While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. I'm moving to a chapter-based gallery, because posting as individual works was making my fiction difficult to navigate. Lucius and Narcissa share an end-of-summer afternoon in September 1994, unaware that nearby, Barty and Pettigrew are plotting the Dark Lord's return. Yes, I know she's blonde in the books, and I'm really sick of people pretending they haven't seen the movies to make a point, so please don't. The Dark Lord teaches a young Bellatrix Black to duel - at least, that's the way it starts.

In a break with tradition, Tom gives Bella the Dark Mark in a private ritual in the grounds of the Malfoy estate. This one was an interesting one philosophically because it made me think about how explicit I am willing to get with these particular 3D characters, who bear the likeness of the actor(s) who played them in the source fandoms. My older works will be back-dated to separate them out, but are still available in my art collection or on deviantArt. Her final gift is to Transfigure her into a flower so she can spend her final rest as she lived - at the Dark Lord's side.
Voldemort here takes on some of Tom's characteristics, mainly the pronounced lower lip, and his nose is still disfigured, but not as drastically as depicted in the movies.

I've written a journal post on DeviantArt on this subject, so if you have any views on the subject, that's probably the better place to air them. For Draco, being accepted by her special friends is his first step to accepting himself again.

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