to it.
Will and April kick off the celebration with Raise Your Glass, and alumni and current New Directions join in. Quinn jokes that it looks a little itchy, but then says he looks handsome and remarks that he seems to have a renewed confidence about him.

Quinn tries to defend him, saying that he is busy with school and extracurricular activities.
They reveal some not so favorable details of Quinn’s past, such as the time she dyed her hair pink, got a Ryan Seacrest tattoo and became a “skank” her senior year. Will suggests they hold off a day on voting to allow the performances to sink in, much to the annoyance of Rachel and Mercedes.
Meanwhile, Rachel and Mercedes are seen trying to convince various New Directions members to vote for them as the real diva of Glee Club. Puck tries to tell her to hold on to her past, because it is a part of who she is, but she says she is in love with Biff and wants to forget. In the choir room, New Directions are finally voting for the diva off and Will is about to count the votes when Rachel and Mercedes return.
Brittany tells Santana that it feels good to be around her again and that she has seen the world and only wants to be with her. Such love and devotion is not so easily found and Kurt and Blaine are so lucky to have found each other, especially at such a young age. Meanwhile, Santana compliments Brittany for her role in the performance, particularly the dancing, but Brittany says she has to focus on what she is best at, math.
Back in the choir room, the Glee Club is about to vote for the winner of the diva off when Santana interrupts.
The ladies tell the group that they have decided not to have a vote as it would be unproductive and narcissistic. Meanwhile, Santana is talking with Brittany, telling her that she should be enjoying her life rather than beginning locked away in some math lab. Brittany then hosts her next Fondue For Two segment; she has invited both Mercedes and Rachel.
Quinn tells her friends that she is trying to present herself the best way possible due to Biff’s wealthy background, as if she married him she would be “set for life”. Santana interrupts Puck and says she would like to do a dance duet with Brittany, which turns out to be Valerie, in hopes of inspiring Brittany to get back in touch with her creative side. She tells Rachel that she is a horrible person and that she has "often sold people down the river for a solo". Brittany ponders if Rachel really has been to New York, and suggests that Rachel has been lying about attending NYADA, her job as a singing waitress, and her role in Funny Girl. Furthermore, she reveals that she did not win Prom Queen; it was rigged by Santana and Quinn because they felt bad for her.
April apologizes to the Glee Club for having raised their hopes that she would be able to save New Directions, and reveals that she has found Holly in hopes she could raise their spirits.
Biff is well off and claims that his family planted the first ever McIntosh apple orchard in Pennsylvania. She then questions Mercedes’ dance abilities and asks what each girl plans to sing for Glee Club. Santana finds her and Brittany tells her she misses her old life before she became a “mathematical genius”.
The girls then decide to use the song as a “Diva off” so that the Glee Club can, at long last, decide who the “true diva” of New Directions is. Rachel says that being in New York still feels like high school sometimes, which Mercedes can relate to.

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