Guided imagery involves the use of the imagination to create mental images to help bring about desired changes in one's physical or emotional state.
Guided Imagery is best understood if you can imagine a parent reading a story book to a child. They are physically relaxed (often in bed ready for sleep) but they can easily place themselves right in the middle of the story and the action. In this case, the parent is the Guide, and the child receives the many benefits of story-telling, (such as increased vocabulary and scope of imagination), all while their conscious mind is captivated by the words.
Just as children have favorite stories and are drawn to specific content (like action or mystery), you can also choose Guided Imagery programs that explore your current interests. When your imagination follows the words and creates the imagery without effort, you are in the present moment. You receive all the benefits of deep meditation – and you can do so on your first attempt. Guided Imagery can significantly reduce stress, allow you to find peace of mind, gain perspective, clarity and insight, alleviate insomnia and feel balanced and fresh… It can be an amazing and fun way to Make Your Life Better! Well the two main reasons people use Guided Imagery are to reduce stress and increase their spiritual awareness. Some people relax by spending an hour gently torturing themselves in a gym, others use drugs, others stare mindlessly at the TV.
Guided Imagery is the process used in a Guided Meditation, and there are many guided meditations available for you to listen to on this website. If you have never experienced guided imagery, read the Meditation FAQ, or better yet, listen to a collection of free guided meditations.
If you are an experienced meditator, then listen to the previews of the more advanced meditations available such as; Meeting your Spirit Guide, The Higher Self Alignment, Nurture your Inner Child, or regress to a Past Life. As your confidence and experience grows, you will be excited to explore the different guided imagery programs available to you. With degrees in Communications and Massage, Nigel Coates found it a natural progression to share his passion for healing and wellness through his Explore Meditation website. In this guided meditation by Brad Austen, you will learn a simple technique for relaxing, connecting with your happiness and clearing your body of energy blockages. In this guided meditation by Brad Austen, you will learn a simple technique for connecting with your Higher-Self and developing an easy flow of information and communication so you can live your life in a connected way. In the following meditation by Brad Austen you are transported to a beautiful beach setting. You will feel the warm sand underneath your feet, the sunshine energizing your skin, and hear the seagulls and the waves crashing on the sand. In the following meditation by Brad Austen you are taken on a journey to release your anger and resentment towards people that may have hurt you during your childhood. This guided meditation is designed to confront and re-live these memories, to give you the opportunity to release and heal your pain and anger in a safe space. If at any time during this meditation you feel overwhelmed, feel free to pause the meditation, take some deep breaths and revisit it again when you feel better.
We also call upon the violet transmuting flame to assist you to clear and heal these emotions as they rise to the surface.
Beautifully simple, this meditation allows you to feel grounded and secure, before introducing you to your guardian angel, and then creating the space for you to work on your life purpose.
The following meditation by Brad Austen creates psychic protection and assists with breaking down the fear matrix that may make you feel fearful, anxious or agitated. Everyone experiences fear from time to time, but for some it can become a constant problem that causes grief and suffering. This meditation is designed to assist you in releasing your fears and strengthening your aura.
In this Guided Meditation by Brad Austen we are going to focus on the love in our hearts to heal any physical or emotional pain we are experiencing.

Through practicing this meditation, it will allow you to bring more love into your life and experience a more joyful existence. This Guided Meditation by Brad Austen connects you to your breath, allowing you to centre in your energy. From this space, you create a ball of energy in your heart chakra, which rises towards the heavens, taking your awareness on a journey to connect with your higher-self. This Guided Meditation calls upon a divine white light for continual protection and healing for yourself and your loved ones.
By accepting the white light into your heart, your mind, and your understanding, you are connecting with the deep rich source of all life and all love. Every column I write contains the most accurate and current information of which I’m aware.
I often recommend using whey as a supplemental protein source because of its stellar amino acid composition. Fasting insulin levels and insulin resistance scores were also reduced in the whey protein volunteers. In May 2009 I wrote a piece about Rooibos tea and its potential application in people living with diabetes. Guided imagery is one of my favorite mind-body techniques because it uses one’s imagination to promote healing. Apitherapy is an alternative treatment that is sometimes used to address autoimmune and inflammatory conditions such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Seems to me that the original goal of helping people stay healthy has long been lost and now the focus is simply to be as profitable as possible. Coping with Work-Related Stress through Guided Imagery and Music (GIM): Randomized Controlled Trial. BACKGROUND: Long-term stress-related sick leave constitutes a serious health threat and an economic burden on both the single worker and the society. OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study was to examine the effects of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), a psychotherapy intervention including relaxation, music listening, and imagery, on biopsychosocial measures of work-related stress. METHODS: Twenty Danish workers on sick leave were randomized to music therapy versus wait-list control. RESULTS: Significant beneficial effects of GIM compared to wait-list after nine weeks with large effect sizes were found in well-being, mood disturbance, and physical distress, and in cortisol concentrations with a medium effect size.
CONCLUSIONS: The results indicate that GIM is a promising treatment for work-related chronic stress, and further studies are recommended. As the child listens to the words – without any effort, their imagination creates the pictures in their mind.
There is no one else around in this beautiful forest, so you are safe to let your guard down and fully relax. You can feel that the water is full of good energy… It feels like Magic on your skin! But the truth is, many people ARE using Guided Imagery and Meditation to effectively change their lives. His quest for integrated well-being and spiritual insight has explored many modalities and principles, even taking him around the world to study with masters.
It finishes with some positive affirmations designed so that you can carry the happiness with you throughout your day. SSgt Wade Fullwood and SSgt Wade Kastorff (took picture) trained with the GLCM SP's in Bad Tolz with the Special Forces.
The most common use of this nutrient-packed powder is to support lean body mass and assist with weight loss goals. New evidence presented in the journal Cancer Letters postulates another avenue of research worth investigating: cancer treatment. I’m actually still learning about whey protein, so thanks a ton for that boost to my knowledge!!

Effective interventions for the rehabilitation and facilitation of return to work are needed.
A comparison between early and late intervention as related to the onset of sick leave showed faster job return and significantly improved perceived stress, well-being, mood disturbance, depression, anxiety, and physical distress symptoms in favor of early intervention. Guided imagery is often used as a component in hypnosis, however hypnosis is different from guided imagery in that it uses specifically crafted positive suggestions to help catalyze the changes the individual is ready to make. The guide will start the process by getting you to relax and distance yourself from your day. As a natural communicator, he loves to share his findings with this community of truth seekers. But what’s often lost in the discussion is that it also provides certain health benefits that are unrelated to body composition. A new study published in the journal Public Health Nutrition offers some insight into the role that Rooibos may play in combating cardiovascular complications.
Researchers at the Indiana University School of Nursing recently conducted a study on the potential of guided imagery in patients with osteoarthritis (OA). A preliminary animal and test tube investigation revealed that honeybee venom (BV) demonstrates potent activity against lung cancer cells and lung cancer tumors in a mouse model. Changes in salivary cortisol, testosterone, and melatonin were explored, and self-reported data on psychological stress symptoms (perceived stress, mood disturbance, sleep quality, physical distress symptoms, work readiness, well-being, anxiety, depression, immediate stress) were collected.
In the whole sample, 83% of the participants had returned to work at nine weeks’ follow-up.
This is usually achieved by first drawing your attention to your breath – working towards slower and deeper breathing. That’s why from time-to-time, I revisit some of the more popular topics and build upon the previously reported research.
A case in point can be found in the April 2010 edition of the British Journal of Nutrition.
Swedish scientists examined extracts of black tea, green tea and Rooibos in order to establish the mechanism by which they might support cardiovascular health.
Thirty older men and women with OA were enrolled in a 4 month trial comparing the efficacy of guided imagery with relaxation vs. If you ever come across any of my older entries that you’d like me to update, please let me know.
Data regarding sick leave situation and job return were collected from participants throughout the study. Then there is usually a physical body scan, to release stress or discomfort held in any of your muscles. In order to do so, 17 health volunteers were given 400 ml of each tea on separate occasions. There was also a decline in risk of cancer spread (metastasis) and an improvement in survival time.
Not only do I want to keep the research on this site current, but I also want to pay particular notice to the subject matter that interests you the most. The researchers tested the concentrations of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) and nitric oxide (NO) at baseline, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 180 minutes post tea consumption.
There was also a documented reduction in the use of pain relieving medication in those practicing guided imagery. Many of the most popular prescription medications address these factors in diverse conditions, such as congestive heart failure, erectile dysfunction and hypertension.

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