I created this healing meditation so that you can journey to the Angels as often as you like in safety and comfort at the times and places of your choosing. As you imagine yourself being drawn to the heavens by healing light you will arrive to find that you are surrounded by golden beings.
Many light workers are on the planet at the moment to assist in raising the vibration of the planet. In these meditations we will be working with readily available crystals that are easy to obtain. You can hear and download this Crystal Healing album in MP3 format and buy individual tracks below. You must have javascript enabled and accept a cookie from this site for the purchase process to work. An introduction into the magical world of crystals and their role to heal, support and strengthen our connection to Mother Earth and our higher selves. This is a full body relaxation meditation that will equally suit a beginner or more advanced meditator. In this meditation the focus is on working with the crystals to assist our bodies in becoming more crystal-like in vibration.
In this meditation we are taken on a journey to Tibet to connect with the crystal skulls in a secret cave below the earth. We are taken on a special journey into the Inner Earth with a guide, to explore the massive crystal formations and receive healing. A summary describing some of the most common crystals and their role in healing the mind, body and soul.
We bring a very powerful and effective guided meditation for unblocking and cleansing chakras. Below you will find several Guided Imagery Scripts to assist with Meditation and Spiritual Growth. These guided meditation scripts are free to use for personal use, or in a setting such as a meditation group. In this guided meditation by Brad Austen, you will learn a simple technique for relaxing, connecting with your happiness and clearing your body of energy blockages. In this guided meditation by Brad Austen, you will learn a simple technique for connecting with your Higher-Self and developing an easy flow of information and communication so you can live your life in a connected way.
In the following meditation by Brad Austen you are transported to a beautiful beach setting. You will feel the warm sand underneath your feet, the sunshine energizing your skin, and hear the seagulls and the waves crashing on the sand. In the following meditation by Brad Austen you are taken on a journey to release your anger and resentment towards people that may have hurt you during your childhood. This guided meditation is designed to confront and re-live these memories, to give you the opportunity to release and heal your pain and anger in a safe space. If at any time during this meditation you feel overwhelmed, feel free to pause the meditation, take some deep breaths and revisit it again when you feel better.
We also call upon the violet transmuting flame to assist you to clear and heal these emotions as they rise to the surface. Beautifully simple, this meditation allows you to feel grounded and secure, before introducing you to your guardian angel, and then creating the space for you to work on your life purpose.

The following meditation by Brad Austen creates psychic protection and assists with breaking down the fear matrix that may make you feel fearful, anxious or agitated. Everyone experiences fear from time to time, but for some it can become a constant problem that causes grief and suffering. This meditation is designed to assist you in releasing your fears and strengthening your aura. In this Guided Meditation by Brad Austen we are going to focus on the love in our hearts to heal any physical or emotional pain we are experiencing. Through practicing this meditation, it will allow you to bring more love into your life and experience a more joyful existence. This Guided Meditation by Brad Austen connects you to your breath, allowing you to centre in your energy. From this space, you create a ball of energy in your heart chakra, which rises towards the heavens, taking your awareness on a journey to connect with your higher-self. This Guided Meditation calls upon a divine white light for continual protection and healing for yourself and your loved ones. By accepting the white light into your heart, your mind, and your understanding, you are connecting with the deep rich source of all life and all love. Use this Guided Meditation Script to awakening the spirit, relax your physical body, and become one with your inner-self and your inner-journey. As your breath settles, you visualize that you are riding a gentle white horse who takes you to a wise being who opens the door to a journey of self-refection and personal healing.
Starting with simple breathing and relaxation techniques, the guided imagery visualization of stepping into a shower and having different colors wash over you is simple to imagine and feels very safe and secure to those exploring guided imagery for the first time.
Thank you so much for these scripts, I go and do a guided meditation once a week at a addiction rehab, and they love it gives them confidence and self worth, and I benefit from it aswell.
I’m going to try these meditations in the classroom with my special education students! As you begin gentle deep breathing I will say a prayer on your behalf where I ask the Great Spirit to keep you safe and protected for the duration of the meditation. As they open one by one like the soft petals of a flower unfolding they will start to absorb the surrounding healing energy.
As they step through the mist you will know them to be Angels that have come to administer healing to your mind, body & spirit. Each time I listen to it I feel many hands gently working on areas of tension and pain in my body.
New concepts and ideas help to propel humanities consciousness forward and liberate us from ignorance.
I will be taking you on a special journey into the inner earth where there are massive caverns of crystal formations and healing temples.
I've gotten so many people hooked on your guided meditations, including my entire meditation group!
Some suggestions are also given to receive the most benefit out of your meditation practice.
In this meditation we visualize the light and energy from the crystals travelling into our body and providing relaxation and healing. Some charka work and affirmations are also given to assist this process of raising our frequency to the crystalline vibration.

We are given the opportunity to merge our consciousness with the crystal skulls to allow insight, knowledge and healing.
In this meditation we especially concentrate on the thoughts, behaviors, fears which block the chakras, we become more aware of these negative stuff which is blocking our chakra system and then clean them one by one.
You can read the entire scripts directly from their page – or click the download icons to open and save the scripts as Adobe PDF files. It finishes with some positive affirmations designed so that you can carry the happiness with you throughout your day. I will be able to make meditation recordings in my native language – American Southern.
In this time when souls are waiting to be re-awakened and aligned with their life purpose, we need all the support we can get. A rising tide lifts all of the boats in the harbour, so the more of us who raise our vibration the better for everyone. I try and use a different one each week for myself – I find they are just what is needed. I feel able to relax and let go of all tension, worries and any emotional 'baggage' I have picked up and carried with me during my day. Crystals are a part of mother earth and help support and sustain a higher vibration on the planet. Each crystal is unique and contains certain properties to help balance our chakras and aid in physical healing and wellbeing.
We will be merging our consciousness with the crystal skulls to receive insight, knowledge and healing. I listen to at least one of your meditations every evening before going into my own music-only meditations.
So many people will benefit from these meditations, supporting them on their journey to personal development and empowerment, through the healing and guidance that meditation offers. My intention is simply to open your mind and take you on a healing journey and self-discovery. They store and amplify energy and assist with healing the human body, on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. The guided meditations on this album, guide you to work with crystals in different ways to facilitate your own healing, intuition and spiritual growth. Your voice, demeanor, words and background music make your meditations better than any I have ever listened to!
We reach inside the well and receive a special crystal tumble stone that we need to work with to assist our growth and healing. Crystals assist us in connecting us to the realm of spirit, our higher self and assist in strengthening this connection. You may be drawn to a particular crystal for healing and then lose or break it later when it is no longer required.
Our human bodies are gradually becoming more crystalline, to hold a higher vibration and allow more of our spirit to shine through us.

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