Here, we round up the most effective tear-inducing films ever, telling you, dear readers, why they made us cry all the tears. There's no shortage of busted relationships in movies, but none is as authentic or heartrending as the one seen in Derek Cianfrance's acclaimed indie "Blue Valentine." The story, which pairs an unhappy pre-med student named Cindy (Michelle Williams) and a high school dropout named Dean (Ryan Gosling), chronicles the marriage they launch into upon discovering Cindy is pregnant. To be honest, I haven't watched the movie in years because I'm afraid of the waterworks that will flow when Jena Malone rejects cool-photographer-stepmom (Julia Roberts) in favor of dying-of-cancer-real-mom (Susan Sarandon).
You sit down to watch an uplifting animated little Pixar gem, and no later than the opening credits you're bawling.
As a child, my cinematic intake revolved almost entirely around "The Land Before Time" series. Luca Guadagnino's 2009 film about an aristocratic Italian family could have been yet another study about a snooty set of society with too much money. It was a hot summer’s day as I sat in the cold dark theatre at Lincoln Center watching a screening of “The Bridges of Madison County” as part of a Clint Eastwood retrospective. Now here Maggie and I sat watching one of our now-favorite films on the big screen, and I knew the waterworks were coming.
We know you probably binge-watched your heart out over the holidays, and your queue is likely overflowing with Netflix’s recently added films.
You’ll begin by scrolling through Netflix’s TV section, but shortly feel overwhelmed by the copious options at hand. With everything from reality guilty pleasures to epic period dramas to cult comedies, we have the best recommendations that you probably never knew existed. If you spend the majority of your time watching cat videos, reblogging cat memes and just generally loving cats, then please meet “My Cat From Hell,” your new favorite show. Some of the best guilty pleasure television series are reality shows about weddings and marriage or investigative cop dramas. Described as “Pretty Little Liars” meets “Charmed” meets “The Craft” meets “Gossip Girl” by one Huffington Post editor, “The Secret Circle” is all the magical girl drama you could ask for. A handful of series and films have focused on the life of King Arthur, but few have centered on wizard Merlin, and most particularly, on his early life before he became the bearded sorcerer from Disney's “The Sword in the Stone.” BBC One’s “Merlin” follows the life of the young wizard when he arrives in Camelot at a time when magic is banned, and thus, is forced to keep his sorcery a secret. While you may remember Nickelodeon's “Are You Afraid Of the Dark?", you might not have known that another horror fantasy series existed in the '90s. This award-winning cult British comedy follows Mark, an employed average guy, and his roommate Jeremy "Jez," an unemployed slacker whose main hobbies include drugs, sex and talking about sex.
This cult favorite was Judd Apatow’s follow-up to his acclaimed “Freaks and Geeks” and centered on a group of college freshman in the early aughts. This American-British comedy was created by and starred David Cross (“Arrested Development”) as the title character, an American who takes a job in London running a two-man sales team for a new energy drink.
You may have heard of this crime drama that aired on Fox back in 2009 and it may have seemed like another one of those lousy new cop shows to avoid. The Scottish version of “The L Word,” BBC’s “Lip Service” is the lesbian drama that will (somewhat) satiate your longing for the ladies of West Hollywood. This comedic BBC series is comprised of four seasons, each of which take place in a different historical time period.
This BBC drama set in 1950s London is based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, a British nurse, and the midwives and nuns who worked with her at a nursing convent. Adapted from the novels and the 1967 British series of the same name, “The Forsyte Saga” chronicles a Victorian upper-middle class British family over the course of three generations. Joss Whedon’s space drama is set 500 years in the future and follows the adventures of the renegade crew of the Serenity. It all begins here, as baby-faced rookie Officer Tom Hanson (Johnny Depp) is assigned to an elite squad of young undercover cops -- Judy Hoffs (Holly Robinson Peete), Doug Penhall (Peter DeLuise) and Harry Truman Ioki (Dustin Nguyen) -- to infiltrate high schools and fight crime. While Cheryl makes a good case, she was probably too innocent to know the many merits of a date that comes five days earlier. Outer space, mysterious relics, hip-hop music, dental hygiene -- you might not guess it, but this was basically designed in a lab for stoners. The thing about a movie starring a basketball-playing golden retriever is that if you watch it in the right state, it'll seem just crazy enough to be possible. Before he was the Q to Daniel Craig's James Bond or a critically acclaimed stage actor in the U.K.
This movie is a rollicking good time that deserves even more adverbs in the title when you watch it high.
This movie is incredibly meta when enjoyed high: Bud and Doyle are an inspiration to aimless stoners everywhere who dream of stumbling into a situation where they can save the world. Watching a horror movie while high can be a bad idea, but Hausu is no ordinary scary movie. Pretty much anything that mixes cartoons and live action is insanely trippy for a stoned audience. Flying nannies and bags of infinite volume are overwhelming enough, but once the chimney sweeps start dancing and Mary & co.
Relish every drop of this movie's early-2000s quintessence, and take comfort in the fact that you are so much more grown up than you were back then. The visually stunning documentary travels the world, taking you on a physical and emotional journey without a single word.
Pootie's fight against evil corporate America is as relevant to modern stoners (and non-stoners) now as it was 15 years ago, if not more so. The twister is a good warm-up for the full technicolor wonder of Oz, which will utterly overwhelm you in the best way possible.
The Air Force launched a secretive space plane into orbit last night from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Perched atop an Atlas V rocket, the Air Force?s unmanned and reusable X-37B made its first flight after a decade in development shrouded in mystery; most of the mission goals remain unknown to the public.
The Air Force has fended off statements calling the X-37B a space weapon, or a space-based drone to be used for spying or delivering weapons from orbit. Payton went on to say that the timing depends on how the experiments and testing progress during the flight.

In his conference call, Gary Payton told reporters the primary goal is to see if the system is a viable option for the Air Force. A vehicle such as the X-37 could be a valuable platform for intelligence gathering with the advantage of a satellite?s point of view, but the flexibility of an aircraft that can be launched relatively quickly and maneuvered in orbit much easier than a traditional satellite. With the lack of specificity expected from a classified program, and without a translator, the Air Force described the X-37B program as ?a flexible space test platform to conduct various experiments and allow satellite sensors, subsystems, components and associated technology to be efficiently transported to and from the space environment. Once the current mission is over, the miniature unmanned space shuttle will be inspected to determine if it is a truly reusable vehicle.
Tired of being bullied at school and neglected at home, Jess Aarons and Leslie Burke escape into the woods, where Leslie opens Jess's mind to the amazing kingdom of Terabithia. Travel the nation and meet ordinary people living extraordinary lives as they follow their dreams with a spirit uniquely American. Don't miss Avril Lavigne's Alice music video, from the album Almost Alice, for the film Alice in Wonderland. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is now available on Blu-raya„?, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere.
Jess Arrons and Leslie Burke create the secret kingdom of Terabithia in this fantasy-adventure filled with magic, friendship, and heart. Con man Harold Hill arrives in River City, promising he can teach the small town's children how to play in a magnificent marching band. Two children who share musical talent, one white and one black, become friends despite the racial barriers of their school and town. The story follows the journey of young Oliver Twist, a poor orphan who dares to ask for something more. When the Duggal family decide to upgrade from a scooter to a car, they ultimately learn to celebrate the true meaning of family. There are many hidden messages in your favorite Disney movies such as Monster’s Inc., Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid! It was not, however, and something we realized after weeping through the poetic beauty of the film's father-son love story.
The vulnerable couple tries their damnedest to make it work, clinging to the spark that first ignited their kindred souls. Released in 1998, this movie was prime Julia and Susan years, when sentimentality ruled and Ed Harris was hunky.
The introductory montage of bright-eyed Carl and his adventurous wife, Ellie, as they go from painting their first mailbox to wrinkled, grey and saying goodbye to each other in a hospital room -- with their dreams of adventure never being realized -- is simply devastating. While all 12 sequels are beautiful and necessary chapters of the history of dinosaurs, nothing strums my heartstrings quite like the original.
Instead, told through the eyes of Tilda Swinton (outstanding as family matriarch Emma Recchi), the film swiftly and sometimes violently unravels in the name of love and sexual passion.
In addition to its valuable message about the death penalty, it really got the emotions going.
Though I was (as every human is) a huge Meryl Streep fan, this 1995 film (directed by Eastwood) had been off my radar until my friend Maggie came out of her room one day a year earlier, eyes swollen from crying and shoved the DVD in my hand. But when it comes to being adventurous on Netflix, choosing a new show is harder than it sounds. Indecisive, you'll likely give in and throw on an old “Law and Order” or “30 Rock" to pass the time. Portrayed by Emma Watson and Taissa Farmiga, respectively, in Sofia Coppola’s “The Bling Ring,” these two are more idiotic and dramatic than most reality TV stars.
Combine the two and add a big, juicy, real-life secret and you get “Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry.” The show, from the Discovery-owned network Investigation Discovery, follows men and women who discover that their spouse committed a crime while they were married. The series, which lasted for a full 22-episode season on The CW, starred Britt Robertson (“Under the Dome”) as Cassie Blake, a 16-year-old who moves to a new town after the death of her mother.
The series also starred John Hurt as the voice of The Dragon (how epic is that?) and all five seasons are on Netflix for your magical viewing pleasure. Based on the popular books, “Goosebumps” was made into a Canadian television series so all those spooky stories could come alive on-screen.
Each episode opens with Todd in an increasingly bizarre, dire situation and flashes black to how he got there. The British series takes place in Glasgow, Scotland and, similar to the Showtime favorite, follows the lives of a group of lesbian friends and their complex relationships and sex lives.
Co-written by Richard Curtis (“Love Actually”), the show stars Rowan Atkinson as anti-hero Edmund Blackadder, who in each season is a member of a British family dynasty.
The mini-series, which aired for two seasons, starred Damien Lewis of “Homeland” and Gina McKee as Soames and Irene Forsyte. O’Bannon follows John Crichton (Ben Browder), an astronaut who is hurled across space through a wormhole.
The show, which won an Emmy for Visual Effects, starred Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, and Morena Baccarin.
It's also the perfect time to hunker down and watch a movie or four — especially if you're choosing films that aren't obvious picks designed for a mind-altered audience, like Friday or Pineapple Express. The best moment: When one character stares in shock at his gloved hands and wonders what’s beneath the glove. The only difference is that when you're high, you will believe unflinchingly in the power of the magic belt.
Maybe this one isn't so secret -- but it's a dream designed to bring tears to the dry eyes of any stoner. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
In a conference call with reporters, deputy undersecretary for the Air Force for space programs Gary Payton, space programs did acknowledge much of the current mission is classified. It?s onboard batteries and solar arrays (pictured at left from it?s NASA days) can keep it operating for up to nine months according to the Air Force. Since that time the X-37 has become a classified program, raising questions as to whether or not it would become the first operational military space plane.

This service directly supports the Defense Department?s technology risk-reduction efforts for new satellite systems. A new generation of protective tiles, similar to those that plagued early shuttle flights will be examined as well as the autonomous flight control systems that pilot the space craft. In a conference call with reporters, deputy undersecretary for the Air Force for space programs Gary Payton, space programs did acknowledge much of the current mission is classified.
Most of them aren’t that noticeable, but once you find them, they’re pretty impossible to ignore!
Richard Curtis' film got us thinking: What other movies have held the emotive power to make us not just tear up, but sob in uncontrolled heaves? But their sparring personalities render the relationship impossible, and watching them suffer through the agony of that revelation is like watching a beautiful swan disintegrate back into an ugly duckling.
If you don't shed a tear for the pair who never got to put their penny jar to good use with a visit to Paradise Falls, you're not human. The movie tees you up with the birth of Littlefoot -- the sole offspring of a diminishing herd of "Longnecks" -- a scene that will have you squirming with all the cute feelings. But that's the old you, and we're here to introduce you to a slew of shows, recent and old, that you've probably never heard of and that you'll definitely love. This Animal Planet series stars Jackson Galaxy, a self-proclaimed cat behaviorist (yep, that's a thing) with an extravagant goatee, who helps solve conflicts between cats and their owners.
Homeschooled by lessons from “The Secret” (it's worth watching just for that), in denial of their involvement in the robberies (they're just such good people), and drugged up on Adderall (by their mother), Alexis and Tess are so obnoxious you probably won’t be able to stop watching. Cassie soon discovers that she comes from a long-line of witches and is the final member of her new classmates’ coven.
From “Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes" to "The Haunted Mask" to "Say Cheese and Die," “Goosebumps” is full of fun and creepy nostalgia. Some standout highlights include Jez poisoning Mark with cold medicine to save a drug party and Jez restraining a burglar by sitting on him. Although the show only lasted for one season, it was celebrated as one of the best college shows that avoided cliches. Spanning from the British Middle Ages to World War I, Atkinson’s Blackadder characters return each season as descendants of his former characters, each one growing more clever as time goes on. Crichton ends up boarding an alien starship housing a group of fugitives escaping the militaristic organization the Peacekeepers.
These Alphas, which include an FBI agent with super strength and an autistic man who can process information as fast as a computer, work to prevent crimes from being committed by other Alphas. The premise alone should be incentive enough, but let's add weird accents (not one person is authentically or even convincingly French), gratuitous sniffing, Dustin Hoffman and Alan Rickman in weird wigs.
There’s also something extremely alarming about Wayne Knight's character digging up a whole golf course to find Michael Jordan. But perhaps the most intriguing answer came when he was asked by a reporter wanting to cover the landing as to when the X-37B would be making its way back to the planet.
The vague answer did little to quell questions about the ultimate purpose of the X-37B test program.
It is similar to the shuttle with payload doors exposing a cargo area, and uses a similar reentry procedure before gliding to a runway. Built by Boeing?s Phantom Works division in the mid 1990s, it was first developed for NASA as a reusable space vehicle that could be carried to orbit either inside the space shuttle or using a booster rocket.
During the 1960s, the Air Force and Boeing conducted research on the X-20 Dyna-Soar space plane.
The other key component to the program, the overall time needed to prepare the X-37 for another flight, will also be closely watched. The film's final moments cement it as one of the most honest and sob-inducing portraits of human interaction seen onscreen. Jingles, I sobbed when I found out John Coffey was innocent and every electric chair scene slayed me. If silly, goofball dude humor is your thing, “Peep Show” will definitely keep you laughing. Nothing beats a good ol' 00s throwback with some of today's best comedians before they reached their prime.
The series also starred Hugh Laurie, Miranda Richardson and Stephen Fry, and had multiple one-off specials. The Jim Henson Company worked on the make-up for the show, as well as two of the main animatronic characters. In the case of the X-37B, the vehicle will autonomously return to earth and land itself using an onboard autopilot. The unmanned X-37 would then orbit for a period of time before launching or retrieving a payload and return to earth.
After initial development, much of it with then test pilot Neil Armstrong, the Dyna-Soar was canceled in 1963.
As Littlefoot's mom lies on the ground in the pouring rain, and tells her son with her dying breath, "I'll be with you, even if you can't see me," all happiness in life ceases to exist.
You'll also learn a surprising amount of useful tips on how to properly care for cats; the puurfect bundle of education, cuteness and drama. All four seasons of “Farscape” are streaming on Netflix for your intergalactic viewing pleasure.
Between the five young protagonists' ability to bridge the castes of their ancestors, Diana Ross' "If We Hold on Together" and the magical BFF hilltop embrace at the end, this movie will always be my man-crying marathon. It doesn’t matter what set it off because there I was, sobbing into my arm through the final half hour of the film. From the moment when Francesca (Streep) takes a bath preparing for her romantic dinner with Robert (Clint Eastwood) to the famous scene when she almost leaves to be with him, to her children finding their mother’s mementos from that romantic weekend.

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