That nurse is a bad dancer and I don’t know how fake Dr Davis sneaked a guinea pig in with him, but he blatantly did! Welcome to the World of Karen Harvey: photographer, writer, creative consultant… self proclaimed cat whisperer, chicken wrangler and chief cake taster! For over 5 decades this extraordinary underground complex of buildings in the Cheshire countryside served as a secret base for government planning and operations in the event of a nuclear attack on Britain. The complex of underground rooms - over 32,000 sq feet - was built at the height of the Cold War, and then rebuilt in the 1980s at a staggering cost for the time of over ?32 million. Within the complex of rooms are a government communication centre, authentic equipment used to detect and monitor nuclear threats, a cypher room, radio room, and a labyrinth of corridors leading to dormitories and administrative facilities.
There is a special 'Soviet Spy Mouse Trail' for children - and, speaking from personal experience, our 10 year old daughter loved it!
There is nothing quite like Hack Green; its an extraordinary place to visit, and sheds light on a strange and eerie world, when the threat of nuclear war was a constant and very real menace. As of this writing the bunker is open daily during Spring, Summer, and Autumn, but please check the website for official opening times. Queen Anne Boleyn charged with treasonAnne was charged with treasonable aldultery, probably a trumped up charge. Contrasting the best mix of old and new styles, Crewe Hall is a Grade 1 stately home with a sympathetic modern addition offering stylish comfort. Rookery Hall is set in 38 acres of beautiful Cheshire countryside, and yet conveniently located close to the M6, Crewe, Manchester and Liverpool.

Britain Express is a labour of love by David Ross, an avid historian, photographer, and 'Britain-ophile'.
Discover the secret world of nuclear government For over 50 years this vast underground complex, remained secret, hidden on the outskirts of a sleepy Cheshire town.Declassified in 1993, the 35,000 sq ft underground bunker would have been the centre of Regional Government had nuclear war broken out. From junction 6 from the M54 take the A5223 north towards Whitchurch Follow the road on to the A41, at the third roundabout turn right on to the A525 and then left on to the A530. The details displayed on this page are copyright protected to Shropshire Tourism and are correct at the time of publication. You're currently using a very outdated web browser which is no longer supported by Microsoft, this can lead to problems viewing our website and the rest of the world wide web.
In a series of linked rooms, communications and administrative command-posts were linked to serve as a central point of government in the event that Britain was engaged in a nuclear war. Hack Green was declassified in 1993 and now serves as a fascinating museum that gives modern visitors a glimpse into a bygone world of secret cyphers, attack preparedness, and decontamination facilities.
See a recreation of a Russian missile control room, a BBC studio, and numerous audio-visual presentations that give you an authentic taste of what life was like during the height of Cold War hysteria.
Shropshire Tourism would like to advise all visitors to check prices & opening times with the venue prior to traveling in case of changes that might have occured since the publication of this page. I think the chap below is a baseball fan, and that lady (yes, it’s a lady) with the big eye in the weird faded red hazmat suit wants to be in FACE magazine.
The bunker today offers a warm welcome to anyone looking for a totally different day out.Entering through massive blast doors, you will be transported into the chilling world of the Cold War.

Whilst Shropshire Tourism endeavours to ensure that the information on this site is correct, no warranty, express or implied, is given as to its accuracy and Shropshire Tourism does not accept any liability for error or omission. Re-built in the 1980's at a cost of over £32 million, it was transformed into the blastproof headquarters you can explore today. The directions above are for planning purposes only and should be used alongside a general roadmap or satnav system. For the first time you can see the governments preparations for nuclear war and step into the lives of those who worked here. Minister of state's office, life support, communication centre, decontamination facilities, telephone exchange and much more!
View original broadcasts to be transmitted on all TV channels prior to nuclear attack.Tons of authentic equipment in original settings fire the imagination, with an exciting glimpse into England's dramatic Cold War past. Learn what living conditions were like, really getting to grips with the reality of the nuclear threat. Younger children can have bundles of fun as secret agents, following the Soviet Spy mouse Trail. And don't miss our shop, take home a souvenir of your visit to the secret world of nuclear government.

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