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Our chair, also called the Mindfulness Meditation Chair, is a beautifully designed, contemporary chair with adjustable back support.It has been created to keep your body relaxed in an open position, with the spine correctly aligned, for longer periods of sitting. No need to use muscle tension to hold your body in any particular position – the meditation chair does it for you.
The foot rest, included as part of the chair experience, provides a comfortable treat for your ankles and feet. The Basho Zen Meditation chair is light, portable, easy to fold away and to adjust according to your own individual needs. The shape and size of the table gives room for working with your laptop, with good space and support under the forearms if needed. The adjustable backrest gives extra comfort when you need to work in a seated position for a long time, making this chair and table combination a useful addition to conventional office furniture. We've been hearing that the traditional cross-legged meditation posture is too difficult for beginners.
MEDITATION TIP: This breathing exercise is very helpful when we're overcome by negative emotion.
In Son meditation we use a method of breathing called diaphragmatic breathing, which sometimes is also called "belly breathing" and "abdominal breathing." This is considered the most efficient and effective breathing method for the human body. MEDITATION TIP: Coordinating the movement of your lower belly with your breathing can be tricky for beginners. MEDITATION TIP: Don't do diaphragmatic breathing until at least two hours after a heavy meal.
You want your diaphragmatic breathing to be long, slow, and gentle, but keep it in your comfort zone. Diaphragmatic Breathing-Counting Meditation is traditionally used to build the mental skill of concentration and the physical skill of self-willed relaxation in novice meditation monks.
This exercise can also be an extremely helpful way for modern lay beginners to ease into their own personal meditation practice. Practice consistently and over time your breathing cycle will lengthen and you'll experience for yourself the surprising levels of peace and well-being that correct breathing technique can provide. Meditation is so great for creativity, so it is even better if your meditation space is creative! Meditation, while a deeply personal act and spiritual for some, is not in itself a religion. As is the way with exploring new ideas and practices, we all start at the beginning with minimal knowledge; learning the intricacies follows study.
Should it matter to anyone else that I find it easier to relax and meditate in a beautiful, as well as functional, space? Oh, I was reading your other post on meditative spaces, and I forgot: a mala reaaaaally helps! If you are having trouble staying awake consider meditating standing up or even meditating with open eyes although I sometimes have trouble not getting distracted. What is sacred is unique to each person — and should be honored despite how they may measure up to your own experiences or opinions.
I have 2 Japanese exchange students in my home for 5 days and want to make their experience with us happy and comfortable.
I am a Hindu and I fail to understand howthis post is condescending to Hinduism or any other culture.
Comment Design*Sponge reserves the right to restrict comments that do not contribute constructively to the conversation at hand, contain profanity, personal attacks, hate speech or seek to promote a personal or unrelated business. It offers good support under the knees and lower thighs for sitting cross-legged, close to the floor, for long periods. This back rest is adjustable, which gives the possibility for individual variation, fitting to your personal sense of what feels best in the moment, for each meditation you explore. This is part one of a special two-part series on how to practice Son meditation while sitting in a chair. Ideally, the seat of the chair should not be contoured for your buttocks but flat and hard with a thin layer of cushioning. The height of the seat should be adjusted so that when you lay your feet flat on the floor, your knees bend at a 90-degree angle. Just bear in mind that the two most important factors are stability and the height of the seat. Your feet should rest flat on the floor, parallel to one another and about shoulders' width apart. Your ankles should bend at about 90 degrees so that your shins are roughly perpendicular to the floor. Likewise, your knees should bend at about 90 degrees so that your thighs are roughly parallel to the floor.
All in all, there are now three right angles in your body: when viewed from the side, the right angle between your back and your thighs, the one between your thighs and your shins, and finally the one between your shins and your feet. Tuck in your chin slightly so that the crown of your head rises toward the ceiling and you achieve maximum vertical extension of your spine. Gently place the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth just behind your upper row of teeth. Place the edge of your right hand with the palm up, against the center of your abdomen, just above your pubic bone. Join your thumb tips together gently so that the line of your connected thumbs creates an elegant rainbow arc. Breathe out through your mouth with the longest possible exhalation so that you completely empty your lungs. With each big outbreath, imagine that you're blowing out all of the accumulated toxins, waste products, tension, worry, stress, annoyances and distractions in your mind and body.

After completing three cycles of preparation breathing, enter directly into diaphragmatic breathing. Imagine that the air is going all the way down to a point about 2.5 inches (about 6 cm) below your navel. As you inhale and direct the air toward your dantien, it should feel like a small balloon inside your abdomen is slowly filling and expanding with air.
Then, exhale for a long outbreath, even longer than your inbreath, and suck in your lower belly as you do so. For as long as you wish to practice, count from 1 to 10, then back down to 1 again, then back up to 10 again, and so forth.
Initially, your head may feel full of distracting thoughts and you may find it difficult to count up to 10. Here's a good way to practice: Lie flat on your back with your knees raised and your feet flat on the floor. Just remember that the inbreath and pause are of the same duration and the outbreath is a little longer. Without this training, there's no way that they could handle the average daily schedule of 8-10 hours of meditation used in Son Buddhist meditation halls.
For the next few days try to set aside at least 10 minutes a day to work on this posture and breathing method. Your breath will flow through you like silk, like flowing stream water, and you will discover for yourself that joy is something you can create just by breathing.
Think about colors that center and focus you and consider incorporating that color into your meditation space.
Building a meditation room often includes, at the minimum, some sort of cushion to sit on, so this guide was intended as a way to kick start that process. It’s not religious until you start invoking and praying to gods as part of your meditation. They are both Buddhist, should I incorporate something spiritual into their room to make them feel more at home?
Our goal is to create a safe space where everyone (commenters, subjects of posts and moderators) feels comfortable to speak. There are two important principles that you need to bear in mind in setting up a suitable posture for meditation. I first saw these beautifully crafted chairs when I lived in Canada and I had just started getting into meditation. Today we'll learn correct meditation posture, a cleansing exercise, and proper breathing technique. It should feel like you're sitting on top of a thick wool blanket that's been spread over a hard wooden platform.
Be careful to make sure every square inch of the bottoms of your feet can make contact with the floor.
Instead, look forward with an expressionless "soft gaze" so that everything in your field of vision appears with the same level of focus. This folded tongue position may feel odd, but it activates stabilizing muscles in your neck and is considered to facilitate the flow of qi or energy through your body. Imagine that you're squeezing out your lungs in the way that you'd squeeze out every last drop of water from a big wet towel. I recommend that you do it both before and after you enter into any kind of stressful situation. When you're upset, just keep doing this breathing as many times as needed until the emotional wave has finally passed through you.
Here we present, in one package, instructions for diaphragmatic breathing and a breath-counting meditation exercise traditionally used to train for Son meditation. When viewed from the side, this point is in the center of your body, between your lower belly and your sacrum or lower back. As you exhale, the balloon in your lower belly sags and collapses, drawing your navel toward your spine.
But as you learn to relax your body and your mind clears, you'll find it easier to go up and down the count at will. But she always encouraged us to meditate on our own, and lately, I’ve been trying to do just that. Probably most common is the Buddha, but really anything that calms and centers you is great. It seems a very flip hodgepodge of Buddha (not a god) and Ganesh (Hindu deity) and whatever you want with no real understanding or respect for these traditions.
Whatever comes, I love to sit for meditation or holotropic breathing (pranayama), japa and yoga nidra which is a transforming medium. To meditate you just need to be deeply involved in it and these accessories make a meditation environment and you concentrate more. Please treat others the way you would like to be treated and be willing to take responsibility for the impact your words may have on others. Back of neck nerve complex is constricted with hard muscle, therefore poor blood and oxygen supply to the head, leading to headache, migraine, blood pressure, dizziness, chronic fatigue, poor mental performance affected eyes, ears and sinuses. They offer a comfortable spot to meditate, be mindful or just relax in.Meditation was like a blessing.
With your chin tucked in, your gaze should naturally fall on the floor about 15 feet or 5 meters in front of you. This point is called in Chinese "dantien" (energy field) and is considered to be the central repository of the vital energy called qi that is said to circulate like blood throughout the body. If at any moment in your breath count you hesitate for even a second, you must begin at 1 again. This is some strange Western conglomeration of Eastern religions that comes off as very shallow.
Disagreement, differences of opinion and heated discussion are welcome, but comments that do not seek to have a mature and constructive dialogue will not be published.

I was working crazy hours in the oil industry and found meditation helped to ground me, even if it was just for short amounts of time. The higher the count that you can handle, the greater the mental strength you've cultivated. If the book rises and descends with your inbreath and outbreath, then you'll know you're doing it right. The type of cushion you want is completely personal, but usually, it’s more comfortable if your knees are on the floor and your hips are slightly raised. Were it possible to separate them (it isn't), one could say that they constantly affect each other. Relaxing, being at peace, slowing down and just being was helping my state of mind immensely. It is said that if you can count up to 100 and back down again at any time you choose, your mental concentration and stability are so powerful that you can achieve any goal that you set for yourself. Also, the weight of the book demands more effort from the muscles in your abdomen and so you become aware of which muscles to use and how to use them. But it can be helpful to have a space dedicated to meditation when you’re trying to quiet your mind.
Please note that our team (writers, moderators and guests) deserve the same right to speak and respond as you do, and your comments may be responded to or disagreed with.
However, as everyone knows, when you have a busy schedule I found it hard to keep it up with the demands of everyday life. Creating a meditation space is really about trying to tap into what centers you, so it should be completely personal.
These guidelines help us maintain a safe space and work toward our goal of connecting with and learning from each other.
The moment people come into a room, their posture tells us whether they are feeling good, depressed, self-confident, afraid, tense and so forth - long before they say a word. Caused spinal disturbance hollowing of lumbar spine, weakening and therefore backache and spinal curvature. As meditation is concerned with taming and awakening the mind, posture can be mobilised to great use.
Your hands should be supported, either resting on a cushion or on your lap, so that your arms and shoulders are relaxed.
Compressed chest causes shallow breathing, therefore poor oxygen supply and poor heart action. I was working on another business idea at the time, which didn’t work out, and then the chair popped back into my mind.
Although one can think, meditate, visualise, pray or do mental exercises in any position, there are few in which one can remain healthily and comfortably for the time it takes to accomplish most meditations. The few that permit this (lying flat etc) often tend make one sleepy as the meditation brings relaxation. Internal organs crushed downwards by the thoracic structure pressing inwards, therefore protruding abdomen. As a busy working mum I really needed that chair now, more than ever, so I ordered ten!As soon as I received the chairs my friends and family starting asking about them, and wanted to know where I had found them. In a good meditation posture, relaxation becomes the basis for the crystal clarity of awakened awareness, not a sleepy haze. The designer did not ship to Australia, so I would become the distributor here.I now import these chairs which are ethically made in Java, Indonesia. So the ideal posture is one in which you are completely still and relaxed, yet alert, for as long as you wish.
We are looking for a position in which the body can function with a minimum expenditure of energy, in which the heart can be at its quietest, and the lungs unrestricted, so that the intake and outflow of air is correspondingly quiet and natural.
It will encourage a quieter more relaxed state of mind, simply by become aware of your posture. Basics of Posture Sit in a comfortable position using a chair, meditation stool or cushion. You can place the right hand in the left hand, palms upwards, with the tips of the thumbs slightly raised and gently touching This symbolises the union of method and wisdom. This helps us to develop and maintain a clear mind, and it allows the subtle energy to flow freely.
The lips and teeth are held as usual, but the tongue touches against the back of the upper teeth.
This completes the energy circuit within the body while preventing excessive salivation and stopping the mouth from becoming too dry.
The head is tipped a little forward with the chin slightly tucked in so that the eyes are cast down. A compromise would be for them to remain half open and gaze down along the line of the nose. The shoulders are level and the elbows are held slightly away from the sides to let air circulate. Sitting Posture If you use a chair to meditate have only the very base of my spine touching the back of the chair.
If your legs are very long or very short compared to the chair, then this might not be possible. If, for whatever reason, you need to meditate in a comfortable armchair, try to pack cushions behind the back so that you don't lean backwards.

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